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I absolutely love WordPress but I have to admit that it has more to do with this lovely community than with WordPress itself. I think WordPress is really lacking with its features sometimes even with the paid plans. Sometimes it feels like the paid plans are quite pricey for what they offer.

I was going through WordPress the other day and I thought, you know, WordPress could use an update. It could use some new features that I have heard many bloggers mention over the years. I feel like the biggest issue I have with WordPress is that it doesn’t listen to those that use their platform regularly.

Anyway, this post isn’t a rant about WordPress (yes it is) but rather about the features I feel would really help improve an already wonderful platform. I think these features could help improve our experience as creators and could help WordPress become even more enjoyable than it is.

Here are some features I think WordPress should consider adding:

Disclaimer: If WordPress does add any of these features after this post is published and I don’t get paid I’m 10000% suing.

Ability To Edit And Delete Comments

I’ve noticed that WordPress has a feature to edit comments on your own blog but not on others and that’s a bit frustrating. We are all human and we all fall victim to typos and autocorrect blunders sometimes and I personally think it would help a lot if we had the ability to edit our own comments on other blogs as well.

This happens to me sometimes and I think you guys will be able to relate. I comment something on a post and then like a few minutes later I think of something better I could have commented. I think having a delete option for our own comments on other sites would really help with this or if you made a bunch of typos and would rather delete than edit the comment because it would be easier to post a new comment.

I think both a delete and edit feature for comments is pretty common on most platforms such as social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter and TikTok. Even if they don’t give us an edit feature, a delete one would be really helpful.

Ability To Tag People To Posts

Sometimes, I’ll come across a blog post that I really enjoy and it will remind me of another blogger because it may relate to something we were talking about or it may just be something I believe that particular person will enjoy a lot. That’s why I think the following feature is necessary for WordPress.

It would be super amazing to be able to tag them to the post like you can do on social media. I think this would make reading posts more fun since you can share them with other likeminded people instead of having to reblog it. Again, this feature is pretty common in social media platforms and is one of the reason why people enjoy these platforms so much.

I think the ability to tag other bloggers to posts would also be great for traffic since you would get more traffic if people are being tagged to your post and reading it.

Plugins With Paid Plans

I think WordPress needs to work on their plans in general (especially the new “pro” ones) but that’s a longer rant for another day. For now, let’s talk about the plugin feature.

I think it’s important to remember that for people who are trying to do certain things with their site, especially for those hoping to monetise their site, plugins can be vital. It really offers a lot more options for people looking to make some kind of income on their site. For example, you can start using AdSense instead of WordAds which pays more than WordAds. You also have more of an ability to customise your site exactly how you want to as well as use certain plugins to increase SEO, readability and more.

It’s ridiculous that you have to pay extra to get the Business Plan just to have plugins. I think it would make sense not to offer plugins with the Free Plan or even the Personal Plan since it’s quite affordable and suited for those using WordPress for creating content more than making an income. However, their Premium Plan is clearly catered towards freelancers and as a full-time freelancer myself I can assure you that we would like the plugins. The plan can also be pricey for those starting out at zero so it’s sort of ridiculous to me that it doesn’t come with plugins. And The price difference between the Business and Premium Plans are crazy just to mostly have the ability to use plugins.

I think WordPress either needs to reduce their prices or offer plugins with more plans because there are so many people who want to upgrade their plans but are hesitant since their prices are pretty high for the things being offered.

Search Option For Followers

I believe this feature was available on WordPress when I first started blogging but they have since gotten rid of it for reasons only clear to them and them alone. Having the ability to search for followers can really come in handy and I don’t understand why WordPress has decided to get rid of this feature when most platforms added it a long time ago.

Firstly, it helps you get rid of followers you don’t want that you may not be able to find at the top of the list. Secondly, it saves so much time rather than scrolling through a list of followers to figure out who is following you, who unfollowed you, etc.

This feature is such an obvious one and it’s strange that the wonderful people at WordPress can’t see that especially when it’s a commonly used feature on so many other platforms.



In conclusion, this is my resume to WordPress so please stop dodging my calls already and hire me. Look at how much I could improve!

But in all seriousness, as wonderful as I think this platform is, I think it could use some updating. And more importantly, it would be a million times better if WordPress took the time to check in with their creators and see what we would like instead of making changes the majority of us are opposed to.

What features would you like to see on WordPress? Do you think the features I mentioned would be helpful? How would you improve WordPress as a platform? Let me know in the comments below because I love hearing from you guys!

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123 responses to “Features I Wish WordPress Had”

  1. Interesting post! I’d be totally interested in being able to edit comments. I sometimes mess up a spelling and then have to add a comment to the comment. The same goes for on Twitter, but apparently you have to pay to get that privilege. The rest, well, I can live without extra stuff 😉

    1. Thanks! Haha yeah I feel like being able to edit comments is necessary. We all make errors sometimes and it would help with that.

      1. Kind of miffed that Twitter charges for it, but that’s the world we live in now. They expect only paying people to be worth anything. Oh well.

        1. That’s how most social media is unfortunately. Although not being able to edit unless you upgrade is really odd. Most places let you at least do that for free.

  2. This is a great post, Pooja! You have pointed out some very bad decisions made by WordPress. I was told online recently that WP has updated the plans they offer the public and that it ain’t good! The prices are horrible for what you get as you mentioned.

    Your idea about searching for followers is great too, I have very few followers compared to other blogs but that’s okay, I do this for fun! The way WP forced that ludicrous Blocks editor on us was absolutely ridiculous! Apparently, they never took the time to ask a percentage of their users how they feel about that thing.

    I despise it and have never used it because I have that o offer and the prices VS WordPress.

    One big thing that keeps me here on WP is the strong sense of community. I have never seen anything like it on other platforms. I have online friends that I’ve followed literally for years now, it’s almost as though we have met and do know a fair amount about each other.

    You don’t get that elsewhere. Great post, Pooja!

    1. Yeah I looked at the new plans they offered and they’re quite expensive and offer even less than the older plans.

      I hate the block editor too and don’t understand why they couldn’t just add it as an option along with other editors. Luckily I’m still using classic but I’m sure they’ll get rid of that sometime.

      Yeah the main thing for me too is this community. It’s filled with wonderful people and like you said you end up even making friends. It’s great.

      Thank you!

    2. totally agree wt it. block editing Irritates me at times. i think you should write up the comparison of other platform vs WP as i would love to know more on this since i didnt explore others except bloggr n WP

  3. I wish I could selectively send new posts out to people depending on their interest. For example, not everyone likes haikus so a new haiku post would only be emailed out to a select audience.

    1. Oh wow I’ve never even thought of that. That would be a fantastic feature for multi-niche blogs.

  4. I also wish we could keep the classic editor. The block editor is not for everyone. The classic editor also makes for an easier introduction to blogging, WP, and being online. It is more user friendly.

    1. I still use the classic editor. It’s still available if you change certain settings. And yes much more user friendly.

    2. couldn’t agree more. i wish i was given an option to select and toggle btwn classic and block

  5. Good ideas!

  6. Great post and I was just thinking about this the other day when I commented on someone’s blog with the word “live” instead of my intended “love” and could not correct it.

    I have the impression that there is a lot of dissatisfaction with WP from within the community.

    1. Yes, I believe there are quite a few dissatisfied creators on this platform. Unfortunately, WP does not prioritise the feedback they receive and often makes decisions their users are uncomfortable with.

      I have made such typo mistakes too and it can be frustrating not being able to edit them and having to leave another comments explaining the typo and correcting it.

  7. Another wish: to be able to sort blogs I follow by posting frequency.

    1. That would be great too. Some I follow post every hour and even multiple times in an hour which can be annoying and clogs up my Reader.

  8. I love these suggestions! I believe that plug-ins used to be free but when they saw how popular they were it made sense for them to monetize them! 😕

    1. Oh wow I had no idea about that! That’s awful. I understand monetising them but the price they are for right now is just too much.

      1. Right?! I was going to use a couple plugins but then they started charging expensive prices so I backed off.

        1. I would absolutely use plugins but not for that price lol!

          1. Those were my thoughts exactly! 🤪

  9. I wish WordPress had a mute button so I could mute some blog posts/post frequency etc. from certain people. There’s some bloggers that I genuinely like but I don’t always agree with the types of content they post, plus some of their stuff can be triggering.

    1. You can just ignore them 😅.
      I follow many people who post 10 blogs a day, it’s hard to keep track on them. I don’t want to randomly like and disappear. But, yeah a feature where we can view blogs in form of tiles and can view who has posted how many blogs.

      1. I wish I didn’t have to ignore them. I can’t I see what I see in the WP reader, unfortunately. There’s certain topics I cannot deal with and it’s these particular topics that are most bothersome. If I could mute the person rather than unfollow I much rather do that!

    2. I feel the same way about a couple of people I follow. I’m not sure if you remember but we did used to have a mute button which had come in handy a few times for me but WP removed it a few years ago. I think right after the Block Editor was added.

      1. No, I actually don’t remember this! I don’t think I was active on WP when they still had the mute button. I remember the classic editor though but I didn’t see a mute feature. Ugh, why did they take this feature away? This would have been so useful!

        1. Oh I see it may have been a while back. But it was super useful and I would sometimes mute sites that posted too much instead of unfollowing them. It really cleared up my Reader. They always take the good features away!

          1. WordPress needs to get their act together before more people leave. I’m not leaving WP but I know a lot of ppl who are unhappy and threatening to move elsewhere.

            1. Yeah I actually know a bunch of people who moved to other platforms because they were cheaper and had better features. WP is definitely losing customers.

              1. Random question, did you switch back to the free platform? Your web address is showing up as .wordpress.com now. I’m using mobile but I remember it being .ca before.

                1. Idk why it’s doing that, it’s supposed to be .ca. Mine shows .ca so not sure what the hell is going on. Let me know if it keeps happening cos I may have to talk to the Happiness Engineers.

    3. i hope there is feature to follow blog post based on tags

      1. This feature already exists. Click on Tags in the left admin side panel. Search a specific tag and a bunch of blog posts will appear. Follow the blogs that interest you!

        1. oh! didnt aware of it. let me explore. tq fr letting me know. that will be cool

  10. A great blog. Yes, wordpress should atleast add edit and delete comments in others blogs. If not edit, then atleast delete. Another feature it lacks is, many things doesn’t work on reader. Like basic colour thing, or things like poll doesn’t work on reader. I don’t understand what’s the point of giving them. They have a feature of inline images, but it doesn’t work on reader. I agree with you about knowing the followers. Although, I don’t have following as yours, but still I want to know if people are still following me or they unfollowed me after getting follow back.
    Overall a great blog Pooja, I hope people at wp office see this.

    1. Thanks so much. Yes, I agree. A lot of features don’t work on Reader which can be quite frustrating. I hope they work on that since it makes no sense to have a feature when it doesn’t work.

  11. YES Pooja agree and yes that was a full on rant but a nice one.. 😂
    And PLEASE WP add this feature!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏

    “Search Option For Followers
    I believe this feature was available on WordPress when I first started blogging but they have since gotten rid of it for reasons only clear to them and them alone. ”

    great post!

    1. Thank you and it came from a place of being very done with WordPress lol! If it wasn’t for this community I would have left a long time ago 😫

  12. WordPress and its features are impossible… They irritate me most of the time😂.

    Great ideas, Pooja.

    1. Haha yeah they can be sooo frustrating sometimes 😫

  13. Tagging people would be nice and Twitterlike. A search option for followers would come in handy. And custom mailing of content so you can target an audience. For example people who like quotes, freeverse poetry, rhyming poetry etc…
    Wordpress should start listening to it’s users. That much is true.

    1. Yes all those features would be wonderful and custom mailing would be perfect for multi-nice blogs. If only they listened because bloggers have some great ideas on how to improve this platform.

      1. That’s right, the one who use the platform are most entitled to voice their opinion to make it even better.

        1. Yes, exactly. Those that use it will know how to improve it.

  14. I totally agree. WordPress can do so much better. I also find that their theme and layout is really very awkward to use. There are so many other beautiful website and layout out there that WP can learn from, but it doesn’t. I guess it knows it is good and it has no incentive to improve.

    1. I so agree. The themes (even the paid ones) are only just okay. They are not as beautiful and are so much harder to customise.

  15. The search for followers option could be so useful! It would be easier to keep up with posts of people we wanna read if the reader misses them out somehow.

    1. Yeah absolutely. It would have so many benefits.

  16. Great post.I could relate to so many points especially the edit and delete comments.Hope wordpress adds this features

    1. Thanks so much and yes I hope so too.

  17. Well said! ! I’ve really been thinking about this. I didn’t know how to share it with other bloggers.

    1. Thanks so much and you absolutely should write about the topic too if you would like to share it with others.

      1. Yes, you’re right 👍

  18. Every single time I make a typo error while commenting, it frustrates me that this simple option isn’t there!!!!
    Tagging people in comments would be so helpful to easily share blogs we love with bloggers we love.
    I’d also love a calendar option to be able to check my scheduled posts, the days they are scheduled on and which topic (since I try to rotate between topics).

    1. Absolutely- I’m sure every blogger has made a typo or some kind of error in the comments at some point and felt irritated that they couldn’t edit the comment. It’s super annoying to me especially because they keep adding features no one is asking for but won’t add something this simple and helpful!

      A calendar would be great. I schedule my posts in advance too and it would be really helpful to see what is going up when.

  19. I really miss the followers list, and can do without the autocorrect, for that’s where most of my errors spring from! Great post, Pooja!

    1. Same here- autocorrect really messes me up sometimes! Thank you!

      1. And it comes up with some corkers!

        1. Sure does!

    1. Thank you

  20. It feels like some of the features that WordPress lacks, Tumblr has. I bet if we combine the two into one blog host it would be the perfect website.

    1. Oh that’s true. I think it would be one amazing megaplatform.

  21. I really like the tagging people idea and editing comments. Sometimes one comments with typos and it makes one look unprofessional. Yes🥰 to you, the next WordPress game changer.

    1. I think tagging people would be great and being able to delete or edit comments would be amazing too. Thanks so much 😊😄

  22. Good list of “wants.” I have been “on-and-off” WordPress for a decade or so…so I don’t know if this was brought back recently by popular demand or still “turned off,” but for November-December they had a feature where you could add falling snow to your blog if you liked, and that made for a really cool effect. I know this doesn’t have the more universal appeal of your requests above, but that’s one thing I’d like to see. And yes, when I recently returned I was sooooo happy to see the Classic Editor was still in place! It is not that I mind the current one, but was just used to “growing up” with the Classic format and sticking with it once more!

    1. Yeah I remember the snow effect that was quite cool. I would love to see that again. The Classic Editor is definitely my favourite. That’s what I’ve used since I started out too and I just find it so much simpler to use.

  23. Love that tagging feature, that’d be awesome. I’d love to see the layouts revamped too, none of them are appealing. I had a custom one I paid for too but it made my site lag. The one I’m using now was a last resort, lol.

    1. I so agree. Their themes are very “just okay” and so difficult to customize. I don’t love mine either but it’s the best I can do for now.

  24. YES YES YES!!!!!! The edit, delete and tagging would be a huge game changer! They definitely do need a change up.

    1. Absolutely I feel like it would be so beneficial and it’s such a simple feature for them to add!!

  25. I like all of your ideas. Being able to search for followers would be great because then I could check on those who have not posted, or maybe did not show up on my reader feed.

    1. Yeah it would make it so much simpler to view the blogs you regularly read if you can just search for them.

      1. and also ones I used to but don’t see anymore

  26. Great post; I agree about tagging! It would be beneficial.

    1. Yeah that would make it so much easier to share content.

  27. Michaël Janssens Avatar
    Michaël Janssens

    Great post, I’d like the improvements. WordPress should listen to people actually using their tools.

    1. I agree. The people who use the platform know how to improve it most.

  28. OMG. I had all this 3 issues wt WD. typo, blame me and auto correct. dying for search option. yes. it was there when i started my blog in 2016. paid feature. you didn’t know how many times i went all the up only to stopped at payment tab. pricy. on the blocker editor, it Irritates me at times.

    1. Yeah I have pressed the upgrades option so many times but not upgraded to Business just because of the price. The plans are honestly just ridiculously expensive.

      1. ikr. even after their discount voucher. man, not now until i make money from you WP

  29. We’ll said! Nice blog 😊👍🏻

    1. Thanks! 😊

  30. All the features listed are very correct. WordPress needs improvement. Especially for editing and deleting comments. I noticed that am unable to edit a comment already sent on another blogger comment section. So I can only delete my previous comment to make another one when I feel like there are errors in it instead of editing it.
    It is so frustrating

    1. Yes I absolutely feel that way too. It’s quite annoying to not have an edit feature for comments.

  31. Reblogged this on .

    1. Thanks so much.

  32. I agree with you that the editing or deleting comments feature should be available.

    1. Yeah I think it’s a very necessary one.

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  35. Good topic indeed to discuss

    1. Thanks so much.

      1. You are welcome

  36. I had a paid subscription but like you said it doesn’t have a lot to it
    so I closed it & went to the free 1 & it’s pretty decent for writing on
    I have other blog sites I use as well so I have plenty to choose from.

    1. Yeah the paid plans don’t offer much to content creators especially for the price. The free one is fine for most people.

      1. with how things are right now
        “The free one is fine for most people.”
        right now you lucky you have that.

        I’m 1 that really don’t need a lot
        of tech, being I’m retired & not a lot
        to do in the woods but live on the
        internet, we piddle here & there
        don’t get out & about much just
        about 2-3 x’s a month to do bills.

  37. OMG being able to edit comments should be a thing (sometimes when I am feeling benevolent and notice a typo on a comment on my blog I will totally fix and if the person adds a second comment asking me to correct if they are someone I am familiar with from the blogosphere I will even delete the comment asking to correct their typo so it will be as if it was never made ha!!!)

    AS for the plans!!!!! gosh I am just so errrrrrrrm they really need to work on their new plans cant just have like an all or none type of system especially for some of us small fry who can not afford to spend $180 per year on a blog which does not bring in any money. maybe if I were a business I would be more inclined to said plans since since it gives the features that used to be in the Busines Plan which cost about $300 for those who were paying that, life has gotten cheaper…


    PS and totally being able to tag people and search for users some bloggers change their blog names and now you cant find their blog but if you could search via their usernames you would still find them, unless they changed that too… why would you do that though, without warning, its like you are trying to lose us ha

    1. I try and edit the typos people make in my comments too lol. I just feel like they would appreciate it because I would if someone did that for my comment. It’s crazy to me that they don’t have such a simple feature!

      Urghhh the plans are insanely expensive and the new ones are just crap. Paying so much for so few very basic features is crazy. Especially paying for memory. I find that to be such a scam. I would love to upgrade to the Business Plan but not anytime soon. It’s just too expensive for memory and plugins.

      Yes, I hate when they change their blog name and username and I can’t find them! Especially when it’s a blogger I read regularly.

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  39. I agree with the 1st 2 suggestions. I don’t have a paid plan so I don’t know about the 3rd.

  40. Okay yes I agree with the rest too.

    1. Glad to hear that and hope WP makes some changes soon.

  41. Interesting post 👍

    Reading this type of post sometimes is a sort of discouragement to me.

    Planning on upgrading and monitising my blog and reading this, will only leave me on the question, SHOULD IT BE A WASTE OF MONEY UPGRADING MY SITE?

    Can you please enlighten me more on the new pro plan because am considering starting with it.

    1. Thanks so much.

      Yes, upgrading can be worth it but it depends on a number of factors. I don’t know much about the Pro Plan since I have never used it but here is some information on upgrading that may be helpful: https://lifesfinewhine.ca/2020/06/20/is-it-time-to-upgrade-your-wordpress-plan/

      1. Thanks so much for the information.
        I appreciate.

        1. You’re very welcome.

      2. “On the other hand you can make a decent amount of money even on the free plan if you have a large following/traffic.”

        How is it possible please?

          1. Thanks so much for the update 😍

            1. You’re totally welcome 😄

          2. You have a very nice Blog 👍

            1. Thanks so much ☺️

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  44. You Make very valid points. WordPress definitely need to hire you already
    you will whip their butts into shape in no time!! lol

    1. Haha thank you!

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