What I Eat In A Day #2


I haven’t done one of these posts for a while now because I have been taking a semi-break and only been posting six word stories and interviews so I am super excited to share this post with you guys. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have been trying a lot of new foods and just trying to make things that I don’t normally make often. Thanks to this I have discovered so many new dishes I now really like and make often and I have a bunch of food related content for you guys.

I decided to share todays meals because generally I make a lot of East Asian food- usually Korean- because I really do love those but I have also been trying to make more Indian/South Asian dishes. I generally avoid making Indian/South Asian food because I find it a bit time consuming and I feel like my sister is better at making them than I am so I leave that to her. However, on this day I was like no- I’m going to make some Indian stuff myself. Anyway, I’m going to stop rambling now so that we can finally get into the good part of this post- the food!

Disclaimer: I don’t usually eat like this but I wanted to try new things for this post and make it fun so I decided to try some not exactly healthy stuff which is fun once in a while! All the products used/mentioned are vegan.


Unsweetened Original Oat Milk | Silk Canada
Source: https://www.silkcanada.ca/products/plant-based-beverage/oat-yeah-unsweetened-beverage/

Some of you guys probably know this if you have read my earlier What I Eat In A Day posts but I don’t generally have much for breakfast because I am not a morning person and eating in the morning makes me feel kind of gross. I know a lot of people love having a big breakfast but I am just really not one of those people.

For breakfast on this day I started with some Silk milk which is a vegan alternative milk that I am absolutely obsessed with. I am pretty particular about alternative milk because some of the brands really water them down but I have noticed that Silk is pretty creamy and delicious. I hate oats but for some reason everything I had for breakfast on this day had oats in it and I loved all of it! I think I don’t hate the taste of oats I just don’t like porridge because of its texture. It just really grosses me out for some reason.

Anyway, I had some oat milk from Silk and I also tried Bobo’s strawberry flavoured Stuff’d Bites. I have tried one thing from this brand and very much enjoyed it and as expected I loved the Stuff’d Bites too (I got some more today but in a different flavour!). They are super delicious and the stuffing is the perfect amount of sweet and sour. I liked the first one so much I ate another one haha. It’s a little dry because of the oats but I was drinking oat milk with it anyway so I didn’t mind at all. If you have never tried Bobo’s products I would HIGHLY recommend them- they are super delicious and one of my new favourite treats.

Unfortunately, I did not take pictures of my breakfast because I didn’t think I was going to be making this post on that day but I decided to later on in the day. But I have added some images I found on Google in case anyone is interested- I know when it comes to stuff about food the best part is the pictures/videos.


I had no idea what I was going to make for lunch so I did what I usually do which is YouTube a bunch of recipes till I find something I like and it totally worked because I found something that I am now super obsessed with- Shri Lankan eggplant curry. I had a giant eggplant in the fridge that I needed to finish and I usually make Korean eggplant with it but this time I wanted to make something new.

I have never had Shri Lankan food, authentic or otherwise, so I have no idea whether this tasted authentic or not but all I know is that my taste buds loved it and my mouth is literally watering just thinking about it. This is the recipe I used as a basis but I changed a couple of things like I stir fried the stuff that was fried in the original recipe and I added less curry powder and no tamarind juice and used lemon and water instead.

So, definitely not authentic but still extremely delicious. I ate it with some rice and it was a simple and delicious meal. Plus, eggplant cooks really fast so it didn’t take too long to make- I was done with everything in about forty minutes or so. It was also super light so I didn’t feel lazy in the afternoon and filmed a bunch of reels for my Instagram which was awesome.


Puffs Pink Salt & Vinegar (Organic and Plant-Based) | GoGo Quinoa
Source: https://www.gogoquinoa.com/products/puffs-sel-rose-et-vinaigre-biologique-et-a-base-de-plantes/

Of course, I have to have some snacks in between meals because that is just who I am as a person lol. I had some GoGo Quinoa Puffs in the flavour salt and vinegar. They were okay, not the best things ever. The quinoa made them kind of dry but they weren’t too bad. I would definitely not get them again though- they were pricey for the amount and the taste wasn’t worth it either if I’m being totally honest. I have the siracha flavour as well but I haven’t tried those yet- hoping they are better but I don’t have very high hopes for them. It may be because they are gluten free because a lot of times I don’t really like the taste of gluten free foods. They taste very gluten free- I don’t know how to explain it but if you have ever had regular pizza and then gluten free pizza you will probably know what I mean.


At night, I got kind of lazy and did not want to do a lot of cooking so I decided to heat up some frozen samosa’s and make samosa chaat. Samosa is probably one of my favourite Indian foods but I rarely eat them because they are not the healthiest thing out there but I felt like I wanted a treat and I didn’t want to eat boring healthy foods if I was going to make a post about it so I decided to heat some up. The samosa’s I used are from Shana and are available at most Walmart’s. I prefer the Deep ones but I couldn’t get them the last time I got groceries so I got these instead and they are pretty good too.

I topped the samosa’s with some chickpea curry, chopped tomatoes and onions and later added some Silk coconut yogurt.as well as some chutney. I know authentically people also add some sev but I didn’t have any so I added some Haldiram Bhel Mix which still tasted pretty good. I’m pretty sure I added too much by “accident” though…

I have made this before so I knew I would enjoy it and of course it’s always fun to eat some Indian food after a while- made me miss my mum’s cooking though!


After a kind of greasy, junk-y dinner I wanted something sweet so I had one of these chocolate cups. They’re from b2b and this one was mint flavoured. They are absolutely delicious and I am obsessed with them lately. Seriously, please stop me I have been eating way too many of these.

Your Thoughts

Have you ever had any of the foods I mentioned above? What did you eat today? Do you enjoy South Asian food? What is your favourite food?

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61 thoughts on “What I Eat In A Day #2

  1. Your lunch and dinner photos look delicious. I have eaten the same breakfast most every day (for the last 40+ years): A very large bowl of grape nuts mixed with skim milk, shredded wheat, some flakes, some banana, lots of berries, pieces of apple, and any other fruit I can lay my hands on. Lunch today was leftovers from last night’s dinner of salmon, green beans, brussels sprouts, and fruit. Sometime almost every day, I snack on nuts, a big oatmeal cookie, and ice cream or frozen yogurt.

    1. Thanks!
      That sounds quite good. I generally eat some nuts after dinner too but sometimes I like to indulge and eat some chocolate haha.

    1. Yeah it would be super difficult to get GF samosas. I think I may be slightly gluten intolerant so I try to avoid it as much as possible but some of the GF stuff I have had has not been the best experience.

  2. Wow, your Shri Lankan eggplant curry makes my mouth watering. I can smell it and taste it right now. I guess I am getting pretty good at eating vicariously. LOL.

    1. That’s probably the future of food so consider yourself one step ahead lol. It was one of the best curries I have ever made and I will definitely be making it more often.

  3. Literally my breakfast is just serious everyday haha! Personally for me, I love Pakistani cuisines! Great post!! <3

        1. Lol yessss chaats are such a fun way to eat stuff- I used to prefer samosas on their own when I was younger but I have recently been enjoying them much more like this! 😊

  4. Mouth watering post! Sumptuous pics too. Sri Lankan eggplant curry looks too yum😋 And the samosa chaat is a great idea for an in between snack..must try it! My fav samosa time used to be the ‘interval’ of movies seen in theaters in India.They taste their best then, for some reason!

    1. Thank you! Ooh I am going to have to make some samosas the next time we watch a movie- that sounds like an amazing snack!

  5. I love Shana samosas and also the Cofresh Punjabi samosas. They are naughty for me though as I am wheat-intolerant and mostly follow a low-gluten diet. In fact, I love Indian food. I lived in Zambia a while as a child so my palate has always been well attuned to spices. Some of the products you highlight are not available in the UK, especially where I live in Thanet, which is technically an island (albeit long-silted up now) between the Kent mainland and France., and a lot of things just aren’t available locally – palates are different too. There are various small Asian grocery stores but none of the Pakistani ones I was used to frequenting when I lived in Hounslow, west London. Having said that, I do enjoy Korean food and the spicier Chinese dishes such as Sezchuan. Your recipes made my mouth water and perhaps if I bide my time I will also have some luck finding some of the snacks you mention. I really enjoyed reading your blog.

    1. I’m not the best with gluten either so I generally try to avoid it but sometimes I feel like I just need some gluten. It’s a little difficult to get specific ingredients in places where there isn’t a lot of South Asian population so I definitely get your struggle. I don’t get some of the ingredients here either which can be annoying but I do the best with what’s available. I hope you are able to make the foods I mentioned at some point because they turned out great and if you enjoy spicy food you will really enjoy them.
      So glad you enjoyed the post- it’s lovely chatting with you in the comments!

  6. I have never been able to find Silk Oat Milk. And I have had some South Asian food, but would love to have more!

    1. Do you have a Zehrs, Walmart or Canadian Superstore near you? They generally have Silk Oat Milk you can check there if you want to try it. South Asian food is always yummy!

      1. Not near me no, I would have to order it. Thanks for saying where to find it though in case I ever find myself in the vicinity of those stores 😊

  7. Funny enough I was thinking about doing one of these myself. My ’45 Questions Americans Have For British People – Answered’ post is unbelievably popular and it kind of got me thinking to bank on other things that I could do and share, as an English person. I’ve got to do another ‘What’s Up, WordPress?’next week (another one that I can’t believe how popular it’s been lol) and a few others that are already on my mind… maybe July- August sometime? Lol

    1. You totally should- they are a lot of fun plus you get to try foods you generally wouldn’t. Also you get to eat some junk which is always fun lol!
      I look forward to those posts- it’s always the ones we least expect that end up being so popular!

      1. Ooh I have such a varied diet anyway that I’m impossible to keep up with! Lol. I think probably my only staple is my good ol’ British cup of tea… which we actually drink in coffee mugs but yay, Brits? Lol!

  8. I wanted to eat all the things that you shared…

    And my favourite Indian food is Paneer Butter Masala and Butter Chicken. They just melt in the mouth.

    I would NEVER EVER get tired of those dishes.

  9. Everything looks and sounds delicious! 😍 I love how you tried new recipes and new things for this occasion – I am definitely lazy when it comes to cooking so I usually end up cooking pretty much the same thing all the time… I really want to try the eggplant curry though! Thanks for sharing 😊

    1. Thank you! I usually eat very similar meals daily too so when I do one of these posts I push myself to do something different and try new dishes. It’s fun and gets me to get out of my comfort zone. I would highly recommend that curry I am sure you’ll love it!

  10. Hey Pooja. Hope you are staying safe. It’s a privilege to say that we Indians live on samosas and chaat and other unhealthy foods available on earth. Although, I don’t like samosa much but I like samosa chaat, with spicy chickpea curry and some chopped green chilli on top. You can have some tamarind pulp on top as well. It tastes so good. ❤️

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