World Suicide Prevention Day

What Is World Suicide Prevention Day?

“World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD), celebrated annually on 10 September, is organized by the International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) and endorsed by the World Health Organization (WHO). The event represents a global commitment to focus attention on suicide prevention.

The theme of WSPD 2022, “Creating hope through action,” reflects the need for collective, action to address this urgent public health issue. All of us- family members, friends, co-workers, community members, educators, religious leaders, healthcare professionals, political officials and governments- can take action to prevent suicide in the Region. “


My Thoughts On Suicide On This Day

I have talked about my experiences with depression multiple times on this post. In fact, a good chunk of the posts on this blog have been dedicated to mental health. As you may know if you have been reading my blog for a while, mental health is very important to me. It’s something that effects not only myself but so many people around the world.

On World Suicide Prevention Day, I don’t have too much to say. I think there are already so many amazing posts just here on WordPress covering this. I have been able to read a number of them today. And that makes me happy because mental health is something we really need to talk about more.

I do have a couple of things I do want to say though. We are all going through our own things. A lot of times we may not even realise someone is struggling mentally. You never truly know what a person is going through. You never truly know what a person has gone through. The world is a difficult place. Let us all try really hard to be better to one another. We need to all find our humanity and learn to be kind.

Something I read on a fellow bloggers post really stood out to me. She said that we are not a puzzle. We are all all pieces of one puzzle and to truly be whole we need to all come together. Please read the entire post by clicking here. She’s one of my absolute favourite bloggers. And she is absolutely right. We are all pieces of the same puzzle and until we come together we are all going to be missing something. We need to work together, not against one another.

Seek Help

I also want to add that if you are struggling with any mental health problems or suicidal thoughts please seek help. There are so many people and resources out there to help you. Don’t give up on yourself, give up on the parts of yourself that make you want to die.

In writing, there is a phrase: “kill your darlings.” Often, writers are advised to kill their darlings. This means killing off anything unnecessary in your writing. I think this is not only fantastic advice for writers but for life too. Kill off anything in your life that is unnecessary (metaphorically, of course). Cut out people that effect you negatively, get rid of bad habits, kill off anything that makes you unhappy. I know that’s much easier said than done, but at least try. Only keep the things that make you happy. Cherish those things.

As I mentioned, I have written about my experiences with depression and what helped me. If you’re interested in reading about that please feel free to view the posts below:





For more posts about mental health please click here.

A fellow blogger shared this in the comments section and I thought I would add it to the post because it’s quite relevant. It helps understand why suicide isn’t the option while validating the feelings of those contemplating it:

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81 thoughts on “World Suicide Prevention Day

  1. Thank you for sharing. So true. Find someone to talk with and let off some steam from the pent up emotions. I think I am not really proud of myself today, but I did let out steam. Sometimes it is necessary. We need to be kind to ourselves and to others. Be nice …

  2. I was just talking about this issue with my students the other day, since there was a story in the paper about a high-level business exec who committed suicide partly due to all the stress he was under…

    1. Wow, sad about him but yeah suicide is a lot more common than we realise and there definitely need to be more resources for people who are struggling with mental health issues.

  3. When dealing with depression, I normally find something that I enjoy doing that will make me happy, or I go to my quiet place and relax. Sometimes if I feel like I need to scream, I do and it makes me feel better. Everyone deals with depression differently, but it is something that we struggle with on our own. No one can tell anyone how to get through it, but some professionals can help someone talk about their feelings to get them out. It’s not good to keep those feelings inside. There’s medication for depression, but it may not always work because people are different. Some cannot take education, but for what it is worth, seek help when you feel you cannot go on. Depression is a silent killer, but life is worth living even in the dark times. You just have to get the help you need. Thank you for sharing this article with us. Suicide is not the answer to ending depression.

      1. Absolutely. Those who have never struggled with depression don’t understand what it does to the mind, body, and spirit. It robs you of joy and happiness. Depression hurts. It will make you feel like you’re in a dark place and cannot find a way out. We have to tell ourselves that tomorrow will be a new and better day. We get to start over to see things differently while processing and filing the bad days away.

        1. I definitely agree!!
          In other words
          One feel mood swings, want to cry, don’t want to talk to people. Don’t want to go to places. Feel lonely.
          But, yes as you have mentioned. It’s different for everyone. People need more assurance and relentless support to get out of it.
          I tried something with my blogs, and more people opened up. I am blessed to get lovely support of this community.

    1. You are so right, we all deal differently with depression. I personally have tried medication but it does not work for me at all. That’s why I choose to take the nature route. On the other hand, there are people who are much better after taking medication. Suicide is definitely not the answer or an escape.

  4. A great share Pooja!!!
    This topic needs more conversation.
    People are afraid to talk about it. They are even afraid to get help. Such blogs can assure them. People need it more to become confident.
    I’ve read a few of your blogs based on mental health. I feel they are very satisfying and uplifting. If such a calming and uplifting tone is used (like you do), people will open up more
    Thanks 🙇🏻‍♂️

    1. Thanks so much. Yes, many shy away from talking about mental health openly. Such blogs helped me and I like to think mine can help others too.

      1. Your blogs have been a great help!!
        Because you have shared relatable stuff.
        Things shared by you are not hard to follow. It’s peace giving and satisfying.
        I’ve personally tried them.

  5. Thank you for sharing, Pooja! Mental health is so important, and I am so happy it is being examined more because it is something that is not easy to discuss or handle for most people. And, most importantly knowing it’s okay to want/get help. 🙂

    Love that quote too: ‘We are all pieces of one puzzle and to truly be whole we need to all come together.’ 💕

    1. Thanks and I so agree. We definitely are doing much better with mental health since more people are talking about it although we do still have a long way to go. Absolutely, there’s nothing wrong with getting help.

  6. Talking is very important. If people can’t seek help professionally, they should have someone who they can talk to. That space is quite important for them to find to express themselves.

        1. Thanks so much. I very much appreciate your comment. The comments are mostly back and I am very happy about that.

          Good luck for the exams!

          More of those kinds of posts coming soon!

  7. Suicide prevention is so important. I’ve had quite a few friends die by their own hand and it breaks my heart. Thanks for taking up the cause Pooja!

    1. I’m so sorry to hear that. I hate that people are in such an awful place that they feel that’s the only way out. I really hope there are more resources in the future to help those that are struggling. Thanks so much.

  8. It is very important to shed the light on this topic, thanks Pooja! Many are struggling, life is getting harder and more competitive. Being kind is a virtue! We never know how we can impact a life with a simple act of kindness, even a simple smile!

    1. Thanks so much and yes too many people are struggling without enough resources to help. Being kind makes all the difference in the world to someone who is going through a dark time.

  9. This is so, so important, and sadly suicide has crossed my mind before too. Empathy and sympathy is beyond a doubt some of the best things that we can give and receive, and really it was in making friends on the penpal app, Slowly, that saw me through one of my darkest times. Help is not a dirty word, never be afraid to ask. Thankyou for raising awareness on this important topic, Pooja.

    1. I’m so sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, too many people have considered it and I hate that so many actually went through with it. Suicide rates can definitely be decreased with more help and resources to people that need them. That app sounds wonderful and I am very happy that you got past that time in your life.

  10. Thankyou, I wouldn’t say it’s past but I am aware of my triggers now (stress, burnout, too much time indoors). I think sometimes even just hearing that other people have thought of it can help as well. Sometimes we feel so alone in our thoughts that we forget other people suffer too.

    1. I think stress and lack of sleep is a huge trigger for me too. I’m glad you know your triggers. And you are definitely not alone, far from it.

  11. Oh heavens, don’t even get me started on a lack of sleep. I’m tired so everything is more effort then I ache more and I get more moody because I haven’t done as much as I planned and… yeah, not fun lol.

  12. Thank you for this very important post. My daughter suffers from depression along with other family members. One of her close friends committed suicide before Christmas last year. Nobody knew anything was wrong. Everyone envied him for his career, brain, good looks, athletics. The people closest to him didn’t know. He left a note that he no longer felt connected to anyone. Heartbreaking. His mom is a friend of mine.

    1. Wow, that’s so sad. I think a lot of times depression is a silent killer because people can function normally on the outside but be drowning on the inside. I wish there were easier ways for people like that to get help. I’m sorry about your daughter. I suffer from depression too and it’s tough when it gets bad not just for me but everyone around me too.

  13. This is the poem from an episode of Bojack Horseman.
    I know it is a cartoon, but the poem is very scary if read in context of what happens in the episode.

    I think that you will find the YouTube comments in-line with your post, and useful for today’s topic.

  14. This is a very important topic and many suicides can be prevented if we see the signs. One of my best friends took her own life. I didn’t see her very much because I moved away. Seeing the signs was difficult. It is never a good day when someone close passes away, no matter how they died. With suicides, you always ask if I could have done more.

    1. I’m so sad to hear about her. That must have been difficult for you but honestly sometimes there just isn’t anything any of us can do. Depression can be really well hidden sometimes and that’s what makes it even more difficult.

  15. Thank you Pooja for paring my post on puzzles with suicide prevention. It’s such an important topic and one that lack solutions because depression is difficult to relieve and it’s unique to whomever it visits. I remember so many of my students struggling during the pandemic as we sheltered in place and they felt isolated and alone. You bring a lot of awareness and insight to this issue! Thanks for the kind words and the link. I was so touched. Hugs, C

    1. Thanks for an amazing post that added a lot to this one. I agree depression is so difficult to even spot in people. And most students were struggling during the lockdown. I know I was too. Hopefully things are better for them now. Thanks so much.

  16. Thank you for always spreading awareness! I completely agree with you about us being kinder to one another and of course ourselves. It can seriously make a difference. I hope everyone is keeping their head up 🥰

  17. Great post, I agree 100% with what you say, and I also appreciate the fact that people talk about mental health more and more openly. Depression is an illness and the fact that it is “invisible” doesn’t make it less dangerous. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this and raising awareness!

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