Six Word Story #92

He grabbed her by the hand.

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92 responses to “Six Word Story #92”

  1. If it wasn’t so late here, I’d probably have found something interesting to say… Anyway, HELLO! 🤷‍♀️🌟

  2. Hello Pooja, how are you doing?

    1. Hi, I’m doing well. How are you?

  3. And they walked into the woods.

  4. She led him by the heart.

  5. ….and they moved to relish sunrise🌅

  6. Then walked away from the crowd.

  7. “Don’t let go,” said her heart.

  8. He should have ran away.

  9. A gesture is a thousand words.

    1. LOL. I should say “equals” rather than “is”.

  10. She followed her on the wordpress 😃

  11. Her hand felt warm and soft…

  12. “Come with me,’ he said softly…

  13. Then they danced across the floor

    Laugh Because… Why Not??

  14. …and took her down the Rabbithole.

  15. He didn’t see the punch coming.

  16. And she started to cry hard.

  17. She didn’t even know his name.

  18. But he couldn’t stop her ambitions!

  19. Though he couldn’t pull her back.

  20. Because he just couldn’t let go❤❤

  21. They keep falling for each other over and over again♥️♥️

  22. She knew she couldn’t escape him.

  23. she had pulled his heart already…. ❤

  24. And she forgot time and space.

  25. And she kissed on his lips❤️🤭

  26. It all felt foreign to her.

  27. She withdrew it quickly, fearful again.

  28. For her safety she went along.

  29. and lifted his daughter to safety…

    1. Aww that’s sweet!

  30. And got down on one knee…

    1. Love that uplifting addition!

  31. They watched the white lotuses bloom.

  32. Felt like lightning struck on her.

  33. She turned and grabbed his heart.

  34. The world opened up to her.

  35. But this time she let go.

  36. And got her out of darkness.

  37. yeah but you should support others 😊😊

  38. And marvelled at her manicured nails

  39. And showed her who she was.

  40. she left him like a wisp.

  41. Hey Pooja, would you like to continue our poetry collaboration? 🌹

  42. Then teleported back to Mount Fiji.

  43. “Don’t let go” He cried silently.

  44. Take me with you🥺 ,he said

  45. Time froze forever in that grasp..

  46. and pulled with all his might

    1. Ooh good one!

  47. There’s no fear, beyond the door

    1. Great addition!

  48. She smiled with joy and reassurance

    1. Aww I love that!

  49. […] Six Word Story #92 Six Word Story #92 […]

  50. But he could see her fading.

  51. Samantha’s’ skillet makes one sloppy weapon.

    1. Oh wow good one!

  52. He reached for her hand

    1. Great addition!

  53. Her smile was emanating powerful waves

    1. Wow that’s such a great addition!

  54. And yanked her away before she could jump infront of the train.

    1. Oh wow love that!

  55. That sense of touch was golden!

    1. Love that addition!

  56. But there was no hand there

    1. Ooh spooky!

  57. And he stole her heart

  58. She had never felt so wanted..

    1. Good addition!

  59. Osei - Bonsu Dennis Avatar
    Osei – Bonsu Dennis


  60. The room spun and went dark

    1. Wonderful addition!

  61. But her soul wanted his kiss.

  62. She looked into his eyes 👀

    1. Ooh love that addition!

  63. And that was her way out

    1. Interesting addition!

  64. He looked back,she smiled brightly

  65. That small word cut him deep.

  66. ……..She clung to him for eternity

  67. And they both set their feet,
    In the world.
    As they did, saw people cry in woe,
    but also saw people who happily twirled.
    – Aadya Singh

    1. Wow wonderful addition!

      1. Thanks mam!

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