Six Word Story #138

Your loving words left a vestige

Today’s Word:


1a(1)a trace, mark, or visible sign left by something (such as an ancient city or a condition or practice) vanished or lost
(2)the smallest quantity or trace
2a bodily part or organ that is small and degenerate or imperfectly developed in comparison to one more fully developed in an earlier stage of the individual, in a past generation, or in closely related forms

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52 responses to “Six Word Story #138”

  1. You see vestiges of the past.

    1. Wow love that!

  2. I breathe your vestige scars daily.

  3. This word makes me think about things of the past. I will look it up to get a deeper understanding of it.

    1. Yeah it is connected to that I think.

  4. Gone, like the vestige of Atlantis.

    1. I wonder if the usage of the word is correct 🤔

      1. I think you did but it’s new to me too so I can’t be sure. Let’s just say you did lol!

  5. Makes me think of you always.

    1. Love that!

    1. Thank you.

  6. So, this is my 6 word comment 😁😁

    1. Yayyy 😁

  7. There was only a vestige left.

    1. Great addition.

  8. […] Six Word Story #138 […]

  9. Teardrop, vestige of a vestal virgin.

    1. Wow great addition.

      1. Love your blog. Gives me a fun challenge among other things.

        1. Glad to hear that.

  10. Still cherish the vintage you left

    1. Love that addition.

  11. Once robust memories, a vestige remains.

    1. Too good! 🥺

    2. Great addition.

  12. Finally…! Caught by the criminal’s vestige.

    1. Great addition.

  13. photos, a vestige of wonderful vacation…

    1. Great addition!

  14. Finally your comments are turned on hope you had a wonderful break. Despite your break you posted setting major blogging goals😻♥️♥️💋✨

    1. Thank you so much- it was nice to take some time off for sure! ♥️♥️

      1. I’m glad you’ve come back fresh.🤍✨

  15. You’re that part of me I’ll always need.♥️🤍✨✨

    1. Aww I love that! ♥️

      1. heehee thank you🤍✨

  16. Laughter will make a vestige grow
    Decide to Laugh

  17. We all need more of this!

    1. Absolutely!

  18. Your loving actions left a footprint 👣

    1. Great addition!

  19. Vestige. Such a beautiful word <3

    1. Definitely!

  20. I like your write up pretty cool

    1. Thank you!

  21. What story does your vestige tell?

    1. Love that addition!

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