Six Word Story #96

Adulting is just so frustratingly constant.

As you can maybe tell I have had enough of adulting for now and am considering taking a break by enrolling in nursery again… That’s an option right?

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124 thoughts on “Six Word Story #96

      1. I’ll be 30 this year and I’m still trying to figure out this adulting thing. My husband says that being a kid was much easier, and he wishes he didn’t have to grow up – says the almost 31 year old who is playing the Sims as I write this.

  1. I just had to laugh at your idea of going back to nursery again. I think I’d be totally game for that, provided that I wasn’t being supervised and analysed back then. Somebody told my Mum that they thought I was autistic because I didn’t play with the other children and that led to several years of psychiatric assessments and strange people trying to engage with me. I just wanted to be left to be creative and imaginative on my own honestly because it’s hard when people aren’t as imaginative and creative as you are. I’m still a creative person now and I’m definitely not shy when it comes to making friends anymore! 😉

    1. I had a similar experience because I was always very quite and preferred being on my own more but as an adult I’m pretty social so it’s all good I guess 😅

          1. Yes! Both of my friends have moved away now but they definitely got my out of my shell. My Dad and Nan were always cheeky to one another but because they used to get quite loud and I had violent neighbours, I used to think that they were fighting. Once I learned… oh boy did I catch on fast! 😂

  2. To me the only difference between a child and an adult is, a child does not know how to act as an adult and an adult does not know how to act as a child.
    So as an adult do childish things ocassionly play on swings, walk on a small wall kick a pebble down the road, do something you have not done since you were a child.
    Remember yo do not have to be an adult all the time, take a few minutes of every now and then.

  3. Every morning when I walk into the school where I teach, I enter the door used by pre-school kids. Sometimes I think it would be fun to follow them and join their class 🙂

  4. Once my middle school teacher said: why is it that when you’re young you keep “growing up”, while at some point you just keep AGEING?
    I think she would have loved it if we had been smarter and had said her this…🙈❤

  5. Adult is a stage where human mind are stressed…ages between 18 to 54 is adult. Before 18 and after 54 both are kid….we grow to learn happiness as child and grows back child again….nature of life

  6. When we were kids we always remain happy for no reason. Atleast that’s the one thing which changes a lot in adults. Reasons for being happy reduces as we grow.

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