Six Word Story #100

Love- complicated and yet so fatuous.

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153 responses to “Six Word Story #100”

  1. I will never get married again. :/

    1. Oof marriage can be hard…

      1. Indeed! 🙂

      2. Every relationship status has its flavour.

      3. telugubloggersreenadh Avatar

        I Don’t know exactly but I think it depends on understanding.

    2. To share your life is fortuitous

      1. Yes, but only if it’s a good marriage. 🙂

  2. Lovers – strange and self absorbed creatures.

    1. Indeed they are.

      1. Love birds sing strange songs sweetly

  3. Real love is not so complicated.

    1. True- it can be quite simple when you’re with the right person.

    2. Love is an extreme sport everywhere

  4. Love- effortless but yet so deep.

    1. So true- great addition!

    2. Love- too intense to be incorrect!

  5. “Who.Knows.What.It.Really.Means?

      1. Love – too deep to be defined.

    1. Coz hell I dont😶

      1. Hell me either mate lol

  6. love always and to eternity and and more! 💖💖💖

    1. Yes always!!

      1. 💖 love your thoughts P!

    2. Love – the fragrance of sweet souls.

  7. Love is precious and painful too😊

    1. Indeed it is!

    2. Love – a passionate and delicate decision.

  8. Love, need to deeply understanding😊😊 its many more then imagination and attractions

    1. Yes I definitely agree!

  9. Love is layers beyond the word.

    1. Yes it is!

    2. Great addition yea it is

  10. Love-wait, meet, smile, cry, unite

    1. That’s love!

    2. Love waits, love wills, love wins.

      1. Certainly!

        1. Thank you 🤗

      2. Certainly

    3. Love helps, love hurts, love heals.

  11. Heartbreak so simple yet so difficult

    1. Great addition and so true!

    2. Heartbreak – colourful specs turn complete wrecks

      1. 👏👏👏

  12. Nevertheless makes the world go round!

    1. It sure does!

  13. It’s neither of two. Love is love

    1. Nice addition!

  14. Love sometimes makes you sad and sometimes over joyfull.

    1. Love – a paradise of pleasant pain.

    2. Yes it’s like that.

  15. “Love- complicated and yet so fatuous.”
    Fatuous Peter Pan lover? Grow up!

    1. Ooh love that addition!!

  16. That’s what makes it so fun.

    1. It’s a race everyone must run.

    2. Yes exactly!

  17. that makes living a obvious splendour

    1. Yes it does!

  18. If only, she still loved… us!

  19. Though never so pointless as hate.

    1. Hate is both pointless and worthless

    2. Nothing is as pointless as hate!

      1. Better to leave love to fate!

  20. Love – When the heart and mind agree. 🤗

    1. Love – when progression is over perfection.

    2. telugubloggersreenadh Avatar

      Love is simple, but controlling feelings and emotions is difficult.

    3. Yes indeed!

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    1. Thank you!

  22. Love is staying together forever.♥️♥️

    1. Yes it is!

  23. Love is yet a treacherous complication

    1. It sure is.

  24. Addiction to sex blinds lost eyes.

    This 6 word has too much finality. 😡

    1. Maybe that’s what makes it so true I guess…

      1. Having vision problems?

        Missed you 😍😘

        9 words and a double positive. You’ve been bad.
        Maybe possibly perhaps I suppose I guess.

        1. Lol I genuinely need new glasses though!!

          Haha missed you too I guess to an extent maybe 😂😂

          1. Oh. You possibly maybe could have missed me a lot by a lot or little or somewhere in between where I haunted your dreams. Hypothetically.

          2. Truth: you and Dios are my favorite people on here. Dios makes sense, I can only assume it’s that you’re so super sexy. 🥰
            Nah. Well, yes but you’re fun to converse with. I just periodically dip in. This time it’s some spammers and I’ve unlocked the “woke” level!
            Related: the woke ones are shockingly bad at communication which seems kinda viral to their plight. By woke, I mean people seeking out to be offended but can’t explain why.

            If you’re life is the only life on the planet that matters; you need a very good philosophical foundation to explain to others why you’re important than everyone else who have their own struggles. What I’ve noticed on the main platforms is they don’t actually watch/view/follow the media they’re upset by which is probably why they can’t engage in adult conversation.

            I need new glasses. Maybe we are both suffering from immoral sex addiction? I’m nearsighted in my right eye and glasses give me a headache. 😭
            Going blind is my safe space. 😛

            Really did miss you btw.

  25. Those perfect matches, drowned within lifeboats.

    1. Ooh wow that’s a good one!

  26. Ah, the 100th one here, Pooja! Great work!!
    Here’s my story- “Love is a senselessly sense-making emotion.”

    Does my 6-word story make any sense?

    1. Thank you and yes yours does make sense and I really enjoyed it!

  27. Landmark! Centennial of 6 word stories.

    1. Yup I’ve finally reached the big 100 mark!

  28. And yet people do it

    1. I guess it’s worth it sometimes

  29. telugubloggersreenadh Avatar

    Loving everyone is simple, but
    Expecting love from others is fatuous.

    1. Yup definitely!

  30. I Love to live for love

    1. A lot of people do!

  31. Love is for the brave ones.

    1. Indeed it is.

  32. So as life! Depends on perception.

    1. Absolutely!

  33. when really it’s a chemical reaction

    1. Yup that’s all it is.

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  35. A rubbish word for Scrabble points

    1. Haha anything to win I guess…

      1. I was struggling with this one. I commented on another blog a few days ago about the word love and how it is so unique. It has a dictionary definition yet if you asked everyone you knew to define it, I bet no two answers would be the same

        1. That is so true- everyone has their own definition of it and probably no one would quote the dictionary definition.

  36. Love is complicated when we’re fatuous.

    1. Definitely!

  37. Love is up; love is down.

  38. With every heartbreak, I learnt to love

    1. That’s a beautiful addition.

  39. so misunderstood and daunting.

    1. Love that addition!

  40. Love -a word that contains so much emotions✨

    1. So very true!

  41. Dying stars burn, appear, shine, vanish.

    1. Wow beautiful addition!

  42. Don’t be a fool, relationships rarely work.🥱 jk lol

    1. Lol kind of true though 😅

  43. When there, no need for procrastination.

  44. It’s simple when you are with the right person

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  46. Pain is all that love brings

  47. love is indeed complicated

  48. Broken then healed, four simple letters

  49. I believe that love needs someone who is strong as in love is not for the weak if you really wan make it work❤️

  50. Love is waste of time and tide

  51. Love takes blood sweat and tears.

    1. Great addition!

  52. Love is eternal so is fate

    1. Yes so true!

  53. Love can hurt so bad sometimes

    1. It really can.

  54. These 6 word comments are awesome!

  55. There’s no excuse in life we just need to follow the rules let love lead. God over everything (nobody is responsible for your failure) watch your back and keep it real and pure it’s doesn’t matter the color let’s practice humanity this world is another heaven for humans don’t make it complicated🖐🏻🖐🏻🖐🏻🖐🏻🖐🏻

  56. True love should pursue amidst complexity

    1. Great addition!

  57. Love is simply sex spelt wrong

    1. That is very often the case…

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