E.L.F “Bitter” Lipliner Pencil Review

The “Bitter” Lipliner Pencil

E.L.F is a vegan and cruelty free makeup brand- all their products are vegan and cruelty-free. They are also quite affordable and tend to be very good quality for the price.
The lipliner that I tried out in the shade Bitter is no longer available on the E.L.F Cosmetics official page but can be found on Amazon and other sites. I bought it quite a while back but hadn’t tried it till a few months ago.


  • The first pro for me was that E.L.F is vegan and cruelty free- I am trying to only buy cruelty free products at the moment and I love shopping from E.L.F Cosmetics because I don’t have to Google a million things to find out what’s tested on animals and what is not.
  • I thought it was very affordable for a lipliner- I forget the exact price but it was a bit over a dollar if I’m not wrong.
  • The colour is really pretty! I was expecting something more purple because it looked more purple in the picture but I was pleasantly surprised when I realised it’s more of a deep pink colour. If you use very little of it with gloss it looks really natural and if you use more of it you get a really nice more obvious look.
  • It was easy to apply and soft to wear.


  • It’s a bit dry. As someone who already has dry lips this was not the best formula for me. I know wear it with lip balm underneath and lip gloss on top.
  • It doesn’t last very long so if you’re planning on wearing it when going out to eat take the pencil with you as you will need to reapply. However, the pencil is pretty small so it’s easy to carry with you- you can even put it in your pocket.

Final Thoughts

I thought the it was quite good for the price. The colour was pretty and if worn with lip balm/gloss you can easily wear it all day without your lips drying out. However, compared to other lipliners I have bought at a similar price this was not the best- it was pretty average in my opinion and I can see why E.L.F seems to have discontinued it. I will definitely finish the one I have but I don’t think I would buy it again. I would recommend other E.L.F Cosmetics product though- I use almost all of them and I love them!

Also random story about this review: the picture above was taken like months ago and the other two pictures with the pros and cons was taken a few days ago. I used a snap filter for the one above because I looked like crap and had no other makeup on but I realised the filter slightly changed the colour of the lipliner. So, a few days ago I took more pictures with no filter/editing so you could see exactly what it look like in real life. Yes, I was wearing the same tshirt in both pictures for some reason… And yes I have weirdly small hands- everyone (my sister) makes fun of them- but the rest of me is totally average I swear!

Also I hope you enjoyed this review- it’s been a while since I’ve done a makeup review. You can probably tell by the fact that the brand doesn’t even sell this product anymore lol…

Do you like ELF Cosmetics? Did you like this shade? What is your favourite E.L.F product? E.L.F cosmetics or Elf the movie? What are some of your favourite cruelty free brands? As always let me know in the comments or simply stop by and say hi!

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    1. Thank you and same here! Some affordable products are actually really great quality it’s just you don’t hear about them as much as the bigger brands.

    1. Thank you so much! You definitely should the lipliners are so good and although I haven’t tried the glosses I have heard good things about them. Do you use their foundation brush- it’s amazing!

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