5 Things I Hate About Blogging

Things I Hate About Blogging

I love blogging- it’s probably one of my favourite things to do apart from reading stuff about history because for some weird reason my brain thinks reading hundreds of pages about things that happened hundreds of years ago is fun. But I digress, I love blogging but I have to admit- like everything it has it’s advantages and disadvantages. I read this post by Shelly– an awesome blogger you should immediately check out if you haven’t already- and that’s where I got the idea from this post from. Our posts are a bit different but her post is what gave me this idea and I always want to support other bloggers plus credit should be given where it’s due so do check out her post as well- it’s very interesting and super relatable.

Here are five things I hate about blogging:

Spam Comments

You guys know this had to be at the top of my list. I am so freaking tired of getting “please check out my posts” comments EVERY SINGLE DAY!! I can guarantee you that some people will leave comments like that on this post too because people like that clearly don’t read or even care about your post. They just want to advertise their own blog and think that for some weird reason other people’s posts are the best place to do this.

I have had the pleasure of reading a lot of amazing blog posts by a lot of amazing bloggers and I think it’s just insanely disrespectful to ignore their hard work (I guarantee that every blogger puts at least a certain amount of time and effort to create their posts) and use their blog to grow your own. And to be honest it’s also a really stupid thing to do as well as a great way to destroy the chances of your blog actually growing because most bloggers block or delete such comments/commenters. If you just left a genuine comment talking about their post they would be very likely to check out your blog anyway.

I know some bloggers do this without realizing what they are doing is wrong so I would urge anyone reading this not to leave these kind of comments and instead take the time to genuinely connect with other bloggers. This is a way better way to grow and honestly kind of easier in my opinion.

Feeling Used

As you guys probably know if you’ve been following me for a while I have a lot of posts with blogging advice and I guess because of those posts combined with my following people tend to assume I’m great at blogging (I’m really not I’m just very lucky to have such fantastic followers!) and I end up getting A LOT of messages, emails and comments asking me for help. A lot of them are general questions which I really don’t mind. If I can help someone I usually try to depending on how busy I am with school work. This doesn’t bother me at all.

What does bother me is people who are really rude about asking for help. To be honest,  I’m just a blogger and I don’t have to help anyone if I don’t want to but I try to help when I can because I’ve been blogging for like six years now and I know how difficult blogging can be. However, some people sort of try to use me like tech support which is a bit annoying because that’s not my job?? To kind of explain what I mean- sometimes people ask me about really specific technical issues they are experiencing and I usually tell them to talk to the happiness engineers because they are better equipped to help them with such things. Like one time someone’s blog didn’t have a follow button and they kept asking me why and I told them I didn’t know because I honestly didn’t know what the issue was and told them to contact WP since it could be a glitch. However, for some reason they got super offended that I couldn’t help them and became really passive aggressive which kind of threw me off. That’s just one example, but yeah when that happens it annoys me because I’m not like your blogging teacher- I’m just a girl trying to blog and not go crazy writing research papers all day.

Another thing I get often is people asking me for help to grow their site and expecting some kind of magic formula that will instantly get them from 0-1000 followers. That’s not how it works- it took me years to get to where I am. I try to give them advice and tell them how I grow my blog but some people get super passive aggressive as if I’m hiding some secret about growing your blog. I also have had people ask me to go through their entire site and read every post to see if anything can be improved- I mean why would I do that? I don’t mind giving general pointers but I’m not going to redo your entire blog for you especially when I’m so busy with university that I don’t even have time to write anything except six word stories for my own blog. It’s not my job to teach you how to blog- that’s something you should learn on your own through your own research and I think it’s rude to even ask someone to do something like that for you unless they offer some kind of service to do that and you are willing to pay them for their time and effort.


I know people say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but to be honest it can be quite annoying. Sometimes I see people stealing my posts- like entire posts or using certain sentences word for word and it really annoys me. I don’t mind if one of my ideas inspires you to write something similar- I don’t even want credit for that. What annoys me is when people steal my work word for word.

From what I have seen in all the years I have been blogging I know that bloggers work really hard on their posts and it’s really difficult to come up with unique ideas all the time so it’s really upsetting when someone decides to steal your posts and not even bother changing the words. And it’s not just me who has experienced this. Most bloggers have experienced this at least once which just makes me so sad.

If you are someone who uses other peoples work without crediting them I really hope you stop because it’s just so awful.


I love blogging but to be honest WordPress can be super annoying sometimes. I just feel like they don’t take their content creators seriously because they continue to make certain changes to their platform that I personally find quite unnecessary while ignoring certain things that would actually be quite beneficial for users. It would be pretty easy to find out what we would like to see them improve- literally all they would have to do is ask. They also continuously make changes without giving a proper heads up to people so they can brace themselves for these changes which annoys me a lot. As someone with anxiety I like to know if something is changing in advance so I can prepare myself for it and I know a lot of people feel that way too. It’s quite difficult to deal with the changes when they are so sudden especially if you’re like me and are not too tech savvy.

Feeling Unsatisfied

Sometimes I just feel extremely unsatisfied with my posts because I’ll put out a post that I put so much effort into writing and that I’m very passionate about and it will get a really bad response and the next day I’ll put out a post I wrote about something random in a rush and it will do really well. I mean I’m super grateful but at the same time I kind of feel unsatisfied like I wish I had gotten a better response for some of the other posts that didn’t do as well. I don’t know if you guys have ever experienced this but it has happened to me a couple of times. Let me know in the comments if that’s ever happened to you!

Technical Stuff

The thing I love most about blogging is just being able to express myself as I want to. Blogging has always been a place for me where I can just be myself. And then I learnt about SEO and DA and Alexa scores and a million other things and honestly when I think about them they just annoy me so much. Why does a post have to be SEO friendly and all that other stuff to be successful. I don’t get why technical stuff gets so much say in what readers want to see on your posts.

For example, I’ve been using Google for like forever now like most people who are around my age and as the years pass I can tell the results are getting more inaccurate. First, you get a million ads trying to sell you stuff, then you FINALLY get to the posts but it’s all irrelevant stuff that only shows up because it has high SEO scores. You don’t actually get the information you need which is super annoying and you need to go through a bunch of articles before you get to what you were actually looking for, It annoys me so much because I see so many wonderful blogs that honestly deserve so much better. They deserve so much more traffic than they get and most of it is not because their blogs aren’t wonderful but because of stupid algorithms that are screwing their chances of growing.

I see it with Instagram too- if you can get into the algorithm and do everything right you grow and if not you’re kind of stuck even though your content is great. I think that’s ridiculous because it just means everyone on social media just ends up doing the same stuff again and again and anyone who dares to do something different is basically stuck.

Another example of why the technical stuff is stupid is that they tell you what posts people want to see on your blog but guess what? They’re probably wrong. SEO stuff says your posts need to be long- at least 1500 words but how many of you have genuinely read posts that are that long without just skimming through them and picking up on the sections you want to read? How many of you are have even made it till here on this post? People tend to just ramble on and say things that could be said in like 500 words so that their posts reach 1500-2000 words. It’s like writing research papers all over again and it makes something that was created so people could freely express themselves a lot less fun. My six word stories are literally six words and they bring in just as much traffic as my longer posts.

Sorry, this section turned into a bit of a rant but I had to reach my 1500-2000 word goal… LOL kidding… or am I just going to keep rambling till I get to 2000? Kidding again? Or am I? Okay, I’ll stop now- I am very sleep deprived and just finished a three hour class so I am going to stop typing now before I further ruin this post. But I stand by what I said about technical stuff being stupid- it is stupid.

Your Thoughts

Do you also find any of the things I mentioned about blogging annoying too? Do you find anything about blogging annoying? If so what do you find annoying about blogging? What is the worst experience you have had through blogging? How is was your day? Let me know in the comments below because I love hearing from you guys or simply stop by and say hi!

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175 thoughts on “5 Things I Hate About Blogging

  1. I have posted a Blog every day for almost five years. There is nothing I don’t like about it. That is the advantage of not having many followers or likes. What spammer wants publicity from me?! From all the complaints, I worry that people are not enjoying the writing like they should. It sounds like being in school and having to meet term paper deadlines and stress over grades. It should be more fun than that!

    1. Yeah that’s why I stopped caring about SEO. I write what I want that makes me happy and if that means my SEO isn’t great than so be it. It’s definitely all about enjoying yourself!

  2. I’m not a very popular blogger yet, so I might not be able to relate to these points just now, but yeah, this blog has been written superbly and I’m sure that these must be some of the problems that most bloggers face, so yeah. By the way, i loved this blog so here’s hats off to you🎩

  3. Awesome post! I mostly blog for myself, I like shouting into the void of the internet but the spammy comments drive me nuts! I find them almost as infuriating as the random “likers” that obviously never read the posts.

  4. Good post Pooja. About spam comments: kindly just ignore it. You can have a comment policy, what satisfy your reader and you. It’s about mutual understanding. For example, Thought about the post of discussion is allowed, anything else is an intruder. Besides, you can satisfy everyone but you have got to set rules and keeps functional productive. Readers who will like you will surely do and some will leave. They simply don’t belong here- your blogging space.

    For feeling unsatisfied: that’s content you are talking about. You have to look at both posts and spot the difference. What was on the one readers like and engage with that’s not on the one you took time to write. Most times, I have noticed that when we are real in our style of writing, speaking or making videos, people tend to love it. It has emotional elements and that’s what I think people love most and feel connected with. Our content must real with real emotion. It’s all about passing a message. I believe we get it right when we say, blogging is your unique voice and personality about a subject.

    1. Yup I do ignore the spam comments but sometimes I just need to rant haha.
      Yeah I think the issue is that some posts that I feel very passionate about I end up over editing which takes away my original voice/thoughts. I need to work on that.
      Thanks for the comment!

  5. Lovely and interesting content.
    I thanks for sharing your feelings about blogging.
    I am boring to write,
    Lazybess, other works delaying my blog posts, thinking about content has sometimes taking lot of time to me.
    I am really not good at English. Even I like to write my own English.

  6. I totally agree with all of your disappointments . The point of unsatisfied is I like the most because it’s happen to me all the time , I am disguised by the fact of having bad response in my that post which I work really hard not only at blogging , on every social media platforms.and it is very bad to steal others hard works , and promoting their posts in an inappropriate way. great post as always .

  7. I really liked this post. I like how you enjoy blogging even though you’ve been at it for six years! Very inspiring for a beginner like me. 😊

  8. I agreed with these. Especially with the technical stuff that is really annoying. Why do you have to be technical expert to publish your blog when you are not a technical junkies! 😒

  9. Totally what I have been feeling about blogging. Though I am just and few months old, it’s great to connect with you and other bloggers through this platform. I am learning new things everyday and have been mulling on these issues, though I am not familiar with the WP changes that affect bloggers. But agree it would be great to be updated on these changes. Hope WP takes note.

  10. I came to WordPress specifically because it helps me not care if my posts “do well” in the same way social media platforms put so much emphasis on. I only even notice likes and comments because of the mobile app, I could just not use it if I start to get stressed out

  11. These truly are pet peeves of blogging! I’ve experienced a couple of these myself and have yet to experience others, so I may know how you feel completely at some point haha. Glad to see you still love blogging in general!

  12. Hehe, luckily I’m not big enough to be experiencing some of those problems, but yeah WordPress is just…not good. The interface, tools, and technical widgets are simply not user friendly, especially on the mobile app :/ Pretty frustrating from time to time

    1. Yup WP is one of the most annoying parts for me too and I feel like it just gets worse over time instead of improving which is quite frustrating.

  13. The last two points are wonderful actually, and they’re probably connected as well. SEO has always seemed so weird to me, it’s like trying to hack your intuition. The posts that genuinely have good SEO are the ones that are written by people knowledgeable in the field. Keyword density and stuff like that happens because someone knows what they’re talking about, and talks well about it. The stipulated post length happens because they have stuff to say, not the other way round. SEO is touted as this magic formula through which everyone can generate leads, but the truth is it’s still just good information arrayed in a clear way that makes all the difference. Good SEO is nothing but good writing, and this relentless focus on the ways to hack this is just resulting in a bunch of formulaic, useless content and eroding all trust on online content. I genuinely don’t trust half the things I read, especially if I can pick out signs of SEO engineering.

    1. I absolutely agree. When someone forces a post to be SEO friendly it can just end up making it difficult to read. It’s best left to those that are experts in the field.

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