Another CBD Oil Update


For those of you who may be new to my blog, I suffer from anxiety and depression. I have tried multiple other things including therapy, medication, dietary changes and more to help with the symptoms. The reason I say cope with the symptoms is because in my opinion a lot of mental illnesses have no permanent cure. I know that it is possible with some but when it comes to depression and anxiety many of us are forced to live with it. The only way we can go back to functioning normally is learning how to cope with the symptoms or attempting to decrease them. That’s what medication generally does- it gets rid of the symptoms.

However, medication did not work for me so I started looking for other alternatives. About two years ago I began using CBD oil in an attempt to decrease or manage my symptoms better. At that point, I had been suffering from depression and anxiety for a few years so I had gotten to a point where I was ignoring the symptoms and just doing my best to live a normal life.

When I first began using CBD oil, I noticed an instant change. I had been using it for a day or two and already I was feeling better. My depression and anxiety had decreased significantly, my insomnia had gone away completely, I could concentrate better, I had more energy and I just felt a lot better in general both mentally and physically.

I shared my experience and then wrote another post with an update a little while after that. Since, I’ve been using it for about two years now I thought I would write another update especially since I mentioned it on a post last week and many people seemed to be interested in CBD oil and a couple of people asked about it or said they would be interested in learning more about it.


I usually get asked about this so I thought I would start out talking about how much I take. When I first began using CBD oil I took about three drops every night about half an hour before I went to bed. After using it daily for a while, my brain seemed to be producing more serotonin (this is my guess since it helped me feel happier, more stable, digest food better and concentrate better which is what serotonin does) on its own so I stopped using it every day.

I began using it for two days and skipping the third day. After a few weeks of this, I began taking it every other day. At the moment I take it once every two or three days depending on how I’m feeling.

My body has not become resilient to its effects at all and if anything I need it less often the longer I take it which is great.


The CBD oil really helped with my anxiety and just calming down my brain in general. I have one of those brains that never shut up so I used to be constantly overwhelmed which began effecting my sleep and I began suffering from insomnia due to this. However, CBD oil didn’t exactly slow down my brain but it helped me organise my thoughts better if that makes any sense. Like before, I was going from 0 to 100 in like 10 seconds but with CBD oil I’m a lot calmer.

I have social anxiety so interacting with humans isn’t something I’m great at naturally but CBD oil helped me feel more relaxed which meant it was easier for me to socialise and not be so quiet around people. I actually started interacting with others more, having fun and just enjoyed socialising in general.

I once read someone describing having anxiety as that feeling you get when you’re rocking you’re chair and are about to fall but having that feeling all the time and that was pretty accurate for me. With CBD oil that feeling kind of went away which was nice.

Of course, CBD oil is not some magic cure so I’m still a more anxious person that someone without an anxiety disorder but my anxiety has decreased significantly and the symptoms are manageable enough that they don’t interfere with my life. I still get anxious sometimes but it’s never so much that it stops me from doing what I want to.


I’ve mentioned this before but I’ll mention this again. With depression, I didn’t really realise I was depressed until I started taking CBD oil and the symptoms of depression began to go away. I began to actually enjoy things, had the energy to get out of bed, felt excitement and enthusiasm again and this was a big one- I actually began genuinely laughing again. It was like this cloud over my head had suddenly disappeared. I know it sounds cliché but that’s really how it was.

I began enjoying the small thing again like rainbows and nature. I wanted to create art again, write again and so much more. It was nice to feel enthusiastic again.

Again, CBD oil isn’t a magic cure- I still feel sad or depressed sometimes. I still cry over dumb things. I still don’t want to get out of bed once in a while. And that’s okay. CBD oil has just significantly decreased the symptoms and I can deal with occasionally feeling sad every few months rather than feeling that way every day.

Side Effects

Since,  CBD oil isn’t technically a medication I don’t know if you can call these side effects but I just wanted to mention them because obviously nothing is perfect and some people may experience certain things due to using CBD oil.

I got really great sleep but for the first few months of using CBD oil I did have really vivid dreams. I found them very enjoyable because I love taking notes about all my dreams and trying to analyse them and stuff but I know not everyone would enjoy vivid dreams so this is something I would look out for.

For the first few months, my mouth and eyes were kind of dry which is pretty normal for most cannabis products but if you’re someone who doesn’t drink a lot of fluids you may want to drink more water than you normally do if you start using CBD oil.

Final Thoughts

As I always say on my mental health posts, if you think you or a loved one is suffering from a mental illness or mental health problems please speak to someone and preferably seek professional help. At least get a proper diagnosis first so you can deal with it accordingly.

If you are taking other medications or don’t know how much CBD oil would be the right amount for you make sure to talk to a healthcare professional about it and they will help you figure out what would work best for you.

I know a lot of people talk about CBD oil in order to promote something and I feel like CBD oil has kind of been ruined by annoying influencers trying to push it as some sort of magic cure for everything. That’s why I was so skeptical about it myself. And that’s why I always refrain from mentioning any companies in these posts because I don’t want my posts to be bias. I have been approached by a number of CBD oil brands but I haven’t worked with any of them because I know that if I do the results may be tainted. Even if I consciously try to be unbias I’ll probably subconsciously still be a little bias. I don’t know if that makes any sense because I’m a bit distracted today.

Finally, I would recommend giving CBD oil a try if you are looking for alternatives to medication because I know that not everyone finds medications beneficial and different things work for different people. I can’t guarantee that CBD oil will change your life but it did change mine so I would definitely recommend trying it out. If it works for you that’s great and if not you can try out other things.

Is there something you would like me to discuss about mental health? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll keep it in mind for next week.

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75 thoughts on “Another CBD Oil Update

  1. Two to three drops, aye? I’ve considered this too, Pooja. My brain is definitely a 0-100 brain too! I take so many medications though for BP and diabetes that I would ask my GP first. Great update! ❤️🇨🇦

    1. 0-100 brains are so great especially when they come with a crazy temper like mine 😂 Yup definitely talk to your GP first and maybe they can recommend a brand/type that safe for you 😊❤

  2. Again this is really interesting. I’ve never tried CBD oil but I have tried homeopathy and I’m going back over some therapy.stuff again. Lately my intrusive thoughts have gotten worse and it scares me. I did some reading today and I know what I have to do but of course I’m digging my heels in. I didn’t realise today that highly sensitive people (which I am) also offen struggle more with OCD, so yay for that! Lol

    1. I would recommend CBD oil for intrusive thoughts. Although mine aren’t completely gone they have decreased quite a lot and I have a much easier time ignoring them. Yup highly sensitive people are more likely to struggle from all anxiety disorders including OCD so yay for us sensitive people lol… as though we don’t have it hard enough as it is 😂😥

      1. That’s very interesting. Sometimes I argue back (kinda) with mine lol. I wrote a post about “Aragog”, my internal bully – I know I recovered it after the recent changeovers with WordPress but it’s still in my drafts. I will get it posted at some point! Lol. As a rule, when the intrusive thoughts bite I just say “shut up, Aragog”. It sounds daft but it does give me back some control. I find certain things make then even worse, like if I’m in the kitchen using a sharp knife and Matt comes out there, they get a little bit bad then. If Matt joins me and the kitchen is incredibly hot, they’re 10,000x worse lol. Our kiitchen is so small and space is so tight that I think just working out there is stressful enough in itself, add being hot and OCD and as you can imagine, it’s not such a fun time lol.

        Aww I don’t mind being a HSP but yeah, sometimes it can be fun lol. I don’t really get depressed too often but I’m definitely a bit of a hypochondriac and I cannot stand blood on TV. It doesn’t bother me in reality, my friend has haemodialysis and my Dad was on a dialysis, both times I was totally fine lol. I think it it’s a frustrating trait sometimes but would I change it for how often I can also appreciate the smaller things as well? Nah lol.

  3. I’m really glad that it help you.

    I use a bit more than you just as an add on to my meds. It made a huge difference for me too.
    Since lots of people read your blog, I’ d like to say that sife effects are really side effects no matter what substance are we talking about. Eithet is it herb, a prescription only medication or even a food or drink. It’s all valid and very important to point out if noticed.

    CBD comes from plant, yet is no less powerful than many prescription drugs. As such, is used for treating epilepsy, among others.

    I’m looking forward for yout updates on this and wish you to cobtinuously feel better. 💛

    1. Thanks! I’m glad it’s been helping you along with your medication. I agree all things have side effects and that’s why I thought I should mention them. A lot of stuff I read about CBD oil especially stuff on social media kind of made it sound like this amazing thing with no negatives whatsoever but that’s not true especially since everyone’s body reacts differently to things.

      Thanks and I plan to keep updating everyone on my journey!

  4. Should I go to a dispensary to get CBD oil? I’ve never bought CBD oil or gone to a dispensary (I don’t use these products) but I’m curious about trying CBD oil. I don’t sleep at all and my anxiety is bad. I don’t think I have PPD but display signs and symptoms of PPD. If there’s an easy way to get the CBD oil, I am interested! 🙂

    Right now I take magnesium powder from Natural Calm which helps to an extent, but I’m still having intrusive thoughts, insomnia, and depression most days. I really don’t want to resort to pharmaceuticals.

    1. I would recommend talking to a healthcare provider first if you’re taking other medications or breastfeeding but if not I personally skipped going to the dispensary because it’s kind of time consuming. It’s way easier to order it online. If you’re interested let me know I’ll share the sites I use since I think two of them deliver all over Canada. You can get it in a couple of day if not the very next day.

      I would recommend CBD oil for all of those. My insomnia completely went away, my depression is a lot better and my intrusive thoughts are significantly less now.

      1. I don’t take other medications and I’m not breastfeeding. I tried but couldn’t produce sufficient milk. What website do you use? I’m very interested 🙂

        1. I use and if I’m not wrong they deliver all of Canada. It generally takes a few days to get to you and I take 1:1 and would recommend that for anyone starting out. They also have one that’s specifically for insomania. I haven’t tried it myself but you could try it if the regular CBD oil doesn’t help with your insomnia. Hope that helps 🙂

          1. Thank you so much, Pooja! 🙂 We’re leaving for Ontario next week (I rather not travel….) and I will be there for a couple of weeks. I plan on getting the CBD oil when I get back (most likely).

            1. If you’re going to be in Ontario check this one out instead and if that doesn’t work get this one with a slightly higher THC level
              This site is significantly more affordable but I believe it’s only available for Ontario so if you’re going to be coming here anyway I would recommend ordering this instead. If not the other site is good too but it’s a bit more pricey.

              1. I was looking at this specific one the other night after you sent me the link. It’s definitely worth a shot to try it! I’m willing to pay a bit more if it means a higher quality product 🙂

  5. I’m glad you have found something that works for you 😊 I’m on anti depressants for anxiety & depression, I still struggle sometimes though. I agree though that it is about finding a way to learn to deal with anxiety, I have come to terms that it is something I will struggle with my whole life. I was going to try CBD oil but then read on the back not to take with with the other medication I am on for blood pressure. So unfortunately this isn’t an option I can try.

  6. I have been through hormonal treatment for endometriosis which causes mood swings, and years later a surgical menopause with absolutely no depression or mood swings.

    This happened after I discovered that I cannot digest gluten and have therefore not eaten it except for once in a way when I really miss bread.

    I recommended gluten free to anyone suffering from depression. Diet might not be the full solution, and gluten free doesn’t work for everyone as our bodies are different.

    Glad to know you are well.

    1. Thanks for sharing your journey and I agree cutting out gluten can help a lot. I haven’t been able to completely cut out gluten but have been trying to limit gluten as much as possible. That helped a lot and so did cutting out dairy which was causing a lot of issues for me.

  7. So glad that you’re feeling good. I might try this for anxiety if things don’t level out and my insomnia starts kicking up again. Thanks for the detailed post. I hope it keeps working.

  8. Glad it is helping. The only point I must disagree with is that it isn’t a medication. Especially in the case of CBD oil, which you can have prescribed by a physician. They already have it prescribed for some cases in seizure disorders. They would like to study the effects on other areas of mental health so they can more accurately determine how they are used. But we’ve already had that discussion. Natural alternatives are the precursors to medication. They are not, as you accurately point out, absent from side effects and some do not play well with other medications. By the way, there are drops to help with dry eyes. Optomitrist may be able to recommend something that is not medicated but like natural tears. Often medical practitioners are not as fully versed in it. Therefore you may also want to check with a pharmacist because they have access to all the information. I find the cure all approach to some annoying as it is not a cure all and neither are the hundreds of other things I’ve heard of over the years. Anyway, I think we already covered this in an earlier post 🙂 Have a great day 🙂

  9. I love how your posts are very real about these things. I appreciate you not being biased and also being honest that there is no quick fix for mental health problems. You just have to keep working at it

  10. I’m happy for you Pooja. Can CBD be used by a bipolar person,when going through a depressive episode?

  11. Glad your feeling better 😊 . Learnt alot on the CBD side effects , thanks for sharing pooja

  12. Excellent site. Lots of useful information here. I am sending it to a few friends ans also sharing in delicious. And naturally, thanks for your effort!

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