Weighing In On “Couch Guy”

If you’re not Gen-Z or a millennial or someone who uses social media quite often you may not have heard of Couch Guy. However, for a lot of us Couch Guy has blown up and become a thing.

To give you a little background I’ll tell you about what happened and how he went viral. Basically, a girl on TikTok went to visit her long distance boyfriend, now known as Couch Guy, and posted a video of their reunion. TikTok users first saw this as a cute moment between a couple but soon began accusing Couch Guy of being unfaithful.

In the video, you can see him on the couch sitting very close to three girls, one of which was going through his phone and handed in back to him really quickly when the girlfriend walked in. Further evidence of his alleged cheating includes the fact that he was wearing a black hairband on his hand which people are assuming belongs to the girl he was cheating with. He has very short hair and wouldn’t need a hairband for it. People also claim he didn’t seem excited, the three girls were acting suspicious etc. Both Couch Guy and Couch Girlfriend have taken to social media to clear up the rumours. They claim that he was not cheating and they are still in a relationship at the moment.

I started going down a weird Couch Guy hole, to be honest, and now I’m sort of invested in the situation. I haven’t done a random post like this one in a while so I though today would be a good day to discuss it.

Here’s a video of the incident so you can judge for yourself:

Videos explaining the situation/explaining why people think he was cheating:

Couch Girlfriend’s response:

I made this post because the internet is kind of divided and also filled with trolls so I kind of wanted to know what the blogging world (which I find more stable) thinks about the situation. I’m very curious to know what your verdict is. Was he cheating? Was it an innocent hangout with the girls? Please let me known in the comments below or simply stop by and say hi!

Disclaimer: I didn’t make this post to hate on anyone so please don’t be hateful towards the couple on here or on their social pages. I just found this interesting and wanted to know your thoughts about the situation. Personally, I think he was cheating or that at least something was off but of course only the people in the situation can really know what happened. 

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37 thoughts on “Weighing In On “Couch Guy”

  1. I find this stuff nothing less than ridiculous. These kids need to find something better to do with themselves and their time. It serves zero purpose to a Baby Boomer! That’s my verdict, LOL! 😂

  2. I went to university and lived on campus. Not unusual to be sitting on a bed (because we didn’t have couches if we lived in dorms) and to be close together with a few people. There were other people in the room. As an aside, they had, in men’s dorms something to make a couch of the bed. A further back in time aside in the early 60’s to visit in a dorm with someone of opposite sex, one had to have at least one foot on the floor at all times….I believe to discourage hanky panky 😉 I’m so glad I went through undergrad first degree in the 80’s when all our actions didn’t end up spread over the internet and widely discussed. I’d say this would likely be better not shared world wide and be appreciate as a moment between girlfriend and boyfriend and maybe friends of the couple (this is where I wonder about the judgement of the younger generation…not that we wouldn’t have equally bad judgement at that age, but we didn’t have the net to spread it around. I’m not sure of the percentage of people who end up with who they first dated at University, but imagine it isn’t huge. This leaves a lot of potential drama online. Was he fooling around…unlikely with 3 women and other people around. Was he fooling around…well, if they both say no, I’d say that was up to the both of them to deal with. The rest of the world don’t really need to. Had not even heard of couch guy…won’t be hunting for the videos of their future purposely 😉

    1. I agree it’s important to keep certain parts of our lives to ourselves. I’m very glad social media wasn’t a thing when I was younger because I would not want any of that on the internet lol. Even now I have to be extra careful about what I post.

  3. When faithful sanity relinquishes to fear, all common sense is lost. Mature respect for the relationship itself would’ve used a bit of keen foresight to prevent any misunderstanding on anyone’s part. The only opinions that really matter at all is the couples to reconcile, or not.

  4. Never heard of this guy before. I don’t believe in the credibility of long distance relationships in general. He may well have been cheating but if the girl firmly believes that he hasn’t, I don’t think it should matter to anyone else whether or not he was into anything suspicious. It’s totally between him and the girl. This, I see as being one downside to the age of information. The whole world evaluates the situation for you and creates questions in the minds of the couple, who may well have had a healthy relationship. He has to, however respect her trust in him and be faithful. She did, after all, defend him when people raised questions.

    1. I agree, social media puts your life out there for everyone to judge. But in the end it depends on those involved. I personally don’t think long-term relationships work too.

  5. Tik Tok is banned in India so I haven’t seen this video but this is straight up pathetic how can people have the heart to cheat their partners. If you’ve stopped liking them just break up why the heck would you cheat. Disloyalty is a trait I can’t stand just so disgusted at the guy and even the 3 girls for not having any sort of self respect. Absolutely disgusted.🙄🤯

    1. Yeah cheating is never the answer. It just hurts everyone involved. I don’t know if he definitely was cheating but I hope he wasn’t. If he was, shame on him.

  6. People are keen on details. Even I wouldn’t have noticed the phone and the hairband.
    Most Surprise visits end up badly. This one’s still in the green zone.

    1. Yeah, if I hadn’t known the context I would never have thought he was cheating either. I think surprises are a bad idea too- you always end up seeing something you weren’t supposed to.

  7. Thanks to the fact I am rarely on social media, I haven’t heard about this. I do feel like something is going on there, but I also don’t believe in giving people shit on social media

  8. He looks like he is enjoying himself. Probably he is enjoying himself too much while his girlfriend is absent. LOL. I wonder if people will praise his loyalty if he looks miserable and stays alone like a lunatic.

    1. Lol I don’t know. People can have a weird reaction to everything. If he looks miserable they’ll say he looks like he hates her and didn’t want her to visit him. There’s no winning with the internet.

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