Six Word Story #77

My Safe Haven

One lie but two broken hearts.

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39 thoughts on “Six Word Story #77

  1. True…there is another theory that an action has multiple ripples…by that theory, families also figure in, friends and the ripple follows further and further. This gives an idea of inter-connectness. Or the theory of all things affecting many rather than just the few. Just another viewpoint of universal proportions of any actions. It gives the idea that what we do can have larger effects than we think of. This has the benefit of making it important to think of the actions we take and understand that there is more in the world than just ourselves. Anyway, great post. Just another way to think of things 🙂

    1. Thank you! I definitely think that your actions have a lot more consequences than you realise. Most of the time it does effect your family and friends and sometimes random people you may not even know. Really makes you think 🤔

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