A Glitch In The Matrix

Admittedly, I have never seen The Matrix so I have no idea what that means. I’ve only seen the Futurama parody version where they kind of diss it which I enjoyed but yeah never really seen the real thing.

Back to the point of the post- I keep trying to write advice posts for Tuesdays but it’s just not working out so from now on I’ll be posting advice posts on Monday and Blogger Interviews on Tuesdays. I have other stuff happening on Tuesdays now that my summer classes have started and I’ve been making reels more regularly and it’s just too much. I have time over the weekend so it would be easier to write the post over the weekend and just edit and post it on Monday. I have my first test today so wish me luck!

Edit: I got 21/25 on the test!

Since it is still technically tip Tuesday here’s a little tip- don’t eat yellow ice lol… Just kidding. Here’s an actual tip- the less you care about what others are doing online and what they think about what you’re doing online the more fun you’ll have blogging. So stop caring so much about others and and just keep doing you.

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67 thoughts on “A Glitch In The Matrix

  1. I hope you have an opportunity to watch the Matrix, not a absolute see it movie but then you will understand the reference. Many movies I would recommend but I don’t know if you are interested in classic movies – the ones that have those types of references ie Harvey – starring Jimmy Stewart.

    That is an excellent tip about not worrying about what others think. I suspect it is one that some people never learn or not until late in life. I know when I was young I knew what a terrible dancer I was so I stood on the side line too much despite loving dancing. We had in those days in the seventies – sock hops in the school gym. (no shoes). I know now that not only did I deprive myself of the enjoyment of dancing but also no one cared how badly I danced, even the girls who did comment, just liked to out on the floor dancing themselves so they didn’t care at all.

  2. Pace yourself and don’t get stressed out trying to keep up with too much. It wouldn’t be good to overdo it and get sick.

  3. Good luck with your test! The Matrix movies are occasionally on some movie channels here, maybe not in Canada though, I don’t know. Maybe you can rent the trilogy if you have a disc player and watch them, they are excellent movies!

  4. Thank you for the tips. I do sometimes feel judged for the posts I write, especially when I talk about problems with the cultures I identify with. You normally get judged a lot as a TCK, and it can feel stressful putting myself out there at times

    1. Yeah I can understand how you feel. It’s annoying feeling like you have to censor yourself online just so you don’t get judged.

      1. True. I mean, I have had to deal with super toxic Americans who just remind me why I left the damn country! Plus, living in an oil and gas town as an environmentalist can be tough sometimes

        1. I’m not even from America and I’ve had to deal with those so I get what you mean lol. Yeah I learnt about Calgary in sociology and it’s not just the oil and gas. There’s a lot of racism especially towards the indigenous population in that area.

          1. I wish I had advice for you on those kinds of Americans, but I don’t. That crap has got out of hand. Yeah, Indigenous people have it bad here, especially around the oil sands area. I’m living in a more liberal area of Calgary though, and it’s like they are really trying hard to fight against the crap. Demographics have changed a lot apparently, but Conservative politicians are still getting in and I’m not sure why

  5. That’s a good tip. I really enjoy blogging, and social media in general, but you do have to learn to tune certain things out and focus on the stuff that brings you joy.

    1. Thanks and I agree- you should tune out the stuff that you don’t enjoy and try to focus on the things that you do enjoy. That’s the best way to deal with the internet.

  6. Great tip!
    I have tried a number of times to watch the Matrix movies and I can’t get through the first half hour. Guess they’re just not for me…
    Hope your test went well….

  7. That’s a great tip, Pooja. Loved it! All the best for your test. I hope it goes well. And it’s so sweet of you to give a shoutout to Moksha’s brand launch

    1. Reels are a feature of Instagram where you make 30 seconds videos just like Tik Tok. Sorry to barge in but I came across your comment so I just replied. It wasn’t a stupid question.💖♥️☺️

      1. Please don’t be sorry. lol. I have so much to learn about Instagram. Getting there slowly. I appreciate the info. xo I like the name “dream sprinkles” what do you write about?

        1. There is definitely a lot you can learn from Instagram. I’m so glad you like my user name.Thank you. My blog is basically about my life as a teen and mental health and a lot more. You could visit my blog someday if you wish.💖💕🤍

          1. lol….I already did visit your blog. It’s funny cuz I write two blogs…and one is as an Auntie (I have over 50 nieces and nephews). I love that your write about your stuff. I think it’s really healthy. xoxo Stay well.

          2. oh…and I followed. Make sure you check out my Auntie Says blog and let me know if there’s any topics you want me to tackle from an Auntie perspective. xoxo Keep writing.

    2. Not a stupid question at all! Reels are basically short videos that are generally a couple of seconds on Instagram. They’re quite fun to make so I’ve been making them and posting them every few days.

          1. I’m getting there. Ugh…it seems like time is always against me. So many things going on that I have to take care of…IG slips to the bottom to be sure. But I WILL learn it. lol. Thanks Pooja. Have a great weekend. xo

  8. Great tip! I’m embracing this. I decided just to write and have fun. I’m currently writing episodes for Kindle Vella, and I’m having so much FUN! I HAVE to write just to see what happens next. No pressure and all FUN. It’s changed me.

    1. Thanks! I’m glad you’re having fun with it instead of pressuring yourself. In my opinion, writing should be enjoyable and you should love what you’re doing.

    1. Thanks! I’m taking an Earth Science course called Extreme Earth which as you can guess from the name about everything extreme with the earth like extreme weather etc.

  9. Congratulations on your test result! In what has been such a troublesome year, you must be so happy.

    I think ‘screwing up’, for want of a better word, happens to more people than we’re really ready to admit and I know that it’s definitely happened to me. There are days when the day just skips me by and I’m just like “oh sh*t, I haven’t written anything yet” lol. I think just the fact that you’ve written anything, really, is all that matters. I can think of at least three blogs that I follow/followed who are/were inconsistent over time, and I do think that it affects your readers and followers. Honesty, since just sharing life stuff, I think sometimes that’s it’s all people could really care about anyway. Be you, be real, be authentic – that’s all that matters.

    You’re definitely right (that was so nearly “write” lol, Blogger Brain!) about having fun with the process too, and I think that’s why I like sometimes just incorporating fun and humour into my posts. Advice posts are great, but I think what really matters is audience engagement and if your readers aren’t feeling you, they’re just going to click off and go somewhere else – nightmare! I love giving my blog my energy and I think honestly that’s why it’s sometimes a little bit more successful than it could perhaps otherwise be, particularly given that I rely on SEO and commenting alone. My average post length is 1300 words, but I’m usually at about the 750 word mark before I’m even thinking about how to bulk i out a little, or what else I have to say. The more fun you have, the easier blogging is and the more people will want to read.

    Just keep swimming! Lol

    1. Thanks! I’m proud of the score since it’s a science course and I absolutely suck at sciences. History is pretty much all I’m good at lol.

      Yup we all screw up sometimes and that’s okay! I think if we stuck to the schedule too much we wouldn’t have fun anymore and our readers would be able to see that and not enjoy our posts as much. Having fun and engaging with your audience makes a huge difference and that’s how you get recurring readers instead of one-time readers.

      Lol thanks but I suck at swimming since I’m scared of large bodies of water- or sometimes even small bodies of water… Just keep walking is perhaps more my speed? 😂

  10. Hey Pooja 🙂 If you ever do decide to inquire about The Matrix it’s one of my favourite films of all-time so I’d be happy to explain what “glitch in the Matrix” actually means with regards to the film 🙂 Also, GREAT job on the test! 😀

  11. “the less you care about what others are doing online and what they think about what you’re doing online the more fun you’ll have blogging.” That is so true. If I care too much of what other people think of me, I wouldn’t be saying anything at all. However I also want to be popular. So it is kind of balance. LOL.

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