I Messed Up

You know how I wrote that whole post about sticking to a schedule and that good stuff? Yeah. It’s been like week one and I already messed up lol. I was supposed to make sure I post blogging advice today but I randomly got on a call with a really awesome friend and didn’t have time to write. To be honest, I don’t feel bad about it because I hadn’t talked to this friend in a while and I really enjoyed catching up. I’ll plan better in the future I guess but obviously as much as I love blogging my real life is important too.

Let me know in the comments how your day was and what you did today because I’m in a chatty mood today and I want to chat with all of you amazing souls!

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106 thoughts on “I Messed Up

  1. sometimes we have to prioritize our life outside of blogging and that’s completely fine! glad you could catch up with a friend. 🙂
    today i worked on some posts & also decorated my blogging office. a post of that with photos should be going up next week. i’m excited to have a proper place to write / brainstorm.

    hope you have a great rest of your week!

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  2. 🙂 One good trick is to always have an extra blog post scheduled ahead of time (It comes in very handy for when life gets in the way).

    Also, I do not think that your viewing audience will be angry at you for messing up.

    Hey, you are human after all!

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  3. Never apologize for doing you! ❤ I get how you feel though but I'm glad you were able to catch up with your friend. 🙂 It's always nice to connect and we all probably need to do a bit more of it perhaps. I had a good day today thank you for asking! I got some blogging done yes, managed to get in a 5 min podcast (lol still trying). Oh, and I went out for a burger and icecream with my husband because we're really high maintenance and…I decided to not use my pseudonym anymore and as of today/tonight I guess now, write under my real name so you may be confused or maybe not but just in case, I'm "Veronica" or should I say was lol. Glad you had a good day connecting! 🙂

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  4. My day was pretty good! I had volleyball for 3 hours this morning. Then I came home freshened up and had some lunch. I also sprained my ankle at volleyball and it was quite painful, but I iced it for a while and it’s a lot better. Anyway, I rested for about 2 hours and right now I’m responding to comments, commenting and going through my email.🙃🙃

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  5. There’s more to life than just blogging and feeling the need to stick to a schedule.

    Today I slept in, bought a 64oz water bottle, 2 iced coffees because it was so hot outside, and a cucumber. I also started watching desperate housewives, which is still a good show almost 20 years later. I’m trying to get my husband to watch it with me and he fell asleep 😂

    My attempts to drink 1 gallon of water a day quickly faded after a few days so I’m determined to get back on track. And cucumber water sounds fancy, so I figured I would try it. I’m still meaning to write a blog post about drinking more water but at the same time, I need to practice what I preach.

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    1. You’re right- there are more priorities than blogging!

      Lol my sister watched the whole of Desperate Housewives a while back and told me so much about it I feel like I watched it too 😂

      I look forward to your post about water because I’ve been trying more too. I add some lemon slices in my bottle sometimes to feel fancy lol 😂

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  6. I respect people who make a schedule and stick to it, bit I’m not one of them! I think it’s important to give ourselves permission to take care of other priorities which come up in life! Instead of getting down on myself for what I DON’T do, I’ve been teaching myself to feel good about the things I DO accomplish! It’s very empowering! 😉😊

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      1. I used to quite an expert at beating myself up, so when o heard Mike Dooley talking about flipping the script, I gave it a try! It’s made a huge difference for me! 😉

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  7. I’m sharing a tip:

    “Find X problem” to blog about.

    Check all your favourite social media, hear what people are saying. Here we’re working for solution of X problem for our friends. This way, you can blog-worthy.

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  8. Don’t worry, Pooja. These things happen at times. We’ll be here for you. Always. I had a very bad day myself. I am feeling much better now. I always find that scheduling posts in advance helps me a lot.

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    1. Thanks! Glad you’re feeling better and yes scheduling does help but for some reason today is the one day my post wasn’t ready for- literally the rest of the weeks posts are ready to publish. Lol the universe is being annoying!

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  9. As a ‘whatever’ blogger , I’m in AWE of your productivity. But I’m even more impressed by this little post, which shows that you have your priorities straight. Well done, as always.

    Oh and today we’re in a wonderful old semi-restored chateau outside Calais. We’ve been here a couple of days as we (hopefully) ✔️ the endless boxes necessary to bring us, our hugely overloaded car, and geriatric dog back into the UK after our year in Italy. Fingers-crossed we’ll be on the Eurotunnel shuttle train in a few hours and heading for Scotland.

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  10. It’s always okay to bunk our schedule if the work isn’t official.
    And I can surely say that you’re handling too much workload.

    I can barely move my fingers while writing a scheduled blog post. lol…

    Thanks, Pooja. For reminding everyone to take a forced break.

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  11. The same is happening with me, I have my exams in a week. I have been studying for that and don’t have time to post blogs. It’s vital to prioritise your tasks and it’s no harm if you give more importance to yourself, so yea you didn’t mess up.

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  12. Don’t fret it! I was halfway through writing a NSFW post yesterday when I got a call from my mother, so yeah, that definitely put me off of my stride lol. Life is never perfect, it will always throw curveballs at you. I’m glad you had a nice catch-up with your friend thought 🙂

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    1. Lol I can see how that may have been distracting!

      Thanks and yeah life always has its ups and downs so schedules these days are more of a guide for me than something set in stone.

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  13. I used to be great about sitting down a couple times a month and getting two weeks of content scheduled. Now, I’m working the day before – life has been crazy. Hopefully it will calm down soon.

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  14. a little late to the discussion but i’m glad you tried to stick to your schedule! it’s never a bad thing to prioritize your personal life !

    i had a pretty interesting day today but i wasn’t as productive as i hoped. there’s always tomorrow though !!

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  15. I don’t understand why people apologise over having to deal with real life and friends, it’s expected and should absolutely be prioritised over anything else. I hope you had a nice day with them, and I’m looking forward to the blogging advice regardless of when it drops!

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  16. Yes, me too. I love those long talks between old friends and can’t live with it. Now social media and zoom have made it so convenient that often I have to really discipline myself to restrict my “social” time. Life is an uphill battle even if one is enjoying oneself. LOL.

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  17. I am glad you talk to your friend, just talking to someone you haven’t talk in long just refreshes you. I am a new blogger and just start blogging day after yesterday and it is going great. Happy that my hardwork is paying off. Hope your day went good as well.😊

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  18. In my opinion, sticking to a schedule is tiring work. It seems like we are forcing ourselves to think and write which may affect our writing or work. You should write whenever you want to write.

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  19. Hey my Jedi friend… if you need a blogging topic I mentioned you in my post last week on Monday I think called Reeling… hoping you’ll write about how you schedule reading posts cuz you know I’m struggling keeping up.. I think you finally might be too with this many followers and I’m a light weight. xo💖💖

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  20. Hello! Don’t feel bad! We are all human! I blog on train rides and when I have snatches of limited time in bus queues haha…I started my blog again because I now have some interesting menus for clean eating which I have been on the last 3 months….and I have about 8 short posts lined up…when I have the time I polish them….have a great day!

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  21. Hi. I’m new here. Love your style. Short, light-hearted, and honest. Today was the 1st day of Eid here (I’m Muslim) so we went to Eid prayer, then to my grandmother for special Eid bagels, then I went home as I wasn’t feeling well (GI problems for 3 days). Then I went to my in-laws for lunch and stayed there. I couldn’t even eat my favorite stuffed grape leaves (made special for Eid) and had spaghetti with yogurt instead. But on the bright side, we took many pictures and my son was amicable today (he is 6). I’m home now resting.

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  22. Life is about balance, and being really good and juggling lol. Life will always end up being messy and out of sorts. Due to other people that you have to interact with such as waiting on them there 30 mins late now you have to finish your task with then and alter your schedule. Making things even more strenuous, other people who are on time are asking you why you are late. Of course you say the reason but it still leads to other things. In sort no matter how much you plan ahead. There will always be someone something to help 🆘 turn your well planned day in to chaos.


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