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I had written a post about the pros of working online and since it got a really great response I decided to write on on the cons of working online. If you would like to read my post about the pros of working online please feel free to check it out by clicking here.

You guys may or may not know depending on how long you have been following me, but I have been working full-time online over the last couple of months. I had been working part-time for quite a while but after I graduated university, I decided to pursue everything full-time.

As great as working online is, and it absolutely is great, it comes with its own set of problems and challenges. Here are some that I have faced:

You Work 24/7

I think most people who work online will agree with me when I say that when you work online you pretty much work 24/7. This is particularly true for me because most of my clients are in different time zones which means I’m working with like 4-5 different time zones most of the time which can be a lot. It took me a little while to adjust and get used to it and find a schedule that works for me.

Also, since I work online I don’t have fixed timings like I would working 9-5. It’s easy to end up spending most of the day working if you’re not careful since it’s quite a workload. My most demanding work is social media and blog management since they take the most time and all my clients for that are long term.

It Can Get Lonely

I feel very thankful that I am able to work while staying close to my family, especially my mum who is unwell. However, it does sometimes get a bit lonely. I think sometimes it’s nice to have co-workers or other people around that you can talk to or socialise with. I’m not a very social person but it is nice to socialise occasionally.

Much More Demanding

With working online, you are pretty much the boss, the employee and everything in-between. It can end up being a lot of work just for one person (depending on whether you work alone or with others). Since I’m freelancing right now it’s definitely a lot of work for just me.

You also have to have extraordinary restraint and self-control because it’s much easier to spend the whole day binge watching Bridgerton than you think. Seriously, you have to learn to say no to your brain all the time. I think since you’re comfy and at home your brain thinks it’s time to relax even when you’re working. It took me a few weeks to get used to my schedule and not accidentally rewatch the entirety of The Office.

However, it does get better over time and I am now very comfortable with my schedule and working majority of the time throughout the day.

No Fixed Income

When you are freelancing like I am you really don’t have a totally fixed income like if you were working for someone/in-person. Although I am happy to have some longterm clients, a lot of my clients are short-term and often come and go. Some months are amazing and some months could be better but that’s just part of freelancing I think.


I hope you enjoyed this post. Although I did spend most of it talking about the cons of working online, I wanted to add that the pros greatly outweigh the cons. How else would I be working in my pjs listening to Phil Ochs in the background?

If you would like to read about how I started working online full-time and how you can too let me know in the comments below. Your feedback is extremely valuable so I would really appreciate it. Thank you in advance!

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47 thoughts on “Cons Of Working Online

  1. Interesting. The thing about running your own business is you have to learn to set time boundaries. Like any other business, you can set hours and sticking them up with realistic boundaries gives you better grasp of your work day. It also helps clients to plan their own lives. Otherwise you will work 24\7. Customers should be able to deal with business hours. Out of office with hours and timeline for response is appropriate. Money is an issue for most small businesses. Remember you are the business, all businesses have hours. If they know what to expect and when, you’ll all be more comfortable. Hope this helps with some issues! Money is a pretty universal issue.

  2. relatable.. it takes motivation, staying the course, sometimes i even have to get out of p,j’s for “live” zoom and in person clients. breaks are so needed and timers.. lock the fridge or there could be trouble. and I’m out most of the time or I’d be in trouble. I admire the work you do full time ! 💖💖💖

  3. I would love to know! You’ve probably mentioned this in other posts (I’m sorry I missed it!), but what type of work do you do?

    I work from home as well and it’s taken me a long time to work out my time and not work constantly. I totally get it! It’s too easy to get sucked in to constant emailing!

  4. It’s nice to know that odd hours are still a problem, even with freelancing. Have you read the book Thursday is the New Friday by Joe Sanok? I’m glad I read it before starting my own freelance business because it has helped me think about boundaries on my time. Yes, I will have to deal with time zones too, but I will get to that bridge later. I do know about the loneliness from doing remote work before, even though I was employed. Although, I think it helps to be creative about ways you can be sociable without having certain structures imposed on you. It’s like graduating from university and needing to make friends, or even, dare I say it, moving to a different country? Of all the challenges, actually having no fixed income is the least of my worries, but we’ll see lol. I really appreciate your honesty again!

    1. No but I will definitely check it out. Don’t worry too much about time zones. They are very manageable. Yeah you just have to get creative with socialising which can actually be fun. Thanks so much!

      1. You’re welcome! I am grenerally not too worried about time zones as a TCK, but I’m not as young as I used to be. When my Mum was sick, I joked that TCKs make good caregivers because we are used to running on messed up body clocks. That didn’t last long though lol

  5. I would say a huge con is the heavy reliance on technology. I’ve had the internet fail right before an important first meeting with a new client, and without internet, there was no way to tell them I was late or why, making a bad first impression. Another is the internet lagging, so I miss what the client is saying.

  6. Same for students, and add watching lectures at 2× speed, watching shows during lectures, ‘forgetting’ to listen, longer classes and extra study material to the equation.

  7. I agree that working online gives you freedom, but it has certain disadvantages also. As you said, there are no fixed working hours and income. Also, when you get stuck on something, you have no one to sort it out. You are very much on your own. You have to deal with it alone.

  8. I remember during the lockdown, I had like four zoom meeting for a day and I almost passed out. I have to say talking face to face is different. Talking through zoom is more demanding since one doesn’t have the usual connection with people. I don’t know how to describe it, but it is an interesting area to explore. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Oh wow that’s a lot. Yeah it’s much more difficult to explain certain things or to connect in a certain way. Talking in person is just different and zoom meetings can be extremely exhausting. I make sure never to schedule more than one a day otherwise I get overwhelmed.

  9. Hi Pooja G,
    I’m a freelance writer of many things and enjoy reading your stuff. I am curious as to what kind of online work you do? Is it freelance writing? I could use some advice if you wouldn’t mind.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    1. Yes I absolutely agree. Personally it’s worth the struggle for me because being able to work on my own from home is most important to me.

  10. I’ve definitely heard freelancing can be hard, but if you’re not someone whose into working 9-5s then it’s definitely useful. I was debating whether I should start monetizing my blog next year so I’ll be checking out your pros post! :))

  11. I hear a lot that working from home can be a lot more demanding and time consuming. You just confirmed that!

    BUT, it’s good that you have a routine and discipline to properly get through it!

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