Monsters Out Of Men

Clipped wings, our world grips us into a firm hold telling us a decision for our life needs to be made, bought and sold
Like a caged bird we sit and sing
and wait for the decision to be made, In our songs remains a saddened ring
Manipulating their fellow beings, writing upon this canvas for them, stifled, creating monsters out of men, mayhem
These special monsters are nothing more than broken souls assembled amiss
Worn and ground down to the bones by life’s burning; spiralling, submerging, deepening into the abyss
The constant changes continuously confuse their mind till they no longer know right from wrong
Up until a bodhisattva soul extends a hand, tells the monster they are beautiful and to take their grasp, a lasting impact; lifelong
In that one moment everything changes and all the built up negativity starts to seep out
Recollecting who they once were, the Bodhisattva shines a reflection, the mirror leaves no doubt
Once again we are human, we are not just living but truly alive

The shadow self lies buried deep in us all, capable of morphing into angels and monsters; which wolf you choose to feed that is the question to revive.

This poem was written in collaboration with Amber from DiosRaw. She is a wonderful writer, blogger and person. I have been super busy lately as I have taken on some extra work and she was so sweet and understanding throughout the collaboration. Her blog includes a number of very interesting topics such as poetry, spirituality, psychology, mental health, my favourite quotes and proverbs and many more. I’m sure no matter what you blog about and what you enjoy reading you will find something you like on her blog. Seriously, she’s the absolute best so please do take a minute to check out her amazing blog I am sure you will love it! Click here to view her blog.

I’m sure I’ll get some emails about possible collabs but unfortunately I am a bit too busy for that at the moment but I will let you know when my schedule is a bit better and I can do collabs again. Thanks for your patience and understanding!

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27 thoughts on “Monsters Out Of Men

  1. I enjoyed this poem immensely, it speaks from so many angles, but in the final analysis, reminds us that although the sheep and the wolves are out there, an even more vicious wolf can be lurking in here… and the sheep that can be rend asunder… is in here also.

  2. I hate the caged bird feeling. Tell me about it. Sometimes, you just get that feeling when you repeat the activities of paying bills, work, and eat all year long. Wish Bodhisattva will save us from our monotony. LOL.

  3. Incredible job! Really, I loved reading this. (I’m particularly drawn to the last line. I don’t know many who know the story of the wolves.)

  4. I’m afraid I’m quite hit and miss on poetry, but I do appreciate creativity when I see it. I think for me, a lot of my negativity comes from my brother’s writing of poetry and his rather egotistical attitude towards it. Writing poetry versus someone who does not (or seldom) writes poetry does not make you better, it’s just makes poetry your preferred medium, a bit like an artist who uses paints versus one who uses pencils (that was almost poetic in itself!). You’ve been around my blog a while now so you sort of know me, I’m a huge advocate of humility and so when people aren’t humble, it really gets under my skin. Also, I joined a local writing group a few years ago and we were given “homework” (reasons for quitting, exhibit A) for which we had to write a piece of prose for the following week. I tried my hardest but I missed the leader’s mark by a mile and I was just left feeling hugely criticised and degraded. All that being said. I wrote a poem for our wedding day which made eyes water and I’ve always loved the works of Spike Mililigan. ‘The ABC’ is my favourite – it’s so cleverly done!

  5. So welcome, I really enjoy your content and how interactive it is, thank you🦋

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