Thank You, Thank You, THANK YOU!

I recently reached 24k WordPress subscribers and I am so happy and excited! THANK YOU to everyone that has followed this blog and a special thank you to everyone who has chosen to like, share or comment on my posts. You interaction means the world to me.

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I love reading every comment you guys leave and talking to you about stuff in the comments section. As you guys know, I am somewhat of an introvert and I’m not good with socialising at all. But for some reason the WordPress community is so easy to interact with and I don’t really have any trouble talking to you guys. In fact, I have even been able to make blogging friends with some amazing people from around the world and that is honestly the best thing ever! If it wasn’t for this platform I wouldn’t even know you let alone be able to speak to you.

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Thank you again for supporting Lifesfinewhine and I, I really appreciate you guys always being there. I feel like I share more openly on my blog than I do in person, haha. I really hope we continue to support each other and if you would like to support more people in the Lifesfinewhine community check out my share and promote page where you can share your blog and find hundreds of other blogs to check out.

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Thank you, once more and have an awesome day/night!

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Oh, and it’s my dad’s birthday today, woohoo!

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147 thoughts on “Thank You, Thank You, THANK YOU!

  1. Goodness I’ve been meaning to comment on this post for a few days and at long last, I’ve FINALLY both remembered and actually gotten around to commenting! Lol. Firstly, a huge congratulations and very well deserved. I don’t have anywhere near the same number of followers but my reads have been averaging about 85 organic views daily, mostly from sharing your top tips, so thank you for sharing them with us. Also,thank you for interacting with my blog and being a regular commenter on Kinky With A Twist. It’s a completely different niche to your own yet you still find time to contribute regularly anyway. Thank you, and here’s wishing 25k+ comes soon!

  2. “Consistency is life, and some experiments, procrastination, and essential decisions. Also, forgive yourself when you need it” — This is a quick summary of this blog.
    A blogger whom I genuinely admire, Congratulations Pooja!

  3. Congratulations! And happy birthday to your dad. It is true that writing is not as “on your face” as talking. It is a more gentle method of communication if you know what I mean. I don’t feel embarrassed if I lost for words for a minute, or has to pause etc.

  4. Happy belated birthday to your Dad and congratulations to you too! I love your posts and I miss them when I have to take a break! Speaking of which, I will catch up with them soon. My Dad’s en route to Canada now!

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