A Classic Love Story


I was not the kind of person anyone looks at twice. I don’t mean that in a quirky, average looking, clumsy hipster in a cheesy romance movie that no one notices until they do kind of way. I also don’t mean it in a self-deprecating way. I don’t mean it in any particular way because it’s simply a fact. I’ve always been just average. I got average grades in school, I have an average job with average pay, I have always and will always look just average, my family is average, my parents have average jobs and average lives, my friends are average with average jobs, my fashion sense is average. I just am AVERAGE. I’m not the girl that men chase halfway across the world hoping to make her fall in love with them, I’m not the girl everyone stares at when I walk into the room and I am certainly not the kind of girl that random men flirt with in a bookstore.

That’s why I was so surprised when some random guy walked up to me, introduced himself as Jonathan and started talking to me. He asked me about the book in my hand, what kind of books I liked in general, told me he had just moved here since he got a promotion at his company and didn’t know anyone. This led to him asking me to dinner which really caught me off guard. The surprise on my face must have been obvious because he smiled and told me “he had to take the chance and ask me out or else he would regret it forever.”

Was I on one of those really cruel prank shows? Why else would this handsome stranger with dark hair and beautiful blue eyes ever want anything to do with me? After an embarrassingly long pause I finally accepted the offer and headed back to work still in a daze. Maybe I’ll finally wear that little black dress my sister got me for my birthday.


I can and have had any woman I have ever wanted but something about Sarah just captivated me. She was breathtaking and had so much potential if only she tried a little harder. She was the kind of girl who doesn’t realise she’s the protagonist in her own romance movie until some guy helps her figure it out- I’ve always found that to be disturbingly misogynistic but my first girlfriend loved Bridget Jones and now I can’t get that damn movie out of my head. I want to be that guy for her, I know I can be that guy for her. My ex’s never meant much to me, I didn’t even like most of them but to be fair we often never got past the first date. In fact, Kate is in the car right now. I just need to figure out a way to get rid of her. Sarah on the other hand, there was something about her that told me this was it. She was the one, my soulmate.

I had always been good looking and an overachiever. I was the kind of guy people notice when I walk into a room. My smile can and has on multiple occasions got me whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. Everyone wants to be around me, I have a fantastic job where it has become increasingly easy for me to climb up the corporate ladder, my parents are both lawyers and I grew up getting the best life possible, even my friends are all doing exceedingly well in their personal life and their careers. My life is perfect but that has always been the problem.

I never had any challenges growing up and I became so bored and sick of perfection that by the time I was at university I had nothing left to live for. I achieved every goal I ever made for myself. I needed a challenge. A REAL CHALLENGE. That’s when I met Samantha. She was the worst. She ended every sentence like it was a question, chewed so loud it drove me nuts and worst of all she bullied everyone into believing she was better than them. That’s why I knew she would be perfect. No one would miss her, she had so many enemies no one would suspect the charming, good looking, caring boyfriend who put up with her. And I was right- no one ever suspected me and since they never found the body I was free to continue living my life.

For the first time I had been afraid I wouldn’t succeed, that I would get caught, that I had made some tiny mistake, that they would find the body. It was exhilarating. It made me feel human again and ironically watching the life seep out of Samantha’s eyes made me feel alive for the first time in my life. After that I got creative and started setting new challenges for myself. If someone got too suspicious I would just move to a different city and start working at a new branch- you would be surprised how easy it is for someone like me to start over. People would line up to be my friend, women would hit on me everywhere I went and of course had no problem coming back to my place with me. The most important thing I had to remember was that it had to be someone no one knew I was associated with and I couldn’t go on more than two dates with them because apparently selfies are a thing and women can be insistent when they want to show you off to their friends but there’s no trace of you on the internet.

As I watched Kate’s body burn I thought about what I should wear tonight. I wondered what Sarah would wear. I hoped she would wear that little black dress with the lace at the back of her closet. Or maybe that floral dress she wore last week when she went out for drinks with her friends. It took me all the strength I had to not speak to her that night but it would all be worth it. I couldn’t wait to be in her apartment again- it smelt just like her. Of course, this time I would have permission to be there- it would be nice to use the door for a change.

I hope you enjoyed the short story! It was supposed to be romantic/horror because you guys know I love writing horror. Let me know your thoughts on it in the comments below or as usual you are welcome to just stop by and say hi!

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60 responses to “A Classic Love Story”

  1. Run, Sarah, Run!!!

      1. Hey! I loved the story!
        Do you want a podcast version of it?

        1. Thanks! Yeah sure that sounds good.

  2. Omg this was so romantic and then 💥 it got creepy. Good story I hope to see more! Reminds me of the movie the Stepfather.

    1. Haha thanks! I haven’t seen that movie but I would probably like it lol 😂

      1. I recommend it! Its a great movie. Its actually based on a true story. Most of it!

        1. I will definitely check it out!

  3. Well written story! Jonathan reminds of Joe from You- the Netflix series, i loved it 👍

    1. Thanks- I was definitely going for Joe from You vibe!

  4. I did not see that coming! Amazingly crafted❤

    1. Thank you so much!

  5. I liked the contrast between Sarah’s self perception and Jonathan’s impression of her. Nothing in Sarah’s story prepares the reader for what follows in Jonathan’s account. Very enjoyable and dark.

    1. Thank you- I really wanted to bring out that contrast so I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  6. A very interesting commentary of how what goes on in peoples’ minds can be very different to what we actually see on the outside.

    Thank you for sharing this suspense-filled story. 😊

    1. Thank you! I find it really interesting how different someone can be on the inside compared to what they seem like on the outside and I really wanted to show that with this story.

      1. You definitely succeeded!

  7. I am falling in love with Jonathan then boomm!!! He turns out to be Joe😂….

    1. Lol that’s how they get you!

  8. Wow….scary.

    1. I have to say, the twist that it takes was unexpected and I really like that the whole thing is written without any foul language. It is interesting and grabs the attention but not because of false drama. It just is and doesn’t try too hard.

      1. Yeah I wanted it to be very mellow because I wanted him to be a very calm and put together person. I’m glad you enjoyed that!

        1. Just when you think how nice, she’s going to get a great guy…pow…he’s a psychopath.

    2. Thank you!

  9. Wow! It’s one of the afternoons I browsed here on the reader and thanks god I clicked your post! I enjoyed your writing so much! I am definitely up for more of these stories in the future and I wish you the best of luck – all the hard work you put into this piece should be recognised. Well done and all the best✍️

    1. Thank you so much I’m so glad you clicked my post too!!

  10. Well written✨
    Beautiful Pooja💕Hope you get to write more of those🤗 xx

    1. Thank you so much!!

  11. Is there a continuation? lol

    1. Lol not for now!

  12. Well penned ! I must appreciate the way you crafts your thoughts. You are amazing exactly like your page.
    But hey! I have also started blogging on positivity and good mental health.
    It will mean world to me if you can please visit my blog and shower some love.
    Thanks and never stop being such an awesome soul. I am just a fan of your writings.

  13. Such a beautiful one I’ve read after long time ❤

    1. Thank you so much!

  14. a creepy story, well told! I hope Sarah survives their date…

    1. Thank you- I like to think she does and they live happily ever after lol!

      1. fingers crossed… 🙂

  15. Wow! Caught me off guard there. Beautiful story

    1. Thank you so much!

  16. I’m reading a psychological thriller about an online stalker, kind of like this. Makes a person want to go completely off-grid!

  17. Wow Pooja. I think you should take this sort of writing further. This was captivating.

    1. Thank you so much- I definitely want to write more in the future!

      1. You better 😅

  18. An amazing read

  19. is it the fact that this was posted on my birthday or that it’s right up my alley with the plot twists? i don’t know, but either way, i loved it!

    1. Aww so glad you enjoyed it and happy belated birthday!!

  20. Woow! Its amazing. I was getting chills already😱You should finish the book

    1. Thank you!!

  21. Demn, I liked this! The end was unexpectedly creepy.

    1. Thank you so much!

  22. Wow, this story started out promising, then it went sour! 💀

    1. Sour endings are my specialty 😂

  23. Not good long term relationship potential.😉

    1. Definitely not 😂😂

  24. Creeeeeeepy! Too bad Sarah doesn’t have the self confidence to have already found someone awesome and not a serial killer! Yikes! Look what low self-esteem can get you ladies!

    1. Totally- that’s why we need to realise our self worth!

  25. Amen, sister!

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