Love Cuts Like A Knife

He held her in his arms

Tears running down his face

The love of his life

Taken from him

So soon and so tragically

The blood still dripping

From the slit on her neck

The knife still warm

In his hand

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61 thoughts on “Love Cuts Like A Knife

  1. This is such a moving piece, Pooja . . .

    “The blood still dripping

    From the slit on her neck

    The knife still warm

    In his hand”

    Nicely done.

    1. I thought I would say ohh how lovely this poem is by reading the title. But this poem is actually deadly. You killed it pooja, not just with an outstanding poem. But, also the character.

    2. Hey, sorry this went as a reply to you. I was commenting to the post and didn’t realise that I’m posting it as a reply. Sadly, there’s no undo button.
      Best wishes to you

    1. Thanks and that’s totally okay. No need to ever apologize for that. It is a darker horror theme that’s not for everyone.

  2. Spooky! Yikes!!!

    Nicely done! For a split second, I heard my heart beat loudly in my head😂

  3. What a surprise ending. You reminded me of a piece of news: a week ago, a South Carolina man had a heart attack and died when he was burying the body of his girlfriend he had just strangled.

      1. Thanks, Pooja! I wrote somewhat on my blog, should anyone be interested in how we did it despite disability and eventual austerity.

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