Six Word Story #118

Right Now I Am Yours

Your words are my favourite paean.

Today’s Word:


1. a joyous song or hymn of praise, tribute, thanksgiving, or triumph
2a work that praises or honors its subject 

More about the word. 

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102 thoughts on “Six Word Story #118

  1. I’m going to point this out because it’s my “thing”. The tone of this one is different and there’s a humorous unintended coincidence.

    “If you see number 118, it means that it is time for good things to come into your life. It means that you can expect success, abundance, good health and love. If your angels are trying to communicate with you, it is a clear sign of their love and care.”

    “Do not fear lack or loss as the end of a situation or cycle denotes the beginning of another.”
    I see variations of that a lot lately. I’ll even get mad at a coworker and I’ll look at their calculator and see 18.18118. I’m all 😡.. fine angel number, you win this round.

    Stick with being more positive pooji-bear. No more 6 word oracles of death and misery! lol
    I thought it was a cute coincidence though.

    1. Wow what an interesting coincidence- glad you pointed it out. I always angel numbers interesting.

      Lol this is about as positive as my six word stories are going to get on the rare occasion that they’re positive 😂

      1. It’s a great word for accidentally misunderstandings.
        Pooja G has paeans envy.

        The 118 could be for me since I’m the one who noticed it. 🤔
        Wanna go shopping at hot topic? Get you all goth girled up? Buy some Cure albums and burn incense?
        I’m just paeaning. 😡got the “not a word” underline on that one.

          1. I’d like to see that. I never got into emp or goth but there’s enough crossover where the South Park goth/emo kids have posters of bands I still like. Hahah.
            I’m even at work listening to PIG right now. I only like the 90’s stuff.

              1. You get more interesting by the day. I cut off all of my hair and decided to shop for clothes since I’m a jeans and t-shirt type of person. Maybe mix it up? Found myself liking some of that style and decided to fully think things through considering I have absolutely no one to impress. I never got that into the clothing so I know better than to go there. lol
                I’m just all “I don’t really want to look like I’m headed to some blood orgy somewhere, I just want comfortable clothes.” Some of the stream punk style is alright, I’m definitely holding off on anything style wise for a bit.
                Definitely not poking fun. Context.. think of that being said and me being completely silent for 5 minutes then going “I can kinda see that…”

                1. Lol headed to some blood orgy somewhere- that brought back some interesting teenage memories 😂 I’m still occasionally tempted to go back to my punk/emo ways and start dressing like that again but unfortunately I also have the urge to dress the complete opposite so now I’m just stuck somewhere in between.

                  1. The South Park forest animal friends Christmas special is quite amazing.
                    Because I had all those synchronicity’s with that weird P symbol I ended up just buying one and THAT is what made my shopping algorithm all weird. I get silver plated animal skull suggestions and crap now but I’m also all “that’s actually kinda cool…”
                    If you’ve never looked up Nihilist Memes you definitely should. I actually like Buddhism because it has that emo/goth vibe while also not being that at all. Yet, it still is..
                    I’m still (in the back of my head) fine tuning a style.
                    PS: that P symbol is linked to a cult that as blamed (falsely) for 60’s serial killers like Manson and the son of Sam. That’s how my algorithm got weird.

                    1. And now the algorithm is trying to dress you like a serial killer from the 60’s lol… 😂

                      I really like Nihilist memes and I was a Buddhist for a couple of years after my goth phase so I definitely see where you’re coming from. I still believe in a lot of Buddhist teachings I just don’t identify as a Buddhist anymore.

                    2. I don’t subscribe to anything per se but I did get hooked in with realizing hating life in general is the pre-requisite of buddhism.
                      It’s just animal skulls and certain types of jewelry I’ll admit I kinda like a little. Then I suddenly started contributing to the algorithm humorously but also serious in a way that concerned me.
                      If I ever get married my wife will have a blast with home decor; maybe enough to never ask my opinion. Like putting succubus paintings in guest rooms with matching bed and lace drapes that are in the paintings with BDSM swings. Pentagram dresser knobs that are not obviously satanic. The skulls would be something I’d actually get though.
                      I’m too slightly adhd for buddhism and don’t fully commit to a single idea so buddhism isn’t the right fit me me.

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