Bibimbap Recipe

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12 thoughts on “Bibimbap Recipe

  1. Yes, it is true. Traditional cooking usually are more time consuming and is not suitable for contemporaries who can’t afford to stay in the kitchen for so long. Haha. I am interested in any rice recipes and especially in those that will get the rice to soak up all the juice from the vegetables. It will make rice so delicious. Wish I can be a vegetarian or a vegan, but so far I can’t even though my meat intake has been reduced drastically. I guess sometimes one just can’t achieve something one wants to achieve.

    1. Yeah traditional cooking takes a lot more time and effort although it is delicious. Rice is one of my favourite things so I always enjoy making vegan versions of popular rice dishes. At least you’re decreasing your meat intake which is great. It’s hard to completely cut out something you’re used to eating for the majority of your life.

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