A Sunrise To Remember

I just wanted to share this beautiful sunrise I saw with you guys. It was so breathtaking in real life and I wish I could have captured that but this is the best I could do. After a stressful couple of days this felt like a beacon.

Hope you guys are doing well and enjoyed the images. Let me know in the comments below how your day is going so far or simply stop by and say hi,

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73 thoughts on “A Sunrise To Remember

  1. I have noticed more orange sunrises lately. Quite appropriate for Truth and Reconciliation Day

    1. Yeah true, Unfortunately, I don’t think much good is going to come from that. People are already forgetting even though more bodies are being found.

      1. Hmm, well I guess the only thing to do is see what happens and do our part too. I haven’t seen people forgetting, but maybe it’s because I’m in a different area

  2. Everyone else: takes a photo of the sunset
    Pooja: takes a photo of the sunrise.
    That’s how you know you are different. It’s spectacular.

      1. 😂😂 you are one interesting fella.
        Btw Only murders in the building got me hooked from the first minute.👍I feel like talking about it😂
        Great day🙂

          1. Long conversation loading…😂
            Let me follow you on IG, I just created an account then we can discuss this.

  3. I liked the original image before entering this editing process. Because the picture is exactly what my eyes see.

    I have followed your social media accounts and hope you follow back on my social accounts.

    But I didn’t find you on twitter and I don’t have a HubPages account either. Sorry for this.

    1. Thanks for the follows- I hadn’t been on my socials yesterday but I will be today and will definitely follow you back. My Twitter is @PoojaGudka

  4. I love the dawn and the dusk, but I often miss them, sleeping through the dawn and being too busy to notice the dusk. I don’t know why but the twilight has its special charm, which is more charming than any other time of the day. I can’t describe it, but it is beautiful.

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