Fitting Necessary Appointments Into Your Schedule

Edit: I’ve decided to start posting regularly again and I wanted to post about something totally random because I am kind of sick of thinking about WP lol. Thank you for your support and understanding and I hope you enjoy this post!

Most of us live pretty busy lives. Most of us work jobs that we have to commute to, or we are working from home and having to adapt to the new working circumstances or if you’re a student like me you are doing online classes or in-school classes. Many of us have children to take care of or pets who we have to walk and groom. That’s before we even consider personal activities, personal relaxation time or anything else.

So, it really isn’t all too surprising that many of us begin to neglect our own health and wellbeing. We’re so busy sticking to commitments and helping others that we will often let our own needs pass under the radar. But a good way to combat this, at least a little, is to make sure that you keep up to date with your recommended health appointments.

Now, there are a number of different health appointments that you should be attending and they may be determined by your sex, age and other factors. But for now, let’s focus on just a few that you should make sure to schedule into your calendar.

Dental Appointments

You shouldn’t only go to the dentist if you are experiencing problems with your teeth or gums. You should check in once every six months for a general checkup too! A checkup will help your dentist to identify any problems with your teeth and gums before they start causing you pain or other issues. This is ideal, as prevention is always better than cure.

When you attend your dental appointment, your dentist will take a good look around your mouth, can identify any issues and can recommend future treatment if any issues are identified. This is a time where they could potentially see warning signs of small cavities or gum disease. If you have underlying issues, such as wisdom teeth coming through, they could also carry out an X-ray to see problems that lie under the surface. You may also want to ask for a scale and polish, which will help you to leave the dentist’s office with a shining smile, free of tartar and plaque.

I am not sure if you are aware of this but I have talked about it in my other posts- I have weird teeth. I have very sensitive teeth and I have more teeth under my adult teeth so going to the dentist is definitely very important for me and it actually helps a lot to keep my weird teeth in check.

Eye Tests

Now, let’s move onto another common, but less regular, health appointment – eye tests. It’s generally recommended that you get an eye test with a professional optician once every two years. The appointment really doesn’t take all too long – roughly half an hour in total. Half an hour every two years really isn’t all too much of an ask, but can make all the difference to your health!

So, what can you expect during an eye appointment? Well, first you will find that your optician will take a look at the health of your eye from front to back. They may take some pictures. This will help them to determine if your eyes are health are not. If they diagnose any conditions, you can then be referred on to receive treatment for them. These conditions can be eye related, such as glaucoma or cataracts, or they could entail your wider health, such as diabetes. Without an eye test, these conditions could be left undiagnosed and could potentially worsen over time. Another part of the eye test will check your colour vision and alertness. 

Finally, you’ll encounter the most famous part of any eye test – the part where you read letters from a board at a distance. This will help your optometrist to determine if your sight has deteriorated at all. If it has, they can prescribe you lenses that can rectify your vision and help you to see more clearly. This prescription can then help you to choose some glasses or contact lenses to help you with your vision in day to day life. You can find more info here.

Cervical Screening

If you are a woman over the age of 25, you should make the time to attend a cervical screening appointment as and when is appropriate for your age group. This appointment is common and consequently has a variety of names that people will refer to it with. You may hear people referring to cervical screening as a “smear test” or a “pap smear”. These are all exactly the same procedure and the appointments will all be exactly the same. Cervical screening is a process that will take swabs from your cervix (the entrance or “barrier” between your womb and your vagina) so that medical professionals can take a look at cellular material there and identify any existing irregularities.

If the professionals do find any irregularities, they are likely to carry out further testing as a precautionary check for cancerous cells or cancer. Between the ages of 25 and 44, you will have a cervical screening carried out once every three years. Between 45 and 60, you will be asked to have a cervical screening carried out once every five years. 


Scheduling these appointments into your calendar really isn’t too difficult a task to carry out. None of them will take up all too much of your time, but each can make a whole lot of difference to your overall health and wellbeing. Sure, you may need to take others into account. But you should make sure you’re looking after yourself too!

So, take some time right now to determine when you are free and when you can fit these appointments in. Then reach out to the relevant places and book in. Make sure to avoid putting these appointments off. Once they’re done, they’re out of the way and you don’t have to think about them again for a little while!

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93 thoughts on “Fitting Necessary Appointments Into Your Schedule

  1. Glad to see you’re sticking around…. tip, don’t go outside when its raining unless you like getting wet, also, while theres no correlation I can find…it’s a lot like love, 😉

  2. I only go for an eye check up regularly because of my eyeglasses and contact lenses, I change them annually. But I haven’t gone to the dentist yet again. Hahaha Adulting is hard, I expect my mom to bring me to a dentist but I think at my age I need to be expecting myself to take care of me. I haven’t done a cervical screening yet. But I’m scared to do it, is it painful? haahahuhu

    1. Yeah I used to rely on my mum to make all the appointments too lol! Cervical screenings in my opinion are more uncomfortable than painful. It’s really not that bad though I would recommend getting one done.

        1. I was so scared the first time I was literally shaking like crazy lol! It’s uncomfortable but not that bad so don’t worry too much about it!

  3. Preventative care should definitely be a priority! I remember when I had appendicitis, I had to have my appendix removed 6 weeks after my hospitalization with the infection, and I had so many appointments in that 6 week time frame that I was so done with appointments for a while! I made it clear to my Mom I was taking a break from preventative care because I was SO SICK of going to a dr’s office or hospital!

      1. Yeah. Thanks. I remember when my Mom mentioned the dentist after my appendectomy and I looked at her like, “Don’t ever say that in my presence right now!” In a funny way though. Lol. Also, I find as long as you show healthcare professionals you take care of yourself and do visit them regularly, they are understanding if you say you needed a break because of medical trauma

        1. Oh gosh I would definitely not want to go to the dentist after that either! Yeah they’re usually pretty accommodating as long as you talk to them properly.

  4. Aww another amazing post with the multiple things that i should really think about..
    Nice information🙏
    Stay safe

  5. PoojaG,
    Nice to see that you are still using WordPress! Please don’t go.
    In regards to your post, three of the most important Cancers that I would have mentioned other than Cervical Cancer are “Breast Cancer”, “Ovarian Cancer” (which is what my wife died from) and “Colon Cancer” (which anyone can contract but, it’s important to know, that one you attain the age of 50, you need to have a Colonoscopy every 10-Years, (unless you had a relative contract this or even died…like my dad), then it’s every 5-Years.

  6. Really sorry about the stress wp is putting you through. Glad you’re still here tho.
    Cervical screening is really important, but over here its so expensive, most young ladies brush it over and end up forgetting to get tested.

    1. Thank you. I worked super hard for this blog so I am definitely not going anywhere!
      I am sorry to hear that. It’s free for me in Canada because of my health insurance so I try to get it regularly.

  7. Interesting article. Annual doctor’s exam can be added. Also, if there are any family medical issues you are aware of, such as macular degeneration, diabetes, Chron’s etc, this might not make sense, but the doctor doing the eye test needs to be made aware. He will then take more time with the exam to see if there are any things you need be concerned about. For women, Mammograms are a part of the medical after a certain age. If you have any medical conditions, you likely also have a specialist. If your doctor and your specialist give you opposite instruction, then follow the specialist as he or she has the insight into your condition and knows a bit more than the General Practitioner on your condition and special needs you might have. This is the hard part on medical conditions. What works for one doesn’t necessarily end up working for the condition. This is true of almost any type of condition.

  8. I feel like a real adult when I can schedule all of my health related appointments, but I just now learned about cervical screening from you. Thank you for such an informative post!

  9. This is a very necessary and real post! So many people go without seeing the doctor for years and year at a time. Then go when their body is suffering!

    1. Thank you and I definitely agree it’s easy to neglect our health but we need to remember how important it is to take care of ourselves.

  10. My mom was on my tail about doing these things! I just recently finally got to do them. Pap smears are the WORST! Mine were abnormal during pregnancy which required more than 1 🤣

    1. Oh no I can’t imagine how uncomfortable pap smears must be when you’re pregnant- they are pretty uncomfortable as it is! It is super important to get done though so it’s awesome you did!

  11. An important first step is to actually have a calendar! Haha. Seems like common sense but I know so many people who don’t keep track of dates and assume that they will always get a text message the day before. Not always!

  12. Very informative, thanks a lot for sharing! Most of us are aware of the importance of doing this yet we take our health and life for granted. Thanks for the much needed reminder.

  13. Such a reality check . Appreciate this . I was always deadly scared of dentists tho. Kicked a dentist in his fake abs once. Funny story.
    Btw loved your writing 🙂

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