I Did A Dumb Thing

So you guys know how all my classes are online now? Well it finally happened- I did that cliché, dumb online classes thing where I left my mic on without realizing it and said something kind of embarrassing in the background 🙃

I don’t care that much since it’s my last semester and I’ll probably (hopefully) never see any of these people again after this semester but I’m still going to be extremely careful from now on. Life goes on I guess? Aren’t online classes just super great though?

On a lighter note one of my professors told me my write-up this week was “quite good” which I know doesn’t sound like a big deal but it kind of is. He is super nice and sweet but he’s also a very strict marker and I’ve had him for multiple courses and I’m pretty sure this is the first time he’s said this about something I wrote! I’m like genuinely happy and now I want to work even harder on next weeks!

Hope you enjoyed that recap of how my day went- it was weird to say the least.

Has anything like this ever happened to you?? Let me know in the comments below because I would love to hear your horror stories about online classes! Or if you have any horror stories about university/school in general! Or you can always just tell me how your day went or just stop by and say hi- I don’t bite!

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150 thoughts on “I Did A Dumb Thing

  1. Ah yes, in online class is definitely something that I wouldn’t say that the majority of us students had enough time to prepare for. Before the lockdown I had already taken 3 online classes and feel that really helped me, although I along with many other students didn’t expect to take all classes online within the next few semesters.

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  2. I was laughing while reading this because it reminded me of my own online class blunder. With me embarrassment doesn’t even come close to describing how mortifying the whole experience was that day…🤭🤦🏾‍♀️😔🤣🤣

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  3. Ever since I started working remotely, I’ve been extra careful when I’m a meeting or close to entering one. A colleague once jumped on a group call without his shirt on and everyone could see 😵
    The expression on everyone’s face was enough to scare me for a lifetime 🤣

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  4. I have tourettes where I tic when I’m excited nervous… I make loud hiccup sounding noises, just 1 now and again. I was in a lecture of 400 people and the lecturer kept asking if there was a bird in the room….everyone was looking at me an laughing. Luckily I was confident enough to take it. This happened every lecture for a month!

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  5. In my university, I was praying prank on my classmate by hiding her note book when she was not paying attention. I was careful to not let my friend notice but forgot we also have a professor in the class. He caught me up and said something funny about me and whole class was laughing at me by the end. Itz awkward but the prof was a good one…

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  6. I haven’t had these sort of experience but I remember going mad over my family. There are kids crying in the background. People fighting I mean I used to be scared to unmute myself thank god online classes will end soon and your posts are so well 💕

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  7. Well I’m done with university. But the other day my daughter walked in on me having a virtual meeting and announced that she was going to take a poop. Fun times!

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  8. Had my identity stolen entering an insecure chat room, and lost EVERYTHING. Here I am, already an educator, and far too old to be so naïve, but…TADA! So I guess it’s true, you’re never too old to learn! On the subject of emails and “reply to all” very few of us have NOT had to live through that. Chin up, this too shall pass! Hugs! 😉

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  9. Yay! She’s back!!! Great to hear/see you again! I have had mostly dogs barking in the background when I’m on a zoom parent meeting. Either that or children fighting. Let’s just say it “Mother of the Year!!!”

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