It’s The Little Things

I think it’s always nice to take a moment to appreciate the little things. There was a beautiful rainbow yesterday and it really made my day so I decided to share a picture of it with you guys. Hope it brightens your day like it did mine!

How is your day going? Did you remember to appreciate the little things today? What is one thing you are grateful for right now? Let me know in the comments below because I always love hearing from you guys or simply stop by and say hi!

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157 responses to “It’s The Little Things”

  1. Lovely rainbow, Pooja, they are rare down here in the desert but just as beautiful. ❤️

    1. They really are beautiful!!

  2. Wow…I cannot remember the last time I saw a rainbow. Your picture is beautiful and today, i’m grateful for just being alive.

    1. It’s been a while since I saw one too and really wanted to share it with everyone!

  3. Love your rainbow. I saw a rainbow once two years ago right after the rain. It was beautiful.

    1. What a glorious photograph, Pooja G! Thank you so much for brightening my day. Hope that you have a lovely weekend!

      1. Glad you liked the photograph and have a lovely weekend too!!

    2. I can’t remember the last time I saw one but they are always so beautiful.

      1. 😊😃✨

  4. Very nice you captured the beauty of the rainbow 🌈

    1. Thank you so much!

  5. Aww. Gratitude is always a nice way to reset, especially if you’ve been facing a spate of rough events. Thanks for the rainbow, Pooja!

    1. I agree! I was not having the best day but the rainbow really cheered me up.

  6. Thanks for sharing 💛☕🌈

    1. My pleasure!

  7. I love rainbows, glad you saw one! I’m grateful for the outdoors and seeing lots of cute little birds on my route to work!

    1. Aww I love birds I was just thinking about how nice it is to hear birds now that it’s spring.

  8. Small things which we usually neglect in pursuing life long ambitions wealth are gods gifts. Thanks Pooja for reminding one of them.

    1. I absolutely agree!

  9. Little things can make a big difference! That’s a lovely rainbow!

    1. Yes they can! It was wonderful- I’m really enjoying spring.

      1. Indeed! That’s lovely! Spring’s rather weird where I am, but it’s cool 😊

        1. Yeah Canadian spring is always a little crazy but it’s also very beautiful especially in April 🌻

  10. Rainbows are so magical. Today I appreciated the excellent Bi Bim Bop carryout, within a short walking distance from my house.

    1. Ooh I love Bi Bim Bop- one of my favourite foods!

  11. Hello! I wrote a post on appreciating the little things as well. It’s so funny how we can often miss the tiny things in life that make our days so much better!
    I love your rainbow!

    1. I agree with you we miss little things or forget. That is one of the reason I started blogging.

      1. Really? That’s so interesting!
        I started blogging because my high school class had me do it haha!

      2. That’s a great reason to start blogging.

    2. Yeah we always tend to see the negative but we miss the amazing little things. I’ll check out your post too!

      1. Thank you! I hope you like it

  12. It’s beautiful pooja😍

  13. love the simplicity of appreciating the smallest of things Pooja!!!
    💖💖 Beautiful 🌈🌈!

    1. Thank you- I love how such little things can improve your whole day!

      1. oh my gosh that is soooo true! 💖💖

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  15. That’s really nice Pooja we should always appreciate the small things in our life. 🌈🌈♥️♥️

    1. Thanks and yes absolutely!

  16. The little things are in a way the greatest things. I don’t know if this counts, but I’m beyond grateful for little playful moments with my cat. He is stealing my attention today so much that I can’t think of any other little thing.
    Thanks for bringing this up Pooja, it’s a great thing to be reminded of every single day. I wish you a nice weekend 🙂

    1. Thank you! I love cats and miss mine a lot so that is definitely something to be grateful for. Have a nice weekend too!

  17. Favourite_Favour Avatar

    My day is pretty good. Yep, I do remember to appreciate the little things although not every time. The birds, the trees, the flowers, even the tiniest animals are worth appreciating. Thanks for sharing this lovely rainbow.

    1. Glad to hear that!

  18. I love rainbows, I always stop everything I’m doing just to admire them. And it’s so rare being able to take pictures of them!

    1. Me too- they are just so beautiful and I feel so lucky to have gotten such a great picture!

  19. Little things..
    Reminds me that I haven’t swinged for a long time.

    1. Time to do that then!

  20. Aww that’s a lovely rainbow! I think for me, the little thing right now is the lady who is coming to buy some fish from me on Sunday. Far from just treating me like having something she wants, we’re actually having a nice back-and-forth conversation! I get it on the Olio network sometimes too, people actually treat you like a human instead of someone who is just giving away something they want. I tend to favour polite, friendly people, if I’m honest 😉

    1. I agree with you- I always enjoy talking to people like that too. I think there’s just something special about talking to someone and having a really good conversation. I usually try my best to have at least a small conversation when I buy something and it actually really helps because the other day the cashier at a store told me about this really great store with super affordable shoes for people with small feet- I have pretty small feet and it’s hard to find my size sometimes. I think when you’re nice to people it comes back to help you too!

      1. Ooh my Mum has that problem, too. She wears a UK size 2 and she tells my brother and I at least a month in advance if she would like new slippers for her birthday because they’re usually so hard to find. You’re completely right about having these conversations, whenever I go down to Cornwall with my family, there’s a little fudge shop in the village and they know us all by face in there. When one of us walks in, it’s “how’s your Mum?” “Oh, your sister has just been in!” etc, it’s so lovely and keeps you going back. They normally tip the scales a bit so we get a little bit more for a little bit less, too!

        1. Aww that’s so nice! I definitely agree and honestly it’s just the fact that it doesn’t take much to he nice to someone- you could really make someones day especially when they’re in the service industry which can be tough.

          1. Exactly, like today I sold some of my baby tropical fish that I normally sell at 6 for £4. The lady gave me a £5 note and told me to keep the change and she said she will be back for some fish for herself (she bought some for her brother today) just because I had proper breather bags for the fish! You’re absolutely right, it’s not hard to be nice and it can sometimes really pay off, as long as it’s genuine, because fake-nice does wash off!

  21. Appreciating the seemingly little things in life, allows us to really relish in those bigger things when they occur.

    1. I absolutely agree!

  22. Today is my day off from work and I still got up at 3am. It’s 4am now…time for coffee.

    1. Oh wow that is very early…

  23. Having such a great family is grateful for me…🤗❤

    1. That is truly something to be grateful for!

  24. So true. It’s amazing how much joy we can derive from those little things.

    1. Yeah the smallest things can often bring us the most happiness.

  25. I have never seen a rainbow in real.. Thanks for this lovely picture❤

    1. Oh wow I truly hope you are able to see one in person one day they are truly magnificent!

  26. Its was so awesome thanks for that

  27. Little things are the best things in life Pooja 💖

    1. I could not agree more!!

  28. Little things, when appreciated, can change your entire mood. Sadly, I live in the middle of a crowded city and rainbows are extremely rare here. So, thank you for sharing this. 🙂

    1. I used to live in the city too so I know how that is and I think that’s why I love seeing things like this now- it’s kind of new to me and makes me appreciate it more.

  29. Today morning was very dull. Sun shine in the afternoon. It brighten up my day.

    1. That’s so nice- I love some sunshine!

  30. Great picture! And also thanks for the reminder☺️ it’s so easy to get caught up in the rush of things and miss the little things

    1. Thank you- yes exactly we get so distracted that we often forget to appreciate the small things in life.

  31. The little things in life make a big difference. Thanks for bringing this up Pooja!

    1. They absolutely do!

  32. Lovely rainbow Pooja!! ❤️❤️

    1. Thank you so much!!

  33. Thanks for the reminder Pooja. it’s so true. We get so busy and overwhelmed we do need to just pause. xo

    1. Yeah it’s always a good idea to take some time to appreciate the little things. Thanks for the comment!

      1. You’re very welcome.

  34. Thanks much for sharing.

    That’s the beauty of God’s creation

    1. Yes it sure is!!

    1. Thank you!

  35. It really is the little things! Lovely reminder. I hope you’re alright 🤗

  36. Great picture Pooja. I am always looking for the little things to add sparkle to my day.
    Ps. Did you find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow??
    Fact Laughing cures many diseases

  37. Thank you for sharing the rainbow, friend! Keep on enjoying those simple pleasures. 🕊

  38. Always lovely ☺️

  39. great photo – I love rainbows…

  40. Well said ….the ability to see goodness in small things and taking time to appreciate them is what gives life a positive glow…
    Stay blessed 🙏😇

  41. I love Rainbows 🌈. I’ve not seen one in a long time.

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  43. I agree with you. We should appreciate the beautiful things in life.

    1. Yes definitely.

  44. I have decided to appreciate

  45. I appreciate my fellow Jedi who lives in Canada 🙂

    1. Always appreciate you too!!

  46. Such a lovely rainbow, thank you for the picture. One thing I’m grateful for is my very supportive wife. She’s being my rock while I’m currently jobless and looking for a new opportunity.

    1. Thanks and she sounds like an absolutely wonderful person!

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  48. First of all , the picture is amazing .
    And I am grateful for having a great, lovely family which I have right now , included a special person who is the reason of my laugh.

  49. Hi Pooja. It’s all about the little things that keep us going, isn’t it?. It’s been a while since I last witnessed such a beauty of a rainbow. Thanks for the picture. Also, I’m a beginner in blogger’s shoes. Anuja here. :). Hope you like my post and guide me if I make any mistake. Thank you. Have a nice week ahead.

  50. I am grateful for life, love and breath and the beautiful relationships I have.

  51. You are absolutely right, but I think everyday is good for me

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  53. Beautiful rainbow! I love spring because of the flowers are starting to bloom 😊 I am glad winter is over

  54. Rainbows have not seen one in so long mmm wonder why thanks for sharing I’m very grateful for that ☺️

  55. Beautiful. Love to stop to steer at the rainbow 🌈 and smell the roses 🌹 too. Thanks for sharing.

  56. 🙏🏻👌🏻 yeah. Just realised how imp it is to stop and have sometime for yourselves

  57. We are lucky to see rainbow most times when it rains here, but since we don’t get rain too often they still are special. Thanks for the reminder to stop and look for them!

    1. We don’t get them too often either so I was pleasantly surprised to see this one!

  58. We need to be very very lucky what we have because we don’t appreciate small things until we get forced to live without it✨

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  60. Love a rainbow!!! I’m so grateful to be alive and enjoy my family

    1. Definitely two things to be grateful for!

      1. ♥️♥️♥️

  61. Candid Rainbow captured.. appreciate it🌈🌈

    1. Glad you enjoyed it!

  62. Feels silly but I’m really grateful fir gresh fruits and vegetables that are available in my area.

  63. I love rainbow too 🌈

  64. This lovely picture.. Does not only reflect the beauty of such a glamorous rainbow..but the way it embarks it’s shine within the dreary, dry woods.. !!

  65. Thank you for this!

  66. Such a great reminder. ❤️

  67. Big thing and often hided in little things

  68. Nice rainbow❤❤❤

  69. Lovely rainbow. Thanks for sharing with us. Your post made me wonder, what are the “little things”? Little moments of visual spiritual or emotional beauty in the world around us, a moment we treasure with another person, a moment of peace. Almost always ephemeral.

  70. Thank you for sharing the picture. It’s beautiful 🌼🌼

  71. Lovely, thanks for sharing!

  72. A rainbow is always something to be happy about 🥰

    1. I’ve seen two so far and they both made me so happy!

      1. I love to hear that! 🌈

  73. We had a beautiful rainbow not long ago, they’re comforting to me my dad and I would look for them after storms when I was little.
    Today I’m grateful that my family is all together after my daughter having been in the hospital this past week and that she’s able to be home.

  74. This morning I witnessed two magpies having a casual talk outside my home. A beautiful sight.

  75. The things that are little

  76. Beautiful reminder

  77. The little things are nice

  78. Just came across this blog post & decided to give you a follow. I enjoyed reading this ❤️ still learning how to enjoy the little things myself so this was refreshing ✨

    1. Thank you and glad you enjoyed the post!

  79. I once saw a rainbow after particularly bad weather so it kinda helped.

    I was watching some 80’s videos on YouTube–Pat Benatar evolved into Michael Jackson and The Brothers Johnson. I was happy for the rest of the day.

    1. That sounds fun- I love 80’s music!

  80. Beautiful rainbow! 🌈
    I have to say that I’m grateful for life. Even though my life can often be quite turbulent, I’m grateful for the air in my lungs and the time I am able to spend with my family. Have a great day!

    1. Thank you so much and yes being alive is truly a gift!

  81. Wonderful rainbow. Lifts the spirits💕

    1. Thank you!

  82. Well, i’m always grateful that i got to suvive another day on this beautiful planet. Today, it was the morning sun on my face and the warm breeze.

    1. That’s truly something to be grateful for!

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  84. Love rainbows and I am a fan of the little things 😁
    Started blogging on WordPress and please follow back on Instagram

    1. Thanks and I did!

  85. Mine might be silly when people are talking about life and breath and family. Those are definitely things to be grateful for, but bigger than what I thought when you asked for little things. My husband brought me a bag of popcorn and I’m thankful for it 😀 It is a great snack for blog reading!

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