My Blogging Journey (Ep. 2)

So, the second episode of my podcast is officially out! I want to thank everyone who listened to the first one even though it was just a general introduction. It really means a lot to me!

Todays episode is about my blogging journey. I talk about how I first got into blogging, came up with the name “lifesfinewhine”, the ups and downs I’ve had over the years, balancing university and blogging and so much more. If that something you’re interested in use the links below to listen- Lifesfinepodcast is now 6 platforms so feel free to use whichever you like:

In case you would prefer to read about my blogging journey since I know not everyone wants to listen to it feel free to check out the posts below:

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I also talked about my first blog post and thought I would link it below in case anyone is interested:

The Cult Experience

Let me know what you think in the comments below because I always love hearing from you!

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30 thoughts on “My Blogging Journey (Ep. 2)

  1. I might suggest that each part could be a separate blog post and not put all on one. It was kind of intense getting all the information at one time and the podcasts as well. Though some like the multi part on one page like this one. I guess it depends on preferences. Hope this helps. Sounds like things are coming together for you. That’s great!

    1. Yup I totally get what you mean! I think some people prefer longer episodes while others prefer shorter ones so I think next time maybe I can break the really long ones into two parts. Thanks for the advice as always!

  2. A great post! Loved hearing your journey! ❤️ Looking forward to more of your blogs and podcasts! The way you carried the podcast was great…the momentum was on point! ❤️

  3. Oh woww. I am so interested in this one, absolutely want to know your blogging journey! Will listen to this will I cook some dinner after work 🙂

  4. Wow, six platforms? That’s amazing. Sorry to hear your experiences with stress and anxiety. Me too. I love reading and writing too. Wise men think alike I guess. LOL.

  5. love your voice….. I want to hear about your love life… lol…🤣
    Love lifesfinewhine and it was a perfect mistake!
    Everyone has a life
    Most everyone loves wine
    and we need to Whine❣️
    Ok, I’ll steal if you get rid of it… lol
    Great reaching out to your next vision❣️❣️❣️

  6. Balancing school and blogging regularly is a little tough. I’m at that phase even though I spare some time to visit other people’s blogs.
    Your journey is really inspiring, I think I’ll benchmark you since I started this journey with zero mentorship and had no idea what I was doing 😂

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