Six Word Story #111

Our love, soon destroyed by veracity.

As promised I will still be posting six word stories once or twice weekly- usually when I’m feeling a bit lazy to write a longer post haha 😂

Today’s Word:


1: conformity with truth or fact 
2: devotion to the truth : 
3: power of conveying or perceiving truth
4: something truemakes lies sound like veracities

More about the word. 

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108 thoughts on “Six Word Story #111

  1. Pingback: Judul Situs
      1. Thanks Pooja. Just celebrated my 39th wedding anniversary. Definitely true love. Maybe a tiny bit of enslavement. 😉

  2. I feel fresh when I read your article and beautiful images you use in the article, honestly I like your article writing style ☺️

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