Eating Things I Hate For A Day

Eating Things I Hate For A Day

For todays post I decided to do something different. I didn’t want to make just another what I eat in a day post. Instead, I wanted to make one with a little twist. So today, I decided to share a post where I would be eating things I hate for a day.

Generally, I am not a very picky eater. But there are some foods I really dislike and try to avoid at all costs. However, those foods are healthy and I think I should eat them occasionally. Anyway, here is what I ate in a day of eating things I hate for a day.


Eating Things I Hate For A Day: Dalgona Coffee Vegan

For breakfast, I had some vegan dalgona coffee. Truth is, I love dalgona coffee but I had just made it wrong, lol. It did not turn out good. I definitely used the wrong measurements. No, I did not finish it because it was kind of inedible lol.


Eating Things I Hate For A Day: Vegan Mushroom Curry   Eating Things I Hate For A Day: Veggies

For lunch, I made something I have avoided for the majority of my life- mushrooms. I hate mushrooms. I find their texture weird. And I feel like they taste like nothing. I don’t know. I’m just not a mushroom person. Luckily I am allergic to some types of mushrooms so I haven’t had to eat them even when I was younger. Unfortunately (?), after going vegan I discovered that some of my allergies have gone away. Including, most of my mushroom allergies.

So, today I decided to make something with mushrooms. I didn’t know what to make and I didn’t really know how to cook mushrooms so I decided to make a curry. Mushroom curry is quite popular I just have never had it because most of my family and friends don’t eat mushrooms. Either way, I found a vegan mushroom curry recipe and it turned out really good. I also had some cut up fresh veggies with the curry and rice. It’s always fun to eat rice with some raw vegetables. And I try to eat something raw every meal just for the health benefits.

I still don’t like mushrooms but the taste wasn’t bad. Apparently, mushrooms are really healthy. Like extremely healthy so I will be eating them once in a while just for health reasons.


Vegan Homemade Bibimbap Kenya Nairobi  Vegan Homemade Bibimbap Kenya Nairobi

For dinner, I made bibimbap. It’s a popular Korean dish which I actually genuinely love. However, I made it with a twist. I added shredded carrots to it (which is something Koreans add anyway I just used to leave them out). If you know me, you know I hate carrots. I don’t truly hate any vegetables except carrots. They taste like feet (don’t ask how I know that) and I don’t know why people eat them.

Anyway, I added an entire carrot to the bibimbap and ate it. It wasn’t bad but only because everything else was so good. I feel like you can’t go wrong with Korean food even if you try. That being said, I am never adding carrots to bibimbap again. Or anything if I can help it…

To check out my vegan bibimbap recipe please click here.


I hope you enjoyed this “Eating Things I Hate For A Day” post. I thought it would be different and new. And it would give me a chance to eat things I sometimes avoid. Carrots and mushrooms are great for your health so I am glad this made me eat some.

That being said. I am probably just going to stick to eating what I like for the majority of the time. But I may throw in some mushrooms now and again just to be healthy. Deep frying them still counts as healthy right?

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91 thoughts on “Eating Things I Hate For A Day

  1. Wow, that’s great that you start to try mushroom now. It is true that some people dislike mushrooms and my friend H is really like that. Also he hates many other vegan items and enjoy eating meats. LOL. Anyway, my mouth is watering just reading “curry mushroom” here. It looks so delicious.

    1. Yes, some people love meat and don’t like eating vegetable. I have a friend like that. She literally picks the vegetables out of foods lol. Mushroom curry is so good with rice. I would definitely recommend trying it.

      1. So true. So true. So many people have their taste buds completely attuned to the modern commercial products–junk food for example–and the strong meat flavor. They just cannot tolerate plain old natural food anymore.

        1. Exactly, they are so used to eating strong flavours they can’t appreciate the natural ones. And those strong flavoured junk foods can be so addictive too.

  2. Thank you for this post. I discovered that I have a new kind of coffee to try out! 🥰 Proud of you for making mushrooms though.. I don’t like them very much.. I think it’s because of the “rubber-like” consistency..?

    1. Yes, that’s exactly it! The texture is so rubbery. Definitely try dalgona coffee and let me know what you think of it. I would recommend not making it yourself though at least the first time 😂

  3. haha why are you purposefully torturing yourself??!! Looking at the bright side, you got some health benefits. I eat carrots and mushrooms. I like carrots in all its states: jus, cake, sour or natural. Now you made me think about food I hate. I pretty much eat everything except spices. My body can’t tolerate spicy dishes.

    1. Lol anything for an entertaining blog post? Yeah I’m glad I ate some stuff I normally don’t. I really don’t like carrots, I can’t even eat it in cakes. I love spices but my body doesn’t lol.

  4. Nothing is a better sign of a horrible day to come like self-destroyed coffee when we’re already “ just one unimpressive sandwich away from a complete meltdown.”

    1. Thanks so much. It’s not really a diet choice just sort of a fun thing I did for a day. No goals other than eating things I generally don’t.

  5. I really enjoyed this blog this is very unique blog of yours.
    Well I hate mushrooms too. Wired texture and doesn’t like it at all. I have just tried it once.
    I love dalgona coffee and used to prepare a lot in summers.
    Well can’t say about bibimbap bc I have never tried it.
    Loved this blog. ❤

    1. Thanks so much. Yeah mushrooms are weird but I realised it’s not too bad when really well cooked. It tastes less rubbery.
      I love dalgona coffee too but just not the one I made lol. It tasted so bad.
      Thanks so much.

  6. “I don’t truly hate any vegetables except carrots. They taste like feet (don’t ask how I know that) and I don’t know why people eat them.”

    -This made me laugh out loud. 🙂 Carrots and mushrooms are weird for sure. I can only have them if they’re mixed in with other food and spices, etc to cover their taste. The bibimbap looks tasty!

  7. I hate carrots when cooked. My carrots should be dry and hard not soft and mushy. Haha, nice try, deep fried food isn’t healthy!❤️

  8. That’s the thing with mushrooms. They are healthy but many people have minor or major allergies because of it. I don’t know why? Interesting post. 👌😊

  9. Nice Foodie post!! I must admit I used to hate vegetable and salad when I was a young boy but love them so much now especially mushrooms there are so many different types and can spice up many diches and also carrots because of carrot cake one my all time favourites even though I still cant see S**t in the dark lol 😂

  10. I like the carrots in Giardiniera (pickled), or raw carrots, but cooked carrots taste sickly sweet to me and I think you are right: they do seem like they taste like feet; maybe the conjured image has something to do with the smell. Cooking foods wrong often has a lot to do with hating foods. My Mother was good at cooking foods wrong. Her lamb chops from the broiler tasted like detergent. Maybe her butcher slaughtered the lambs by putting them in a washing machine. Well, I guess that can’t be because she didn’t have a butcher and only a supermarket who got theirs from a well-inspected distributor by truck from far away. Maybe the carrots come from wine makers where they stamp on the grapes with their feet and then they rest in a carrot field where they sit down and dig up the carrots with their feet. Sometimes I experiment and create a new recipe by imagining what different spices would taste like if put together. Unfortunately, I have to eat my failed experiments as well as the ones that succeed. Moderation and proportion. I can’t do that.

    1. I don’t mind pickled carrots actually. I forgot about those. They don’t taste too bad. But they still have a slight feet taste. I don’t know why but every carrot I eat definitely has a feet taste.

  11. I enjoy mushrooms especially when they are sautéed in garlic and butter. And I don’t quite understand how carrots smell like feet lol unless you get them fresh out of the ground. Good post though.

    1. Haha thanks. Yeah I’ve heard a lot of people like them in garlic and butter. I saw a recipe for that but ended up making a curry because I don’t have any vegan butter at the moment.

  12. Always liked both myself, but I guess I have grown up in the countryside so vegetables are kinda there everyday from the age of 0. I am also a bit strange which allows me the superpower of actually enjoying healthy food almost as much as unhealthy which comes in very handy when planning meals. Good post but only because like most entertaining posts some level of shock is needed, yet on a day to day basis the shock is always nicer when it happens to someone else …

  13. Wow, you must have been really motivated for this day ahah! I also find the texture of mushrooms a bit weird and don’t usually buy them but I don’t mind them too much – I was really surprised at your dislike of carrots! Do you also don’t like them when they are cooked?

    1. I don’t really like them sautéed either. The texture is just not for me but I didn’t mind them in a curry since the spices masked the mushroom taste.

  14. I am one who have always loved to eat raw carrots! 😺

    I am vegan too. I have been for over thirty years.

    I have also eaten things I didn’t really like or want to on occasion just for the health benefits.

    Avocado is something considered very healthy. I tried one years ago and it is something I just could not tolerate as it tasted disgusting to me (I will never eat it again).

    I enjoyed your post- and I love rice too!

    1. Haha I just can’t eat carrots no matter how healthy!

      Wow, that’s amazing. I have only been vegan for a few years now.

      I used to be allergic to avocados but recently my allergy has gone away so I occasionally eat it but I usually add things to it like salt, lemon, pepper etc.

      Thank you!

  15. What a cool experiment!! There’s a few vegetables I dislike too. I tend to avoid making recipes with green peppers. And I don’t like squash unless it’s cooked (so much for raw vegan! Ha-ha!)

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