The One With The Reels

I have been sharing my Instagram reels on here for the last few weeks since some of you seem to enjoy them. I know that not everyone that follows me here follows me on IG too since some of you may not have an IG account or some of you may not be interested in the content I post there since it’s quite different from what I post on my blog. However, some of you do enjoy my reels when I share them here and have asked in the comments if I can share them more often and honestly they are so fun to make that I get excited about sharing them so I decided to occasionally share them here too. I’ve always been VERY camera shy so this is a big deal for me lol. Hope you enjoy them!

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29 thoughts on “The One With The Reels

    1. Sorry, same thing on computer. First two show view on Instagram but the third one plays. Don’t have instagram account any more, so not able to sign in to view. Hope this helps. Something different with the first two that isn’t the same for the third. Not sure if that helps.

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      1. Your welcome and they are so fun to make I’ve made transition ones for my sister once and I love experimenting with filters although I never post😂💖


  1. Love the pictures you have there and your reals too. I think I gave comments already on your reels on Instagram or Twitter, but I can’t find them here. LOL. I’ve been wondering which one is better, twitter or instagram for a while, but I can’t decide. I guess I just have to do both to see which one I like later. LOL.


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