Six Word Story #78

Dreams manifested into reality. Nightmares too.

And please feel free to add your six word continuation in the comments section because I really love reading your six word stories too.

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96 thoughts on “Six Word Story #78

  1. Great words.

    Question. Hi Poojag,
    You are very knowledgeable about blogging. I wanted to ask how do you find adverts on your blog?
    I have been tempted but thought I would ask someone who has the knowledge and experience.
    Thank you

        1. I guess the biggest pro would be that you would earn money through the ads. Other than that another pro would be that it would increase your SEO score etc. The only con I can think of is that some readers may not enjoying reading a site with ads.

  2. That picture is eerie as anything, a great choice for this six word thriller. So much tension in two sentences. Go you, great story! 😁

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