Six Word Story #175

Shut up. Shut up! SHUT UP!

This is how I feel about my brain sometimes. I’m having one of those days where I could use a break from my never quiet brain, lol. So no new words today, just a friendly reminder to tell your brain to shut up from time to time.

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86 thoughts on “Six Word Story #175

  1. I guess most of us feel this way. I wish there was some switch to turn it off. Sometimes I wish if I could have an ability to become deaf at time of my choosing.
    Best wishes to you Pooja. Keep shining 🌟

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  2. Have you heard of brown noise? I just heard of it and the gal was saying how it helped her feel calmer and got rid of all those thoughts!

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  3. Oh… If only it worked even remotely for me. The mind is like a part of you that you just have a hard time controlling. This kind of reminds me of a song where the singer was getting negative thoughts, and in the end, he kept on saying ‘shut up’

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  4. This is something familiar. My brain is overactive, the only quiet and peace I get is when I am asleep. Always there is that voice in my head wanting to debate with me. I am no schizophrenic but I often wondered how other people’s mind behaved.

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  5. How true…our brains can run us into exhaustion if we let it. We are the thinker of our thoughts, we are not our thoughts. Deep breathing and connecting to my body instead of my head helps me as does connecting with nature. Namaste

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      1. Anyone: “You mean you’re just sitting there and you have literal silence in your mind?”

        Me: “Yes. Until you started talking.”

        A big motivation for me when I started my blog was getting my brain off of the couch and into shape.

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