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Introduction To Advice For Young Bloggers

A little while ago, I received this comment on one of my posts:

I found it very interesting because I usually write advice posts about a number of things but I don’t recall writing anything specifically for younger bloggers or bloggers that are not yet adults even though I know there are quite a number of them. In fact, I started blogging when I was still in high school myself.

I guess it’s just something that never came to my mind which is why I am grateful for comments like these because they help me come up with blogging ideas that will benefit you guys that I would probably not have thought of myself.

Recently, I have been sharing a lot of my older blogging posts because I get a lot of questions about blogging from new followers and most of them I address in these posts so I thought it might be easier/faster to just reblog them. However, this week I decided to write about some tips I would give to younger bloggers or those that are under 18. Of course, older bloggers are more than welcome to follow this advice too… πŸ˜‚

Stay Safe

The first thing I would like to say to younger bloggers, especially those that aren’t adults yet, is to always be safe on the internet. Don’t give out any of your personal or private information to people no matter how nice they seem. If they are asking for very private information they are probably not very nice.

The best part of being on WP is meeting all these amazing bloggers and socialising with them but remember that there are always limits to that. It’s totally fine to chat with them either on here or through email/social media but just be careful because not everyone has good intentions. If they do or say something that makes you uncomfortable don’t hesitate to block them.

Another thing to look out for is scammers. A lot of people on the internet are scammers and when they see that someone is underage or really young they will try to take advantage of that. They may promise you partially or fully free products or a way to make money online. Yes, some of these offers are legit but many of them are not. Do some research on the brand and make sure they are legit. While we’re at it, stay as far away as possible from MLM’s and anyone trying to recruit you into one. For more information on why MLM’s are basically pyramid schemes click here. If something sounds too good to be true it probably is.

Be Patient

I know that when I first started blogging I thought I would have a lot more views and followers than I did at the time. I think we all expect a lot when we start out but that’s really not the reality of blogging. It’s not necessarily that the quality of your posts is bad because most people have really great posts. It’s usually the fact that it takes a while for you to build your following, reach your target audience, learn to use the features on WordPress properly and more.

It also takes a while to figure out your niche or find a niche/niches that work best for you. Most people end up writing about topics they never thought they would when they initially started blogging. For example, this was first a psychology blog where I was writing about the things I learnt in my psychology classes. Then, it was a poetry blog. And now it’s whatever this is. So yeah, a lot changes over time.

Be patient and over time your blog will grow. Don’t expect instant views and followers because it rarely works like that. My advice would be to just stick with it and keep doing your best. Over time, your blog will grow.

Have Fun

A lot of people tend to focus on growing their blog and there’s nothing wrong with that. I also want my blog to continue growing and for people to keep joining the lifesfinewhine community. However, growth should not be your only primary goal.

The reason people get into blogging is because they have something to share with the world. Some people like to write, some people want to share their photography, some people want to share their art, some people want to share their music and honestly the list goes on and on. There is so much you can do on this platform. Don’t forget to create quality content that you enjoyed making. As much as blogging is about the readers it’s also about yourself. Do what you enjoy doing, post what you enjoy posting about even if other people don’t seem to care about it as much as you do. Over time, you’ll find your audience. It may take a while if your niche is super specific but there are literally thousands of bloggers on this platform. There is always someone who’s into the same stuff as you.

I would also recommend socialising with other bloggers. If you focus too much on growth, you’ll miss out on all the amazing people you get to interact with in the WordPress community. I have made some really cool friends here and met some amazing people that I am lucky to have met. Where else would you be able to interact with people from all around the world the way we do on WordPress? You may say, “duh, I can do that on social media” but anyone who has blogged for a while now will tell you that social media and WordPress are worlds apart. The interactions we have here are just totally different.


I hope this was helpful to for younger bloggers. I was once you, back in the day before the grey hairs and wrinkles came in. In many ways, blogging saved me and it gave me an outlet that no other platform has been able to give me. I hope it does the same for you and gives you a safe space where you can be yourself.

Please feel free to leave suggestions or post ideas in the comments because it helps me understand what my reader want to read on the blog better. A lot of times you guys have great ideas that I wouldn’t have even thought of and I always love hearing them and trying to make posts accordingly.

What advice would you give young bloggers? Are you a young blogger or did you start out as a young blogger? Did you find this post helpful? Let me know in the comments below and if you don’t want to answer the questions simply stop by and say hi!

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65 thoughts on “Advice For Younger Bloggers

  1. Hey Pooja. This is a great post. I’m so glad that you chose “Stay Safe” as your first piece of advice. I can’t agree more. It’s so important that kids realize that the internet is place full of weird people and not just a play place.

    1. Thanks so much. Yeah there are a lot of weird and dangerous people on the internet who can take advantage of children so it’s important to stay safe. I wanted to make sure to address.

  2. Absolutely right, stay safe. That is something everyone needs to know when on the internet. People are not always who they say they are. When I started writing, I just wanted to share things I enjoyed and knew about. I didn’t have any followers in the beginning but I kept writing, and then one day I did and as they say the rest is history. Just write and have fun. Amazing post for younger bloggers, and for some of us seasoned bloggers as well.

    1. Yup staying safe is so important when it comes to the internet. I think that’s how it is for most bloggers. You don’t grow over night you grow over time.

  3. Thank you for the information Pooja. I agree with what you wrote. The most important thing is privacy. Never give out personal data. Although already familiar on the blog though.

    1. After the weird interactions I’ve had with some MLM recruiters I wanted to make sure to add that. There are definitely some trying to recruit people on WP.

  4. Oh, just you hush, girl, about a few laugh lines and tinsel! You’re just ready for Christmas!!!

    Great advice! I would definitely say to be very careful. As a mom, I would hate to see someone get into trouble by sharing too much personal info. People can be mean if not downright psychopathic! Protect yourself, but still share your art, music, writing, baking, etc. with us! We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

    1. Thanks and yes absolutely! There are some very messed up people on the internet so keep sharing your posts but never share personal information.

  5. It’s so true that social medial and WP can be a little confusing for young bloggers and new bloggers as well. There are so much to be learned and one doesn’t know where to start. I guess people nowadays can start to blog when they start to learn the alphabets. This is so much better than when I was young–that was the dark age without the internet or social media.

    1. Yeah it’s great that younger people have a place to share their thoughts/art etc. I didn’t have that privilege till I was in my late teens and wish I had found blogging earlier.

  6. Thanks for sharing your wonderful advice . I think Having fun is the most important, putting out content in a schedule which you don’t like , you do it just to gain followers is suffocating. Maybe the number will increase but amout of your happiness will go down. We started with our own agendas , and I think it will be beneficial to be happy , grow slowly and steadily ❀️

    1. Thanks so much. I absolutely think so too. If we only concentrate on growing our followers or making money the blogging experience may not be as enjoyable.

  7. I have no idea about scammers. Thank you for mentioning about it. I think I too have got to learn a lot here. A lot about blogging. In the beginning, I wasn’t patient, as you’ve mentioned. But now, I think it is fine to give it sometime.

    1. I’m glad this helped you learn more about scammers. They’re definitely around so be very careful. I think most people aren’t patient when they start but they learn that it takes time.

  8. Thanks a lot Ms. Pooja for this wonderful post. I am really happy that you posted this. Yes, privacy is really important, as we kids don’t know that much about the internet world. I read your blogging advices, and they really helped me. I stayed patient, and now I am getting more followers and likes on my blog. I really love your posts. Thanks😊

  9. Good info .I took a 2 year break from my blog .Now I am back and will keep your tips in mind .
    Basically I write to unburden my mind so as of yet no followers .πŸ€”

    1. Thanks and welcome back to blogging. It usually takes a while to get followers but hopefully you’ll start growing soon. Until then keep writing!

  10. I recently started blogging again. I originally started to blog because I read information on the internet that I could make a passive income from blogging. But it was so difficult for me because I just couldn’t find anything to write about and I kept becoming discouraged. After quite sometime I realized that I was missing necessary skills. On top of that I wasn’t always writing for me. I didn’t always want to be writing for someone else. In learning that I also learned that I enjoy sharing information that I feel is beneficial to others. Can’t teach someone else if I don’t know much about me right?

    1. Yeah it’s a good way to make passive income but like you said it’s a lot more work then it seems. I’m glad you figured this stuff out because many people don’t and just end up quitting blogging after a while.

  11. Thankyou for this, and I actually agreed, my blog is also a mixture of everything, stories, etc, and write about everything that you’re passionate about is my thinking as well!

  12. always good tips.. and I think this is great about safety!
    Glad you addressed that Pooja!πŸŒ·πŸŒ·πŸ‘πŸ‘
    “Stay Safe
    The first thing I would like to say to younger bloggers, especially those that aren’t adults yet, is to always be safe on the internet. Don’t give out any of your personal or private information to people no matter how nice they seem. If they are asking for very private information they are probably not very nice.”

    1. Thanks so much and I really wanted to talk about safety since it’s pretty dangerous on the internet even though for the most part WP is great!

  13. Thank you very much for this piece. I’m quite grateful I stumbled upon it as I happen to be newly joining the WP community. I feel it’s time I eventually start sharing all that I’ve always been writing about.

  14. As a young person completely new to blogging what you said is so useful , so thank you for sharing! I’m so looking forward to meeting lovely people on this journey and sharing some important lessons I’ve learnt in my few years!

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