Cherry Avenue Farms Experience/Review

A while back, my sister and I were able to visit Cherry Avenue Farms and go fruit picking. It was a lot of fun and we went back in summer so the weather was really beautiful too. Unfortunately, they didn’t have cherries at the time but we were able to come back with some blue plums and peaches which were absolutely delicious.

We didn’t want to pick a lot of fruits because we don’t eat too many fruits and didn’t want them to go bad but the lady working there was so sweet she insisted we take a few more and we’re glad we did because they were so good,

This was our first time trying blue plums and we ended up really enjoying them. They taste a lot like regular plums but sweeter and juicier. We’ve had peaches so many times but these ones just tasted so much better. I guess since they were fresh and organic.

Here are some pictures of me picking the fruit:

Here are some more random pictures of me just enjoying the lovely weather- we were both super glad it wasn’t too hot/sunny. I like summer but not when it’s crazy hot. It makes doing stuff like this way less fun. But luckily the weather was perfect since summer was almost over at this point.

Also, this is so random but the weirdest wedding was happening on the other side of the farm. Like, the guests did not seem to be happy to be there lol. Maybe it was just me but that’s the vibe I was getting. The bride and groom seemed happy though so yay?

We had a lovely time at this farm and had a great experience picking our own fruit. It was something we had wanted to do for a while and glad we were finally able to do it this year. The entry fee was extremely affordable considering you get an entire basket of fruit and the staff was extremely friendly. There was proper social distancing and people kept their distance when everyone wasn’t wearing a mask which was cool. Unfortunately, they are closed for the year but if you’re ever in Ontario in summer I would highly recommend checking this place out.

Anyway, hope you guys enjoyed this post- I always like sharing stuff like this with y’all. It feels a bit like we had the experience together.

Have you ever been fruit picking? Do you enjoy fruit picking? What are some of your favourite summer fruits? What are your favourite summer activities? Are you excited for fall/autumn? How was your summer? Let me know in the comments because I always love chatting with you guys and if you don’t want to answer the questions simply stop by and say hi- I don’t bite (anything but fresh fruit and occasionally pizza)!


Shoes: Nike

Shirt: Romwe

Pants: H&M

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37 thoughts on “Cherry Avenue Farms Experience/Review

  1. The fruits sound delicious, Pooja! We used to pick wild raspberries in the past. I looked at the website, they have been in business for 222 years! They are near Nigra too, never been there. It’s fun to see this content on your blog too. ❤️

    1. They absolutely were! Yeah they told us they’ve been around for more than 200 years which is amazing. You absolutely need to over to come to Niagara next time you’re in Michigan! ❤️

      1. Well, I’ll be up there very briefly in December for our family Christmas, that’s all. It’s a very long way from Sarnia on the 401, or is it the 402, to Nigra!

  2. This seems like a dream 😍 A literal dream! Oh, I do love fruits and such scenic, large open spaces. The pictures are lovely. The background, the fruity happiness and Ofcourse, YOU! You could pass for 18 or 19 (do you get that a lot?)

    1. It was such a beautiful place- I love open areas like this one too! Lol yeah I get that a lot- I live near a high school and people always think I’m one of the students 😂

  3. Wow, my mouth is watering at the sight of freshly picked fruits. Are they sweeter than the store bought ones? I did some apple picking long time ago, but I got a headache after standing under the blazing sun for too long. So that was an activity from long time ago. Time flies.

    1. Yeah they were much sweeter and juicier than store bought ones. We were lucky it wasn’t too hot because my sister gets headaches because of the heat too.

  4. I never knew there were blue plums. Must have been very interesting to eat something so different. Fruit picking is fun though. Looks like you were having fun. Nice pics.

    1. I didn’t know about blue plums before this either. They were really delicious and tasted a lot like regular plums but a little different.

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