Running Owls??

If you’ve been following me for a while on this blog you know about my owl obsession. If not, this may be one of the more random posts you read today. I am kind of obsessed with owls and fascinated by their existence so I have posted a few interesting things about owls such as their long legs, them enjoying sitting cross-legged etc. Well, recently I found this video of an owl running and thought it was just the cutest thing ever so I decided to share it with you guys:

I hope you enjoyed that as well as I did and yes owls are my spirit animals (according to an online quiz which I’m pretty sure is the best way to get accurate information). Do you like owls? Have you ever seen an owl run? What’s your spirit animal? Let me know in the comments below or simply stop by and say hi- I don’t bite or send owls to attack people! (Terms and conditions apply, you may be attacked by owls.)

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54 thoughts on “Running Owls??

  1. I love Owls! They are all so beautiful and mysterious! The Burrowing Owl is an endangered bird right now. I hope the population goes up. All birds are so beautiful in their own way. ❤️

  2. As a child, we had owls around the farm. Once, we had an unwell one, which had to be captured so it could be rehabilitated. It was a bard owl and it was awesome!

  3. My dog Bella and the owls in the woods will get into conversations. The owl will call, Bella will bark, they will go back and forth like this for ages, or until I get annoyed and bring Bella inside.

  4. The running owl is just so adorable💙. I seriously don’t have a single idea what is my spirit animal though😂. But i definitely agree that owls are really fascinating creatures!

          1. The first time i took a quiz i got an owl like you and the second time i got a cat in a different quiz😊😂 i mean anyways i love those two animals!

  5. This bird won’t stop amazing us. There is always something new about them.
    Was he running for some treats? I bet so because there is some expectation in those eyes😂💙

  6. Owls are so cool! I do have a thing for birds of prey though. On David Suzuki’s show The Nature of Things, he has a show about owls. It’s really good!

  7. I’ve been following your blog since a year I did not know about this obsession of yours. Btw I too love owls they’re so cute. Rather me and my mom we both love owls. This video was so cute. The cutest birds.🦉🥺💜🤍✨

  8. Yes, an owl lover here too. They look so curious and so cute. Actually I’ve never seen a real owl in my life. Probably in a zoo when I was young, but I can’t remember anymore. However I love them on YouTube.

    1. I’ve only seen a real one from very far away one night. Apart from that I haven’t seen any real ones either. It would be nice to see one or even hold one although that’s probably very unlikely.

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