Blogger Interview With Sahana

I have been a big fan of Sahana’s blog for a while now so I’m very excited to share this interview with you guys Please do take a minute to stop by her blog I am sure you will enjoy it as much as I do

1. Thanks so much for being a part of this interview. Tell us a little bit about yourself and what your blog is about. 

Thanks a million Pooja for this wonderful opportunity to get interviewed by you. This is truly one of the most memorable experiences of my blogging journey. Hello everyone, I am Sahana from I am a Chartered Accountant by profession and work with an Indian private bank. My blog is a reflection of my thought process. I write about anything and everything that goes on my mind. I’m a little inclined towards motivational / inspirational posts and self help as that’s the genre of books that I enjoy the most as well.

2. When did you start your blog and what made you decide to start blogging?  

I started my blog back in 2016 as a stress relief measure as I was quiet drained due to my hectic job back then. Blogging helped clear out my thought process and was a foolproof way to calm myself. Reading amazing blog articles has always helped me in all aspects of my life and penning down my thoughts through my blog genuinely made me happy. However I wasn’t regular with my posts back then. The lockdown helped me focus my time on blogging and I decided to challenge myself by writing an article daily for 100 days in 2020. Now, I’m working on becoming more consistent and have an organised schedule for my blog posts.

3. Your posts deal with serious topics on occasion but still remain uplifting. How do you stay positive even when times get tough?

When it comes to staying sane and having a positive attitude, I am extremely inspired by my mother. She has gone through a lot of trauma and struggle for major part of her life yet is the most positive person I know. She has a never say die attitude for all problems in life. She always tells me that whenever she comes across a difficult situation in life, it challenges her to work hard and overcome it instead of being overwhelmed by it. Also I try to consume content that helps me develop a positive mindset. Afterall it’s all in our mind to make it or break it.

4. You write about a number of topics- what inspires you to share these posts especially the more personal ones which can sometimes be difficult to share?

When I read about other people’s struggles and difficulties, I realise that I’m not the only one who is facing it. It motivates me to deal with my issues in a better manner. I refrain from blaming myself or my circumstances for having a negative outlook in life. Writing about my stories has a twofold impact. I feel much lighter and better after sharing it as it feels like a huge load is off my back. Secondly, it might help others who are dealing with the demons of their mind and want some sort of support in the form of words or other people’s experiences. We never know whom we’d end up helping by sharing our stories.

5. How has blogging changed your life? 

It has completely transformed my life for the better. My 100 day writing challenge instilled a sense of confidence and accomplishment as I never thought I could complete it when I embarked on it. Writing each and every post on my blog invariably makes me happy and keeps me sane. It’s one of those things that is my go to when I need something to divert my mind and clear my thoughts.

6. On your blog you mention your struggles in life and going through some rough times. What advice would you give to someone who is going through a rough time or feeling stuck in life?

After dealing with some extremely difficult times, I’ve realised that nothing is permanent in life. Every cloud has a silver lining, the sun rises even after the darkest nights. 4 things that have helped me immensely to deal with depressed episodes in my life are journalling, exercising, practicing gratitude and meditating. Prioritise your mental health, fit in things in your daily schedule that make you happy, try and seek happiness in the simple things like eating ice cream or watching a movie. You are stronger than you think. You deserve all the happiness in this world.

7. What is your favourite food?

I used to have a massive sweet tooth earlier but ever since I switched to a healthy lifestyle, my food choices have changed. However, chocolate still holds the highest spot in my food favourites. It’s dark chocolate now compared to extremely sweet milk chocolate that I used to love earlier. But I can still ditch everything for a bowl of gulab jamuns!

8. What is one thing you really want to do once the pandemic ends?

I really wish to attend a BTS concert in South Korea. This has been the number one thing on my wish list for over 6 years now. However, back then I didn’t have enough money to plan such a trip. Now that can fund my trip, attending a concert seems like a distant dream due to the ongoing pandemic. I hope and pray that things turn to normal soon and everyone around the world is safe and healthy.

9. Would you rather be invisible or be able to read minds?

It took me a hell lot of time to build a tough exterior to other people’s opinions. It’s still a work in process so reading minds is a strict no no. I would rather be invisible and have the adventure of a lifetime!

10. Thanks again and please feel free to add anything you would like to share with the readers.

Thanks a lot Pooja once again for this marvellous opportunity. I’m truly grateful and hope I did justice to your blog with my answers. Keep inspiring us with your amazing blog. I wish for your happiness and well being.
To the readers, stay consistent and focus on being disciplined than being motivated. Life is truly amazing and each one of us have an important role to play in this Universe. Let’s stay strong and happy.

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27 thoughts on “Blogger Interview With Sahana

  1. “…challenge myself by writing an article daily for 100 days in 2020.” LOL. That’s a good way to get motivated. I wish I can do that to myself. That just shows how disciplined you are towards something once you have committed to it. I know a person who’s an accountant and he has such hectic schedule that he is so stressed out, especially at each of the tax deadlines throughout the year. LOL. So finding a way to reduce stress is a great way. Wish you great success with your career and your blogging.

    1. Thanks a lot for your comment. Yes I agree, life can get really hectic sometimes and that’s why I really needed an outlet for stress relief. Blogging fit perfectly in my schedule back then and challenging myself to write daily made me realize that you can find time for absolutely anything in life if you really wish to do it. I used to keep a tab open for my blogpost at my workplace and update it as and when I found time. I’m sure you can do it too!! Thanks a lot for your wishes, I wish you great success and happiness in life!

      1. Yes, I totally agree. I do that also. Whenever I find a little slice of spare time during the day, I will read some posts and give some comments. I also have to manage future posts wisely. LOL. It is a challenge but it is worthy of all the efforts.

  2. Hi Sahana and Pooja,

    So, Sahana is The Super Mode. You’re serious, limited and logical. I like your recent post which are better than the previous one.

    Here, on wp, people uses lots of images, gifs, posters and illustrations, a few people talk directly, only through words. And they are doing well. So, yeah, it is important to connect directly instead of using irritating pictures.

    Well, I have to learn a lot from both of you. You’re older than me. I’m in the second of B.A. . I’m not going to leave blogging (actually, I tried to do so but failed). If you are talking about ideas and blogging seems worthy to you, you should definitely stay here. I’ll continue encouraging and inspiring people here.

    Thank you so much inspiring me (us).
    Best wishes from The Gondwanaland and it’s readers. 😃👍👍🌄

    1. Thanks a lot Lokesh. When it comes to being disciplined at blogging and improving our craft, I have a lot to learn from you. I really enjoy all of your posts which showcase your utmost love for blogging. I try to write about whatever comes to my mind and make it as sensible as possible. There are times when I wish to share my experience so that others could benefit from it. Please don’t think about leaving blogging ever, you are way too good and it’ll be a huge loss to the blogging community. Thank you so much for being a big source of inspiration to me. Best wishes for all happiness and success in your life.

  3. Sahana seems so positive – I’ll have to check out her blog! I especially loved when she said ‘Every cloud has a silver lining, the sun rises even after the darkest nights.’ It’s so true!

    1. Zainab, thank you so much for taking time out and checking out my blog. It means a lot to me. That’s the phrase that helps me bounce back in life after a setback and I’ve seen my mom apply this to her life all the time. Best wishes to you!! Stay blessed and happy always.

  4. “My blog is a reflection of my thought process” that sounds familiar 😀 I often write as if I’m having a conversation with the reader and my topics are quite often spur of the moment, unless there’s a reason for me to be more planned out. Another great interview, a pleasure to meet you Sahana 🙂

    1. Pleasure to meet you too Helen. Yes, I do the same thing. My blog posts would also look like I’m talking to my readers through words most of the time. But I thoroughly enjoy it. It’s a wonderful feeling when we come across comments from readers who say that they could totally relate to the blog post. It makes us feel less lonely in this big wide world. Thanks a lot for your comment. Best wishes to you. Be happy!

  5. Nice to meet you Pooja and Sahana, great interview! I look forward to seeing what you share on your Blog, which has beautiful character and inspiration. I send you much love and light and high hopes of great accomplishments in your career and Blog🙂✨💙

  6. Reblogged this on SUPER MODE and commented:
    The one where I got Interviewed by my numero uno blogger!!

    Thank you so much Pooja ( for this incredible opportunity. I’m literally over the moon today to see this post go live.

    Life is great!! This is one of the major highlights of my blogging journey!

  7. love Sahans positive attitude and sweet tooth… 💖🤣❤️.. I thought I responed here before. Maybe I’m in spam on a bunch of your posts Pooja💖

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