5 Things That Help With Depressive Episodes

Depressive Episodes

Depressive episodes can be common for people experiencing certain mental health problems such as depression, bipolar and more. They can also be very difficult to handle. Unlike sad or depressing moments experienced by people without mental health problems, these can be much more severe or extreme depending on where you are with your mental health, what mental illnesses you have and more.

Although I am lucky enough to not experience these too often, there are times when I do experience them and I thought I would share some things that have helped me which may be beneficial for some of you guys as well.

Seek Professional Help

If you are experiencing a depressive episode or have experienced depressive episodes I would recommend going to a professional first if you have not already. The reason I say this is because there are multiple reasons you may be experiencing these emotions and only a professional can help you get to the root of the issue. And it’s always best to get to the root because then you’ll know what the best course of action is.

Depression and depressive episodes can be caused by mental issues but they may also be caused by physical issues or illnesses. A professional will help you figure out what physical tests you can do to make sure it’s not caused by a physical illness. They can also help you figure out if you are be suffering from a mental illness and what it may be.

Once you know exactly what the issue is, you can try medications, alternative therapies and more to figure out what would help you the most.

Try To Distract Yourself

One thing that really helps me when I feel that way is to distract myself from the negative feelings because they can get quite overwhelming. I don’t always succeed but I’m getting better at it over time. If you do something that makes you happy such as hanging out with friends or family, doing some hobbies like art or writing etc, you’ll start to feel better as the dopamine kicks in.

Try Natural Remedies

If you take medications, make sure to take them regularly. I know sometimes when you’re depressed it’s very difficult to take care of yourself or even do the bare minimum but it’s important to continue taking the medications you need.

If you don’t take medications and prefer to try some alternative ways to help improve your mood/mental health there are some natural remedies that many people including myself find very helpful. Firstly, I always recommend CBD oil because it can be extremely beneficial to those suffering from certain mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety and others. I would suggest talking to a professional before taking it though so that they can help you find the right dosage, type and more.

Another thing that is super beneficial is breathing exercises. To be honest, I was extremely sceptical about these and I was just laughing with a friend the other day about how I used to think breathing exercises could not be that helpful. I obviously changed my mind about them a few years ago when I tried them out and they actually helped a lot. They sort of give you this instant rush of dopamine and you feel really uplifted and happy. It’s weird how simple but effective they are. I would recommend trying different breathing techniques till you find the right one for you because different things help different people.

One of the most beneficial things for me is yoga and meditation. They are both extremely helpful for mood control and emotional regulation. However, to see the real benefits of both I would recommend doing them long-term as it sometimes takes a while for you to get used to them and figure out what works for you. Even if you don’t have too much time try to do each for a few minutes every day. I have also gotten a few comments, emails and DM’s from people asking me about meditation. So many people tell me they really want to try meditation but don’t know where or how to start. That’s why I decided to start offering virtual meditation sessions for beginners. Guided meditations are much easier for beginners as it stops you from getting distracted which happens way more than you think when you first start meditating. If that’s something you would be interested in feel free to click here and go to the “other” section for more information. If you would prefer in-person, find out if anyone offers meditation around you. Most places have someone that does. If you see a therapist or some kind of professional they may also know someone so ask them as well.

Exercising can also be beneficial for a lot of people. Personally, I’m not big on exercising but I do try to do some yoga and take walks whenever I can and that can be really helpful if you’re feeling down or feeling overwhelmed by negative emotions. If you do enjoy exercising you can do things like join the gym, get some equipment to exercise at home and more.

Have A Balanced Lifestyle

Having a balanced lifestyle or some kind of schedule or balance in your life can be extremely helpful. I have noticed that I always feel worse when I eat very unhealthy, don’t get the right amount of sleep or pretty much just don’t have things together. These factors can make even mild depressive episodes much worse. If you are prone to getting depressive episodes or are going through one try to sleep the right amount, eat healthy, get some exercise and stay on schedule. I know it’s significantly easier said then done but sometimes you just have to push yourself for your own good. Just do the best you can and hopefully you’ll get better at taking care of yourself over time.

Give In

By give in I don’t mean give up. Don’t let the depression or negative emotions take over as hard as they may try to. Instead give in a little. think about what led to this episode. Sometimes it may be a sign that you have been neglecting your mental health, overworking yourself, surrounding yourself with toxic people and more. If your depressive episode is due to something other than the chemicals in your brain take some time to work on your mental health, take some time to relax. Basically, do whatever it takes to make yourself feel better.


I really hope that you guys find these helpful. Let me know in the comments if you already practice any of these or would like to start practicing any of them.

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29 responses to “5 Things That Help With Depressive Episodes”

  1. Be careful of recommendations. Safer to say you use it. Otherwise it borders on medical advice without a license. Just a caution. Also people allergic to any components may be harmed. Just an observation.

    1. Thanks I’ll definitely keep that in mind.

  2. I really needed this. I just had to go back to my dr to change my meds for depression, which is partly due to the pandemic, as well as other stuff I have been dealing with. My dr did say that it is a testament to the work I have been doing if it took me two years after the start of the pandemic to end up in his office needing help after all that’s happened to me. I just need to tweak what I’m already doing

    1. Yeah I agree with him. It says a lot that even after all that you remained strong and didn’t need help till now. Hope making some changes amongst other things helps and you feel better soon.

      1. Thank you :). I have a plan for this and hoping it goes really well

  3. This is really good advice! 😄 Coming from someone who deals with cyclical depression, I agree with these points. Sometimes the best remedies are also the simplest and most obvious. For example, staying hydrated, going outside for walks, and getting enough sleep can make a world of difference in terms of mood regulation. 🤗 I recently started changing my diet which has made a huge impact as well – much more than I was expecting.

    1. Yup I have clinical depression too and those small changes have made a huge difference. I always find myself feeling better when I maintain a healthy lifestyle. As soon as I get less sleep or eat unhealthy for a bit I start to feel more depressed and anxious.

  4. When I am going through a depressive episode, I try to think of something that I have heard that made me laugh. I usually write, draw, or sing a favorite song that lifts my spirits, or maybe read a good book. I like the suggestions you made. People who suffer with depression and anxiety knows how it makes them feel and react to different things. Those who do not, or have never experienced it cannot say what is or what isn’t, or what one should or should not do. We who suffer with it deal with it in our own way that helps us, and sometimes medication doesn’t always work, it makes it worse, I have been down that road, so I know for myself. Depression and anxiety isn’t always caused by a chemical imbalance, it could be caused because of something that happened in a person’s life in their childhood, or even as an adult, but whatever causes depression and anxiety is a mystery within itself. Everyone has their own opinion about it, and that’s alright, but those who have not ever experienced it doesn’t have the right to say anything. Thank you for sharing. Hope you are doing fine. Have a wonderful day.

    1. Yes, thinking of happy memories or keeping busy with hobbies helps a lot. I so agree. If you haven’t personally experienced anxiety and depression you can’t know what it’s like and therefore you shouldn’t be discussing it. It’s best if these things are discussed by those that experience it. Hope you’re fine too and have a great week ahead.

      1. Thank you for understanding my comment. God bless you, stay safe.

  5. I had been told that being deficient in the b vitamin complex or magnesium can trigger depression, so when I feel depressed I add those to my daily regimen. I find it helps me. You can Google the benefits and what they’re supposed to be good for!

    1. Oh wow I had no idea about that. I’ll definitely look into vitamin B deficiency and sources for it. Mine generally gets worse when my anemia acts up so I make sure to eat lots of iron.

      1. I used to get anemic each month. When someone told me about vitamin B deficiency I decided to give it a try. She said to get B complex. When Id get very low I’d have to take more than one. Even now when I get sick I’ll take one in the morning and one in the afternoon or evening to boost my immune system.

        Magnesium deficiency can also occur around the same time. I recently bought some heavy dose tablets during they’re too strong because 1 will trigger diarrhea the next day, but taking just half a big tablet works better.

        1. Hmmm very interesting. I’ll check out the Vitamin B and Magnesium tablets. I think they may help.

          1. Doesn’t hurt to try, at least that’s my motto! 😬

  6. I think your first one is the most important. I think people are hesitant to seek help when feeling depressed…

    1. Yeah I think it’s because there’s so much negative stigma around mental health. Hopefully that changes soon.

      1. I hope that changes soon as well. I think we are making some progress…

  7. I do yoga and meditation, not regularly though, and I gotta tell you. I feel much better on the days I do them.

    1. Yeah it makes a huge difference!

  8. […] of us go through depressive episodes because we feel like there’s nothing to really look forward to. This can affect more people than […]

  9. This is really helpful pooja.
    I agree with everything that you have mentioned here. Sometimes these little things can make a significant difference. I would personally recommend exercise, breathing exercise and a fun activity like dancing or any sports that can change the mood. About this blog, I really love the tone and the way it’s written.

    1. Thanks so much. Yes, the small things usually make a big difference. All those things you mentioned are great for mental health. I do yoga and meditation and breathing exercises almost daily and they have really helped improve my mood.

      1. I’m glad to hear that.
        For me, anime and blogging were game changer or rather mood changer

        1. That’s wonderful, always do what makes you happy.



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