Six Word Story #151

Feeling a sense of trepidation daily.

Today’s Word:


1. nervous or fearful feeling of uncertain agitation

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34 responses to “Six Word Story #151”

  1. Change fearful feelings with faithful feelings

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  2. Feelings of trepidaton from underlying cause?

  3. The trepidation of walking on ice.

  4. The trepidation was hard to conquer.

  5. I think much of the world feels this way even more today…

  6. Trepidation locked inside me–life’s tightrope.

  7. when I hit publish, trepidation ensues.

  8. the trepidation feeling before the exams

  9. Trepidation went away by your presence

    1. Great addition.

  10. Yes, there’s a lot of traffic on the road today. And guess what, there’s a traffic accident. People are getting a little crazy about shopping today…

  11. The daily trepidation of suffering fools

  12. Me too! Trepidation rules my life!

  13. I trip over trepidation in reality.

  14. Trepidation made her do evil things

  15. Fear of the unknown every moment.

  16. I crawl on my knees and weep

    1. I crawl on knees and weep…6 words

  17. Trepidation consumed me, I couldn’t begin.

  18. Facing the Thanksgiving clean up with trepidation

    1. Urghh cleaning is the worst!

      1. oh ugh do I know and now the xmas ___ is out .. let the merriment begin and let it begin with me.. bah humbug.. 🤣

  19. I was in trepidation when I took my driving exam. I was fine when I passed it.

  20. Her trepidation trapped her in misery💔

    1. Heartbreaking but true for so many 😢💔

  21. My anxiety is my everlasting trepidation.

  22. Laugh and dance, it goes away
    Laugh at yourself. You’re very entertaining

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  24. […] Six Word Story #151 […]

  25. “Which explained the empty wine bottles…”

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