Opposites Attract

“Opposites attract,” they said

And for an instance I forgot

That the opposite of good is always bad

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19 responses to “Opposites Attract”

  1. Also wicked…as in wicked guitar licks 😉 Interesting thing about language is that the changes and nuances make for interesting topics.

  2. Stay single, stay sane.

  3. Good point!

  4. That’s interesting 🙂

  5. So being locked by accident in a chocolate factory… surrounded by oohh… so many different kinds… woo…! wee…! Who could blame me…? Now… three hours in the bathroom… and four more hours before anyone comes… ohh… ahh… this is bad… this is ohh so bad…

  6. Opposites attract can be good as well, such as an introvert and extrovert.

  7. One of the truths of nature is opposites attract for many reasons, but who is to say what is good or bad… for someone else? i.e. I may be as bad as you need if its also a good thing for you. I’ve learned life is short and you can fill it with cherished memories or deserts of regrets.

  8. a scary thought indeed!

  9. Hmm, the similar ones attract too.

  10. The opposite of bad is worse. Out of the frying pan into the fire.

  11. they always say opposites attract..however after being introduced to the concepts that everything is actually waves..not actually colors..everything is a form of carbon..that we are interpreting sound..not actually hearing it..i find that saying, actually a very scary thing, because we are not knowledgeable about what is opposite of us..& why is it that we aren’t attracted to that which is like us?

  12. Look at it like Atom cells… Protons and Electrons but then there are Neutrons waiting for the outcome of the conversion of cells to become either positive or negative with tag alongs in the neutral of the outcome of the Law of Attraction from the opposition.

  13. Opposite bodies attract, biologically- but not opposite psychology or mindset.

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