I Cut My Own Hair- Here’s How It Went

I wanted to start out by saying that I have been cutting my own hair for a few years now. I’m not a big fan of random people touching my hair and find getting my haircut professionally a bit annoying. If I want a particular style that I can’t cut myself I’ll go to a professional but for a while now I’ve just wanted to trim my hair which is quite easy to do.

Recently, I keep seeing everyone with curtain bangs which are like regular bangs but longer- they reach your chin- and I thought that would be fun to try on my own hair. I found a couple of tutorials on YouTube and tried it out myself.

When I first cut the bangs they looked absolutely insane since the rest of my hair was tied at that point. I was instantly like “OMG I MESSED UP HELP ME!!” I was like, I’ve learnt my lesson. Never get stoned and cut your hair. This was an awful idea. I was so scared but I managed to keep calm and cut a few layers on the rest of my hair so it blends in with the bangs.

In case you didn’t get the berries and cream joke- this is what I meant…

Next, I washed it and added the products I usually add so that I can style my hair a little better and my bangs don’t completely stand out and look insane. I blow dried my hair next and made sure to style it with a brush so that the bangs look cute and not curly and weird. My natural hair is curly (weirdly enough it used to be straight) if I don’t put any products in it and I don’t like how it looks so I try to get rid of the curls while I style my hair.

After doing all that I was pretty happy with the results. Now that the bangs were styled and I looked less like the little lad boy I was pleasantly surprised to find that the curtain bangs turned out good. Not great but good enough. They gave my hair more volume and framed my face which was awesome because I have a pretty big face.

I would definitely cut my bangs again in the future because now I know exactly what to do and what not to do. I also trimmed the rest of my hair a little so that I don’t get split ends which was quite simple.

If anyone if wondering how I did it- I have a haircutting set I bought on Romwe. You can check it out by clicking here. You can also just use regular scissors. I happened to have this so I used it. This was the tutorial I used:

I just want to say- this could go very badly so if possible get your haircut with a professional. If you do have practice cutting your own hair and feel like you can pull this off please be very careful. You are always just one chop away from looking like a meme for the next few months.

Overall, this was fun and gave me something to write about so yay! Hope you this was a fun read. And to think I almost got through the pandemic without giving myself a stupid haircut or cutting my own bangs…

Have you ever cut your own hair? Would you ever cut your own hair? If you have, how did it go? Let me know in the comments below because I would love to hear from you guys or simply stop by and say hello!

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48 responses to “I Cut My Own Hair- Here’s How It Went”

  1. I have trimmed my own for awhile. Just leave it long and hubby corrects any errors and makes sure it is straight. Natural curl so not a lot shows for errors anyway. He has trimmed my hair off and on for years. Took awhile to find a place that didn’t smell of chemical and a good hairdresser. He passed away (hair dresser) and we moved and been doing it ourselves since. A few years now.

    1. Yeah I usually ask my sister to help when I trim my hair too because sometimes I can’t reach at the back. It’s pretty easy to trim your own hair when you don’t want to do anything fancy to it.

      1. Long history of not going to hair dresser….when I was a child, my mother mostly trimmed it for me. She was a little uncoordinated with that and the corrections would go from waist length to shoulder length… 😀

        1. Lol my mum cut my hair when I was younger too and that always happened. I ended up with a pixie cut once 😂

  2. Last time I tried it, and asked my husband for little help. My long hair became shoulder hair. 😂

    1. Lol I asked my mum a few years ago and the same thing happened 😂

  3. Yes, indeed. I really wanted to have short hair at one point, so I went ahead and cut it all short, but not too terribly short. It was a big change, but I needed that at the time. I’ve never felt better from a haircut. Now I’m just all of the time growing it out, just until I get it professionally styled.

    But Your haircut! Great work! Your curtain bangs are incredibly cute . I’m glad that you weren’t having a nervous breakdown, also. Please keep well, and keep on glamorizing!

    1. Yeah a haircut can do a lot for you and I always cut my hair short when I feel like I need a change or something is going on in my life.

      Thanks! I panicked a bit but not too much and was able to get it together enough to finish the cut lol.

  4. 😆 it came out great! Funny I’ve trimmed my hair a bit too short at times and my hair is curly. But hey it grows back 😆

    1. Thanks! Lol yup that’s the great thing about hair- it grows back 😂

  5. a win-win-win: the haircut turned out well, you saved some money, and you got a blog post out of it. not bad!

    1. Yup- it all ended up working out for me!

  6. Wow, I love your long hair actually, but a change of style is always refreshing. Still, I will be waiting for your hair to grow back.

    1. I love the long hair too- I’ve always wanted long hair but never grown it out. I plan to keep growing it and seeing what happens.

  7. Your hair looks beautiful, Pooja! ❤️ It always does. I cut my own hair at home since it’s thinning so much. I think you’ve seen my mug on the blog. 😂

    1. Thank you! 💖 Lol at least you get to save some money 😂

      1. Yeah, haven’t subjected my skull to a stylist in probably two years now. The one thing I can’t do is the back hair line, no eyeballs back there but a hand-held mirror helps.

        1. I usually tell my sister to cut that part lol 😂

  8. I’ve been cutting my hair for a long time. Since we moved south, ten years ago, I only went to a beauty parlor once and did not like it so I decided to do it myself. Even back in NY, I’ve been cutting my hair too until someone recommended a good stylist and I went for maybe three years every other month, then we moved south. I even cut my husband’s hair after I saw what the barber did to his hair after we got married. So for almost 50 years, he saved money on a barber.

    1. That’s great. It’s a good way to save money and is honestly not that difficult.

  9. Honestly, you seem to have done very well with it. I just took eight inches off my own ponytail a few days ago.

    1. Thanks and hope yours turned out good too.

      1. It did and I was, Thank you.

  10. Wow, it turned out so well! What a fun experiment. You saved looots of money and learned better for next time! I shall not even try lol. I don’t believe my clumsy hands for anything. For cutting other people’s hair, maybe yes, as I can see the full length of their hair with my eyes. For myself, NAHH! I’ll probably cut it in a zig zag 😅 You were brave to try (and eventually, succeed!).

    1. Haha thanks so much! It’s definitely not for everyone and you have to be extremely careful but it was fun to try a new style.

  11. You were so lucky! I’ve seen some real horror stories from people doing this! Hehe. Funny story, my Mum and I used to go to a hairdresser for years, but now who cuts our hair? Yep, my brother! He’s not even trained but he’s so good at it and he’s really careful, patient and understanding, too. My Mum told him to go short but he will always go a good three inches below what you think you want, then take it off half an inch at a time. I usually rock layers and soft waves when my hair is down, or a ballerina bun, cos girl means serious business sometimes! Lol

    1. Lol I definitely got lucky and did what your brother does and made it slightly longer first so it doesn’t look too short. It’s so cool that your brother is so good at cutting hair- it probably saves you guys a ton of money lol!

      1. Haha thank you! Yeah I’ve had layers for a long time anyway so it’s not too different. I find my old hairdresser can be a bit snotty sometimes like I had a bit of a problem once when a hair band snagged and tangled in my hair and she started saying that I had some split ends and very dry hair. I was like “alright love! Don’t kick a woman while she’s down!” haha, luckily my brother doesn’t do that lol.

        1. Lol I think that’s just how hairdressers are which is why I prefer to do my hair on my own now- I’m way nicer 😂😂

  12. Damn I would never cut my hair on my own I will definitely mess up but I go to this one stylist she’s my friend’s mom and I’ve been going to her place since I was kid. I hope you calmed down. If god forbid I ever cut my hair I’ll have a cardiac arrest then and there. I hope it was a lesson that you’ll never cut your hair on your own now😌💙✨

    1. Lol I get that- cutting your own hair doesn’t always end well and my first few tries have been disasters!

  13. First I was like OH MY GOD 🤯 then I was like oh my God…🤩
    Ps. You look so cute in the 2nd pic, we need to know what you do to your hair to look so pretty

    1. Lol same here girl 😂😂 I use a hair smoothie, a hair soufflé and hair mousse… I wish that was my dessert order but it’s just stuff I put in my hair to make it look passable lolll 😜😜

      1. You do what?? 😂😂

        1. Yup you heard that right 😂😅

  14. They turned out great! I stopped trying years ago because they always ended crooked.

    1. Thank you! Lol my first few tries turned out very crooked too but I like how this one turned out.

  15. Does cutting your hair when you’re a kid count? If not, then I have only done it once. I only go to a salon if I want it short. Otherwise, I get my Mum to trim it. I did cut it short myself once and let my Mum trim it, and it worked pretty well

    1. Yeah trimming it at home is so much easier and when my mum is around she usually helps. My sis does sometimes too.

  16. Brave girl!! 💕🌹👍🏼

    1. You always have to take chances lol!

      1. My son would agree!!! He never goes to the barber and cuts his.. haha

        1. Lol him and I have something in common!

          1. for sure you do….haha

  17. I’m glad your bangs turned out well. You look great! My sister tried to give me curtain bangs a year ago and she made a mistake and had to keep cutting to fix the other side. I ended up with 15 year old Justin Bieber bangs 😆

    1. Lol that has happened to me before and it’s made me learn my lesson! I never cut it more I just let the unevenness grow out. But yeah I’m glad this tuned out okay!

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