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Disclaimer: This post is for people looking to grow their blog/following/views by making algorithm friendly posts. If you are not currently looking to grow your blog and are blogging for other reasons you really don’t need to make your posts algorithm friendly. Keep doing what you’re doing and most importantly remember to enjoy yourself!

I wrote a post quite a while back talking about how to make your blog and blog posts algorithm friendly and a lot of people in the comments mentioned that the post was helpful and they would be interested in learning more about how to use the WordPress algorithm to grow your blog. If you don’t know what an algorithm is please click here before reading further.

A lot of people are now aware of how being on the right side to algorithm can help grow your social pages but I’ve realised that not a lot of people are aware that WordPress works similarly. There are a lot of benefits on this platform if you are able to get the algorithm on your side.

It can help you push your posts out to a much wider audience, grow your blog and more. Since I’ve shared some general tips before I thought today I would give you some specifics on how to create an algorithm friendly blog post.

These tips will most likely help you but if you feel like you are still not fully understanding how to make your posts and blog algorithm friendly or if you just don’t have the time to make so many changes I wanted to let you know that I do offer algorithm services now. I can personally both make your site as well as your blog posts more algorithm friendly. For more on these services click here.


Your title is one of the most important parts of your post if not the most important. A catchy title can do a lot for you by grabbing the readers attention. Even if the post isn’t something they particularly enjoy, the title will still get them to click it and at the very least it will increase your views.

For an algorithm friendly title you need to keep a couple of things in mind. Firstly, you want to make sure that your title is something that will grab a readers attention. You can try making a joke, a pun, maybe something that is outrageous or exaggerated. The reason this helps is because this will get a lot of people to click on your post. The WordPress algorithm is designed to get bloggers to spend as much time as they can on WordPress, it’s designed to keep people on this platform. For that reason, the algorithm will push posts getting a lot of clicks because it will assume that a lot of people are interested in the post. If people are reading your post they are going to stay on WordPress.

Secondly, you want to add keywords or at least a keyword to your title. This helps both readers and the algorithm figure out what the post is about and it will help the algorithm push your post towards the right audience i.e. an audience which is interested in that topic.


Now this is where it gets a bit more tricky because the topic you’re writing about does play a role. If your sole purpose is to grow your blog I would recommend writing about topics that are trending or topics that you know people will generally be more interested in reading about. However, if you already have a niche and would like to continue with it, it may take a little longer for the algorithm to push your posts and not all your posts will be picked up by the algorithm especially if your niche is very specific.

Firstly, you want to use keywords throughout your post. Use a couple more in the start and decrease them as the post goes on. Keywords are really great for SEO purposes and the WP algorithm likes SEO friendly posts.

Secondly, try to make your posts engaging. The algorithm looks at how much time a reader spends on the post and if the algorithm thinks readers are just skimming through or they aren’t spending much time on it the algorithm will assume that your posts aren’t something the wider WP audience will be interested in. However, if readers spend time on your post and ideally if they leave a comment or like the algorithm will assume that your post is popular and will help to push it.

Lastly, you want to make sure that you don’t use a clickbait title just to get views because readers will click off the post really fast when they realise the actual post has nothing to do with post itself. It’s okay to use a somewhat clickbait title but it can’t be totally random just because something is trending. For example, don’t have a lasagna recipe under the title “Are Kim Kardashian And Pete Davidson A PR Couple?” This will confuse the algorithm and you may get marked as a spam site which will lead to a lot of issues.

Tags And Categories

Once your algorithm friendly post is complete you need to focus on other aspects of the post. The tags and categories are pretty important because they will allow the algorithm to push your post to the right audience plus it will help with your SEO. Make sure to use an appropriate category. For the tags use a mix of specific and non-specific tags but make sure they are related to your post. Try to use keywords in the tags when possible.

Apart from the tags and categories, try to use images on your posts because that’s another thing the algorithm likes and it’s SEO friendly. If you can’t use multiple images in your post, at least use a cover image. Preferably, one that you own or have created yourself.


All these tips will help you make your post more algorithm friendly which means it will give you a better chance of being picked up by the algorithm and have your post pushed to a larger audience. It doesn’t guarantee that this will definitely happen because the algorithm can be kind of random sometimes and it also changes every now and then so what works for you this week may not work the next. It’s something you need to keep in mind and keep reading up on so you can change along with it.

I hope this post was helpful in further explaining the WordPress algorithm and how you can use it to your advantage. Let me know in the comments if it was helpful and if you would like me to post more about the algorithm. If you have any ideas for future blogging advice posts please feel free to leave those down below in the comments as well.

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Do you try to create algorithm friendly posts? If so, what tips would you give someone looking to do the same? Let me know in the comments below.

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24 thoughts on “How To Create An Algorithm Friendly Post

  1. seems like solid advice; other than trying to come up with a good title, I don’t spend much time on the other items you mention. I’ll give it a shot…

    1. Thanks and yeah definitely try it out. It doesn’t do much the first couple of times but after a few days you’ll notice an increase in your traffic/follows.

  2. Good advice ! I try to use SEO and keywords to my advantage. I do want to try writing out of my main initial niche( makeup ) and work on gaming as well . But I noticed I take even longer to write those as I tend to use alot of pictures .

  3. I do my best to do algorithm friendly posts, I also use Yoast SEO, which I find tricky sometimes. It says I haven’t done certain things, but I have

  4. Very interesting! Incidentally, I was recommended your site by WordPress, which attests the fact that you make your posts very algorithm-friendly. Thanks a lot for sharing these insights. I hadn’t considered some of them earlier. Gradually, I’m realising the importance of tags/ categories in directing viewership. For example, the tag “poetry” is likely to get more viewership than one that’s uncategorised, for instance.
    Great advice!

  5. Hey Pooja!
    Always great information. I’m soooo laughing and applauding you after reading SamShana’s message. Gurlllll you are moving up in the world. Finally WP is coming around.. 🤣🤣
    Love it!!!

    1. I think being SEO friendly is one of the best ways to have algorithm friendly posts without trying so you’re definitely doing a good job!

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