Beauty Hacks For Busy People

It’s not always possible to look your best. Be it because of late working hours; juggling family, kids, home and work; lack of sleep or eating well; stress or just a simple lack of time. But we all like to look good (which automatically makes us feel better too) and well-presented, be it at the office or now, in Covid times, on a zoom call! Here are a few hacks and tips to cover up the late nights and tiring days and look like a million bucks (even if you’ve slept for just five hours last night).

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  1. Dry Shampoo

There’s a reason for the term ‘bad hair day’ – when a persons hair is a mess, they just feel low and down. It just brings their whole appearance notches down, and that makes them feel as glum as they look. And as much as they would like to wash and condition and style it everyday, it’s not always possible to do so. For some busy people like parents, getting to wash their tresses even once a week is a big task – it’s just too time-consuming and takes effort. 

Enter dry shampoos. These work miracles on oily looking, unwashed hair, making it look clean, fresh and smelling amazing. Just a spray and a quick brush through and you’re ready to have a great hair day!

  1. Invisible Braces

Everyone desires a great smile with perfect pearly whites. But that’s not always in their hands as genetics don’t always guarantee a perfectly aligned set of teeth. And if you missed the bus for braces in your childhood, you don’t want to add fuel to the fire and flaunt shining silver metal on your teeth in your thirties or forties! 

But clear aligners such as Invisalign work on giving you the perfect set of teeth, without anyone knowing it. They are, in simple words, invisible braces, so they go about doing their job fixing minor teeth alignment issues while you go about doing yours – and nobody will ever know! What’s more, they can be removed as well so are a preferred option to traditional braces. 

  1. Greying Roots

Most of us don’t like our grey hairs and hence colour, highlight or just touch up the roots every few weeks. As you guys know I personally started getting grey hair pretty early on and I choose not to dye them at all but I know a lot of people do but don’t always have the time to do so regularly. So if time doesn’t permit a root touch-up and you have a meeting or event to attend where you prefer to not flaunt your greys, try this quick fix – just re-arrange the parting of your hair to cover up the grey roots. A side parting usually does the trick of hiding grey roots. 

  1. Beauty Sleep

Lack of sleep can lead to dark circles and dull-looking skin. Which is where your BB and CC creams come into play. Cover up dark circles, blemishes, even pimples and brighten up dull-looking skin with these wonder creams – just make sure you get a colour that naturally matches your skin else your secret will be out! I am someone who loves the natural no makeup-makeup look and BB creams and CC creams are the perfect way to look naturally flawless.

  1. No More Puffy Eyes

Few hours of sleep can also result in you waking up with puffy looking eyes. Fear not, there is a quick fix for this too – apply a white eye-pencil in the corner of the eye and white eyeshadow under the eyebrow to make your eyes look brighter and more ‘awake’. This will instantly make your eyes look better and the best part is it’s so easy to do.

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  1. An interesting blog. This shows, how comfortable you are around multiple niche. You should definitely do this category more often. It was fun. The tips are actually doable and understandable. I mean, you are not telling anything unbelievable and that’s the best thing.
    If you are wondering what I am doing here, so I told you now I need a daily dose of Lifesfinewhine, and as you are not able to post from some days, I thought, hey she has so much to offer, so let’s explore some old blogs.
    I like how you provide multiple categories to choose from, it’s like if a person follows you, he/she can get the best of WP at one place.

    1. So glad you enjoyed the post. And yes, I want to write more stuff related to makeup and fashion but don’t always get the time. Thanks so much.

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