3 Life Goals To Aim For

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With 2022 just around the corner (weird, right??) I thought I would share some long term goals with you guys that I think are important.

People always wonder what the meaning of life is. That’s a pretty deep question to uncover, and nobody really knows the answer. When it comes to life, the best advice I’ve heard is that your life is what you make of it. In other words, you have the chance to shape your life and make it however you want. This starts with some goals you should set yourself. Now, we all have different aspirations and goals in life, but there are a few standard goals that are worth working towards for everyone. Here are three for you to look at:

Financial security

I know a lot of people say that money isn’t important but to be honest those are usually the people that have enough money that they never have to worry about it. In my opinion, I agree that money shouldn’t be super important but we have to be honest about the world we live in. Money is very important and essential for us to live our best lives.

Achieving a sense of financial security should be a top goal in your life. Technically speaking, financial security is where you no longer worry about money. You pay your bills every month with no issues, and you still have money left to save or spend on a few luxuries. It’s not the same as being rich, it’s more to do with how smart you are with your money. 

There are lots of great ways to achieve financial stability. One great way is to always try to save as much as you can. Rainy day funds can help you spread the cost of bigger purchases without impacting your savings, which can be used for emergencies or unexpected expenses, such as Cemetery Grave Markers in Granite in the event of the death of a loved one. Another great way is to have a budget and limit your spending so that you never overspend on things that are unnecessary. I actually have a few posts on this topic so feel free to browse through my site or simply click here.

Owning a home

Maybe not one that’s this creepy looking…

Having a home to call your own should be a big life goal for all of us. This isn’t meant as a way of rushing you into the process of buying a home – there’s no target age for when you should be on the property ladder. As soon as you think you can afford it, start looking at mortgage quotes and consider buying a house.

The reason this is such a good goal to have is that it provides you with a valuable asset. You have a home that’s yours, letting you do whatever you want with it. You never have to depend on landlords again, and it just brings more freedom to your life. 


It sounds corny, but we should all put happiness as the number one goal in life. You can achieve financial security, you can own a home, but is it worth it if it means you’re unhappy? Happiness can depend on many things in life, and it’s up to you to figure out what makes you happy. For some, it revolves around your working life. You need to find a job that you enjoy doing, meaning you wake up happy every day. There’s nothing worse than going through life with a job you hate, just to make ends meet. If you can look back on your life and feel that you’re happy, you’ve achieved a lot. 


These are just three long term goals that I think are worth working towards. I also have a lot of short term goals but I think it’s good to have some long term ones too. What are some of your long term goals? What are some of your short term goals? Have you made any goals for 2022 yet? As always, let me know in the comments below because I love hearing from you!

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44 thoughts on “3 Life Goals To Aim For

  1. I truly agree with you
    Finances play a huge role in our lives and I think most of us are working hard to have financial security.
    I would love to have my own house but at the moment is not at the top of my priority. As for happiness, I do not compromise. If anything is trying to steal my happiness, I cut it out of my life and then I move on. I DO NOT COMPROMISE MY HAPINESS.
    Thanks for sharing dearest❤❤

  2. I certainly have the goal of financial independence. Buying a house though as a Millennial is a different matter

  3. These are my goals as well. Even though I feel like I made big gains within the last decade, I still have a long way to go. Even if it takes me a lifetime to master 🙂

  4. To strip myself of the false security materialism brings as it lords over my time and energy for attention better invested in enjoying life as a whole with those of like minds and hearts. Owning an expensive car can’t compare with having fireside conversations with someone close to me that I’ll cherish and never forget. Treating a homeless person to a meal and time as a brotherly friend exceeds that comfort any lavish home can offer me. IMO, 2022 should be about recalculating our personal priorities so they sync with our true personalities.

    1. I hope you may reach your goals this year as well! So in the end of the year we will see next level of your vision 🤗 Everything is possible! Just should remember this! 💝

  5. Financial security is really important in life. You should have enough money to sustain. You should have also some savings for the bad time. To have a home of your own is a big thing. In your own home, you can live as you like, there’s no one to interfere. All these matter, but as you said happiness is the most important thing in life. If you are not happy, everything seems worthless. May all your wishes come true.

  6. Excellent! I agree with 2 of 3; economic security and happiness. Owning a home may, in fact, restrict freedom – unless you are rich. As one who built his own home, and then was a homeowner for over 30 years and now rents – I like renting. There’s no worries, maintenance even changes light bulbs. Of course it does depend on the “landlord”. Owning was great when I was young, married, and raising children. Now, it’s be burdensome – unless I was rich. 😉

  7. Financial security is something I definitely strive for. I don’t want to be rich but I want to get to the point where I’m comfortable and don’t need to check my bank account so often.

    Owning a home didn’t become a life goal for me until I started dating my husband. I was fine with just renting but once we got more serious we started talking about purchasing a home and luckily this year, we were able to accomplish that.

    These are all good goals that I also believe people should strive for, especially the happiness one. People think that someone else will or can make them happy but in reality we have to figure that out on our own.

  8. Financial security stands out for me because wow! I hope everyone reading this finds it.

    I think these days we need financial security to get a home and love! Your honesty and your posts keep me blogging!!. I am glad your blog is back on track and working smoothly

  9. I would love to own a home but im kinda going for a tiny home now. I have a decent sized place that i rent but the living room is only filled with plants.. i realized i dont need such a big sized place… we will see in a few years 😊🤫

  10. It’s funny but buying a house was never a goal for me. However, as I grow older, I do like the idea of owning my own home, especially for financial security in the future. I think because I love to travel, renting has just been easier for me. Great post Pooja 🙌🏼

  11. These three goals technically apply to everyone and they’re a good call. Even though I’m a senior in high school, I can still strive towards owning a house by working harder and smarter in school and financially. It’s about starting towards those goals.

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