I Got 99 Problems But WP Ain’t One


I am so annoyed right now. If I wasn’t a pacifist I would probably punch someone something. Actually, maybe I can take a break from being a pacifist for a while because my sister is sitting awfully close to me right now… Okay, I’m back. I flicked her jokingly and she smacked me really hard so obviously I win this round.

Now, before I get sidetracked into becoming less of a peace loving hippie, let’s get back to blogging and WordPress. On Friday, I published a post called Level 24 Eatery Review And Experience and I was super excited about this post because I hadn’t done an experience/review post in quite a while. I know a lot of you guys love those kind of posts and I love creating and posting them.

WordPress, however, decided to absolutely sabotage my post. Now, before I get into how WP decided to screw me I would like to say I’m a little nuts when it comes to blogging and once more that has come to my rescue. Every time I publish a new post, I check the tags section for each tag I have used to make sure my post is showing up on each tag because that is the best way to reach new bloggers that haven’t followed you yet. So, on Sunday afternoon I sat down to check the tags and to my surprise my post didn’t show up on any of the tags pages.

An example of the tag page/section it should have been on but was not:

So, I reached out to WordPress and let them know that I was experiencing this issue:

I don’t know if this is just me (let me know what you think in the comments below) but I felt like they were talking down to me? Like I’m too stupid to know the difference between what a tag and a category is? Obviously, this irritated me a little especially because I had to deal with all this on my day off so I sent a slightly sarcastic response:

In response, they seemed to ignore the issue I was trying to point out and replied with something different. I don’t know why WP always does that. They try to make you think you’re crazy or imagining the problem when in reality they have a really buggy platform. I understand that all platforms have issues from time to time and I wouldn’t be mad if they just admitted there was an issue and fixed it but instead they try to act like everything is fine and that you’re the problem which annoys the hell out of me.

This is what I responded:

I was getting pretty annoyed by this point. This is what they responded:

I was ready to start throwing hands at this point because they were addressing everything but the issue:

This is what they responded:

This is what I said in response:

This was their response:

This is what I responded:

By the way, what I said is true. Your post should show up on all tags, mine does every time except the last couple of times. And not just my own. Every time someone posts something on one of the blogs I manage I go into the tags and make sure their post is visible on them (except the ones that are self-hosted because self-hosted sites don’t show up on tags). Otherwise, what would be the point of having a 15 tag limit if 12 of the tags aren’t even going to show up? It would have been a 3 tag limit if that were the case.

After hours of no response, I finally had to be the one to follow up and ended up getting this reply:

Firstly, not only did they not tell me that information until I was the one who followed up and asked for an update. And secondly, they were pretty much trying to gaslight me again into believing there is no real issue when there clearly is. This is what I responded:

This is the ridiculous response I got:

I didn’t have an issue with my tags showing on my post. I had an issue with my post not showing on the tags pages. If the person had taken two minutes to read the older emails they would know that. I couldn’t be bothered to respond after this because it was clear they didn’t care. They were either being purposely daft or they were incredibly bad at their job and I don’t have enough time to deal with either. Plus, my post from yesterday showed up on tags (ALL OF THEM NOT JUST THREE!) so maybe the issue fixed itself. I truly hope so because you just know WP isn’t going to do anything about it.

I just want to make it clear that I don’t generally respond to emails in such a harsh way. In fact, I have a lot of sympathy for people in the service industry but I also have been a pushover my whole life and have recently decided to change that and say something when something needs to be said. I was quite annoyed about the whole thing and the fact that they don’t seem to be doing much to help when I’m on a paid plan which I pay a lot of money for is very frustrating. I wasn’t trying to be excessively rude or anything but I also wanted them to know that they can’t just gaslight me and not fix whatever the issue is. I felt really disrespected with the way they were talking down to me and ignoring what I was trying to explain.

I was actually going to update my plan to the Business Plan because I really need plugins now that I’m doing this full-time but now I’m considering whether it’s worth it because if this is the kind of service I’m going to receive I don’t want to invest this much money into a platform that clearly doesn’t care about its creators. Also, what are they using the thousands of dollars they make every month for if they are unable to fix such simple little issues?

Well that’s it for now. I’ll let you guys know if there are any new updates. I know I reserve Tuesdays for blogging advice posts but I was just too mad to write an advice post today and to be honest I also didn’t want to publish it if it’s not even going to show up in the tags section which was a possibility when I wrote this post. I get a lot of traffic from there and I don’t want to lose out on that especially since my advice posts are the most popular posts on my blog. When stuff like this happens I kind of want to stop blogging altogether because it’s like I spend this much time on my blog perfecting everything just for something like this to ruin my stats. That’s super discouraging. Of course, I’ll keep blogging cos I love my lifesfinewhiners (that’s what I’ve decided to call my subscribers, what do you think??) but it does make me really mad when stuff like this happens.

Have you ever had any issues with WordPress? I’m guessing yes… If you have, how did they handle it? Were you satisfied with their customer service? Or were you left frustrated like me? Has something similar happened with your posts? Are you currently experiencing any issues on WordPress at the moment? Should we start a petition asking WP to get it’s crap together? Let me know in the comments below except for that last question which is a joke unless you guys are into it…

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112 responses to “I Got 99 Problems But WP Ain’t One”

  1. *Sighs* I’m sorry you’re having such issues with WordPress. I realized how unhelpful they were five years ago when I was trying to delete my other blog site and they had it connected to the template I purchased. It was like pulling teeth explaining to them what I wanted to do.

    Frustrating as a word is a clear understatement. I try to be positive and think, “Maybe they’ll get their act together”, but really, I highly doubt it. Good luck going forward.

    1. Thanks so much. I realised they were unhelpful a while back but sometimes I have no choice but to contact them.

      I hope they improve soon too but it doesn’t seem like that’s going to happen any time soon lol.

  2. Hey, I’m a Finewhiner! ❤️ I can hardly believe all of the nonsense you had to deal with, Pooja! That’s insane. I hope this issue just goes away for you. I too stay on WP because of the many friends I have in so many countries, it’s wonderful.

    If this helps any, I did find a solution to my not being able to use the Like button on most blogs, and sometimes not being able to leave a comment. Also, I had to continually log into my blog! I had a long chat with one of those WP Engineers this morning.

    What they and I came up with is that the last time my Firefox browser auto-updated, a setting was messed up with the Enhanced Tracking Protection. There is a tiny shield on the far left of the address window. Open that up and turn off that function. This is for the Firefox browser.

    Bingo, I can Like and comment again. What a pain in the rear, eh?

    1. Woohoo! ❤️

      Yeah the only thing that makes me stay is this wonderful community. If it wasn’t for it I would have left years ago.

      Wow, glad you were able to solve the issue!

  3. I had a similar experience with the WP staff. They talked down to me as if I was too stupid to know what certain terminology was. I didn’t like the attitude they were giving and closed the chat. I was using chat at the time. It took 20+ min to get ahold of an actual person.

    I’m sorry that you’re experiencing so many issues with WP and can feel your frustration in your blog post 😖

    1. Yeah that’s what annoyed me most. Being talked to like I was stupid and making the issues up. Soooo frustrating but what can you do? I need them for some issues I can’t fix myself. 😫

  4. Goodness, what a nightmare! You deserve SO much better than this, not only because you’re paying WordPress to function well but also because you’re a wonderful person in general. <3 And I really like lifesfinewhiners, btw!

    1. Thanks and yeah it sucks to be treated like that but I’m not surprised. Oh yay, I love calling everyone lifesfinewhiners lol!

      1. Ack, I forgot to mention this before, but I read a WordPress article yesterday that said that one should have less than “15 tags (or categories or both)” for the best performance. Then the article said that the more tags one uses with a post, the less likely the post will show up in the tag sections of the Reader. 😔 That was totally new to me!

        1. That’s definitely new because it didn’t say that on an article I read about two years back. All these updates just make the site more and more user unfriendly 😢

          1. Wow, that is strange! Do you want me to try and find the article once more? Unfortunately, updates are often more like downgrades these days. 😢

            1. Yeah that would be awesome if you have some time, no worries if you can’t though!

              1. I’ll make sure to send it your way if I come across it again! I tried looking for it yesterday, but I had too much stuff in my history.

                1. That’s fine, whenever is okay!

                  1. 💛💛💛

    1. My feelings exactly!

  5. Interesting experience

    1. Thanks, it was definitely something.

      1. Awww😔❤

  6. First off i was sooo laughing at the beginning of your post and then I was like soooo feeling your pain remembering my few blunders with them. I’ve gone on amnesia at the moment since it is sooo dreadfully upsetting. Might you not remind them that you are the blogging queen and ane we will all quit too if they talk down to you. Here’s to stepping out of your comfort zone and telling them how it is.. now I do hope they don’t shut you down,.,. 😂💖😎😎😎😎

    1. Blogging queen 👸
      I definitely agree. A lot of my blogs are actually inspired from her. I read her blogs daily and have adopted many things I learn from her. 😃

      1. for sure.. i just wrote a piece with Queen bee in honor of my friends birthday tomorrow.. stay tuned but Pooja is the blogging queen!! 💖

    2. Haha thank you so much! Lol if my blog disappears you’ll know why 😂💖

      1. The blogging Queen Pooja, the first🥺❤

      2. ofcourse! what would we do without you.. especially me. 💖💖💖

  7. It really feels like with every update WP does something to make it more difficult for me to blog. Eg: recently I’ve been seeing that a lot of my scheduled posts need to be manually posted since they don’t go through automatically at the time I’ve set them up for.
    I haven’t really reached out to them for my blog. My brand’s website is also on WP and their chat has been decently helpful. Since I use a theme that isn’t a WP theme, usually whenever they get stuck with helping me they blame it on the theme and ask me to switch to a WP theme or contact the theme support. Which is a lil frustrating.

    1. Honestly, their updates are so unhelpful I sometimes wonder why they keep updating a platform that was working fine earlier.

      That’s annoying but glad your experience hasn’t been super awful.

    2. Ooo what’s your brand Panda?

  8. I would’ve been going bonkers after the second email. FYI, I don’t recommend punching anything (people or inanimate things…it rarely ends well, and casts on your hands/fingers suck).

    I actually have never pinged the WordPress help folks. I’ve been pretty lucky so far to find solutions via Google, Stackoverflow, etc.

    1. Haha thanks but my fingers are infected at the moment and swollen so I couldn’t punch some had I wanted to.

      It’s great you’ve never had to deal with them and I really hope you never do.

  9. Jeez… What is wrong with WP support? The disrespect is appalling! And others here in the comments have had a similar experience? Yikes…

    1. I know, they were being super rude and I was getting more and more irritated.

  10. First of apologies! 🙏🏼
    I read this blog in the morning, but then I was getting late for the gym and couldn’t write a comment. Then, I was so pissed and I was about to write a rant for WP.
    Secondly, I’m really sorry for the experience you have went through. Remember, lifesfinewhiners got your back always. This whole thing is very frustrating. You are actually doing this for all the bloggers on WP. I hope people at wp gets some basic sense.
    Wp has screwed me multiple times. I like creating images and things don’t look good in the readers. I despise this interface where we get multiple glitches. Then, the features are available for free version, but they don’t even work on reader. I don’t understand what’s the point of giving it then. I also get issue with scheduling. If I’ve scheduled a certain post, then I expect it be published it on that time. Then, I have to publish it manually. I understand, how hard is to write a blog. I can see your passion and I learn from you daily. If a certain thing is messed up, then it really feel bad. If we all can do something against it. I’m ready to join.

    1. Thanks so much. Yeah it’s super frustrating. I feel like WP is becoming less and less user friendly and it’s just so annoying. Someone else was telling me that they have the same issue with scheduled posts. I really hope they fix whatever glitch is causing that.

      1. I really hope that too.
        I also hope that, you are in a good mood now.
        Please forget this as a bad experience. But, still lifesfinewhiners will do something against it.

        1. I’m okay now, thank you.

  11. I have given up asking WP for help, as basically, you are talking to a machine.
    How they think this will help in our hour of need completely baffles me.
    More and more companies are using these machines, but I don’t see the point, as a machine can never know what you are talking about, not really…

    1. Yeah machines are so unhelpful because our issues are not always generic enough that a bot could solve them.

        1. Rarely if ever…

  12. So much drama 😂😂 loved your sarcastic response 🤣

    1. Lol thanks, you know we’re the queens of sarcasm 😂

    2. What’s do you blog about?😂❤

  13. I can’t believe WP right now! And here I was thinking the only problem they had was with their mobile app. I’m so sorry about that. Also, I’ve never had a reason to contact them for anything, but I feel that day is coming. I just feel it.

    And thanks for the blogging advice.

    1. Also I loved how you handled everything, with the responses and all. I think they actually thought you’re a novice, lol

      1. Lol I think they thought I was a novice too but apparently they had looked through my blog so I thought they would know I wasn’t.

    2. Yeah it’s not just the app. They have lots of issues on the desktop too. It’s very frustrating. I hope you never have to deal with them.

      1. I really hope so too

  14. I’m really sorry about your experience. Blogging on the Android app is even more frustrating 🤦. Hopefully, WordPress Engineers would work on this.

    1. Thanks so much. I stopped using the app because it was just too annoying 😫

    2. What’s your blog about?

      1. It’s actually a personal blog meant to entertain, inspire and educate.

        1. Please link it🥺

          1. I love the topics you go for I’ll definitely follow

        2. In the words of Kelly Wakasa “Do what excites”, I love that

  15. Hey I used to push my younger brother down the stairs, you’re falling behind here Pooja 😂 he’s fine don’t worry. Even if my Mum had to separate us with plyboard to stop us killing one another at one time, we couldn’t be closer these days. He was even my chief bridesman when I got married lol.

    I’m sorry to hear about your struggles with WordPress, and it annoys me too that Happiness Engineers are more like Condescension Experts at the best of times. With that being said I would say do be careful about being overly sarcastic towards them. Being married to a Customer Service Representative (though fortunately not for WordPress lol) I do know that tone carries and they do feel it. They’re trying to help you, and having attitude with them can mean they won’t want to help you, or they’ll just get snotty back. I know being condescended sucks, but try to understand the reason why. They’re not trying to belittle you, they’re just trying to make sure you understand. Be mad for a minute and breathe it out. Don’t let a bad moment make yours a bad day, you’re far better than that 😉

    At least that is until WordPress p*sses one of us off again! 😂 keep smiling Pooja!

    1. Push her down the stairs… got it! 😂

      Yeah you’re so right. I try to keep my cool but with everything I’ve been through with WP over the years I have to admit it’s difficult to stay calm. I’ll try harder next time!

  16. Pooja, I’m sorry you have to deal with this on your day off too. It sucks that the WP experts are so condesending. My friend also has a blog on WP and a similar issue accured and I was outraged by how disrespectful the experts were to my friend. I hope all issues have been resolved by now and that you never have to deal with something like that ever again.

    Best of Luck,

    Dusty Harwood

    1. Thanks. Yeah it’s incredibly frustrating and the experts are incredibly rude to most people. I think the issue is resolved, or at least I hope it is.

      Thanks again.

  17. I’m still pretty new to WP so I haven’t experienced any problems yet. Sorry about your troubles. I know how you feel because of my experience with other web problems that I’ve run into over the years. It does make you want to pull your hair out.

    1. What other Web problems Mike, are you a Backend Software Dev?

      1. No, I’m not a software developer. Just a regular guy. I’ve had problems with social media sites and other websites where customer service was lacking. I had accounts with 2 other website developers like WordPress. I’ve had problems with Microsoft and Google. Most companies with call centers horrible customer service at times.

    2. Thanks so much. I’m glad you’ve never had to deal with any issues with WP and I hope you never do. It really does get incredibly frustrating.

  18. Ugh! I’m so sorry you’re dealing with this. I firmly believe all tech support/customer service-type employees should be extra careful with the words they use. A condescending tone can add a layer of frustration no one needs.
    On a related note, I need to up my tags game! I didn’t realize they were so important. I was under the impression tags were more for my own organization, not the reader. Thanks for the tip! I’m in the process of going through old posts and optimizing them, so I’ll keep this in mind.

    1. Can you please link your blog Luna I’m on mobile so I can’t see it ,but I want to so follow you

      1. You know- i think that might be another WP glitch because I can’t click on yours, either! Don’t worry, I’ll try again on my laptop. I love ASMR 🥰
        I’d love for you to visit my website, but there’s not a follow button because I’m on the business plan. I’m afraid we’ll have to wait for the Reader to work as it should. I’m not able to click on anyone’s blog right now! ::shakes fist::


    2. Yeah the condescending tone just makes the whole experience even worse at a time when you’re already frustrated.

      Tags are incredibly important for traffic and following so definitely something to keep in mind.

      1. Another helpful tip from Pooja!

        1. Happy to help!

  19. … I accept no liability for any injuries or claims made as a result of my comment 🤣

    Hey it’s okay, we’re all human, it would be a grand world if we were all perfect. I don’t want to be right, just wanted to say that being sarcastic can come back to bite you, not that I speak from experience, or anything 😜 that’s all we can all do. Trust me, I’m almost 10 years your senior and I’m still learning the error of my ways 😂

    1. Lol I have no doubt you can be just as sarcastic as me 😂

  20. Yes, I agree they were talking down to you. I had an issue recently with all my insights disappearing. It took me about three notes for them to understand the issue. It was a glitch that they fixed.

    1. Oh I see, glad they fixed it eventually.

  21. It’s something of a known quality, yes lol

    1. Lol it’s one of my favourite qualities in people so don’t worry it just makes you more fun! People who know how to use sarcasm well are always the best.

      1. Provided it’s well meant, yes. Some people have just got to get plain nasty because they haven’t got anything witty or ever to say. That just sucks all of the fun out of the party then I think.

        1. Oh absolutely, sarcasm is an art. Some people are just mean and use sarcasm as an excuse.

          1. See you saying that reminds me of a time my brother was talking about the sun being high in the sky and I sarcastically said “is that what it js? All this time I thought it was just some great big fire” and he replied with “well yeah, that’s exactly what it is. I’m sorry sis but if that’s what you call humour then… wow”. I was just so upset by that and I thought it was completely needless. Sure I stated the freaking obvious but there was no need to tear me to shreds. Siblings, eh? Who’d have em? Lol

            1. Ouch, that’s a harsh response but that’s just how siblings are! They keep us humble 😂

              1. Now now, you know we’re better than they are really, it’s just impolite if you say it 😂

  22. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I didn’t know tags can be searched on the reader on tags page. The engineers I feel can be helpful and sometimes… they point us to articles, English might not be their language so communication can be an issue.

    I did know the total is 15 combined tags and categories. I also know the reader takes a while for posts to appear.

    But generally I do love wp.com
    Mainly for the inbuilt community

    1. I have had some very helpful Engineers and some unhelpful ones so I guess it depends on your luck.

      Yeah that probably is the case but I decreased my tags and categories and it still didn’t appear on the pages even after days. I think there was a glitch with the post in general.

      Yeah the community is really the bets part of WP for most of us I think.

  23. Wow, that got me riled up just reading through those messages. Hopefully they get it fixed. Everyone seems to be having problems lately with WP, it’s nuts. What they should be updating are these terrible choices for layouts. They’re starting to look Squarespace-y and stale, all these squares everywhere, blocks.

    I do thank you for sharing this though. Here I am thinking you couldn’t use no more than 10 tags!

    I contacted WP help once, over chat when I switched domains because everyone that followed me when my domain was kirstencurcio.com, got moved over to a private blog I have, and I had zero followers with the ghosthumanbones.com domain. So they had to manually move my followers from one to the other. Scary.

    1. Thank you and yes it seems to be fixed for now. Yeah I feel like every new update ruins it a little more. I remember joining the platform so many years ago and it was just perfect. It’s sad to see it being slowly destroyed.

      Yup you can use up to 15 tags!

      Wow, that’s terrifying. I would be so scared if I suddenly lost my followers. Glad they were able to move them though.

  24. Your new WP photo is making me want to spend more time on here. 🥹
    Whenever I start to get back to blogging I’ll see some of the awkward updates where I put it off another week.
    That’s a great photo of you though. Favorite blogger.

    1. Aww thanks so much 😊

      I know what you mean, each new update makes the platform a little worse.

      1. I’m likely doing a full reboot, plenty of time. It feels really clunky where I’m procrastinating badly.
        Definitely nailing that smart/sexy look. A coworker is going home to Kenya for a couple weeks to see family, small world.
        If I recall, you’ve dealt with worse on WP. Maybe I’ll catch up on your blog when I have time, don’t disappoint.

        1. Oh I see, good luck with the reboot.

          Thanks and yeah that’s cool. Are they from Nairobi too?

          Yeah I’ve dealt with a lot worse so I’ll get through this no doubt. I never disappoint 😉

          1. I was going to ask but he already left. I just know the cost of the flight was over $10,000 because there wasn’t anything direct. If I recall, he has hours of redirecting flights just to get to Sudan. He owns a large amount of farmland, so probably outside of Nairobi. He hasn’t been able to go home for years because of covid restrictions and there’s an outbreak right before he left. 😆 he said he was going no matter what.
            I’m trying to decide.. glasses/no glasses. I think I lean glasses..
            maybe actually spending time on WP would motive me a little to get into a routine again.

            1. Oh yeah if he has farmland it’s probably not in Nairobi. Woah that’s so expensive, were there no direct flights at all? That’s so surprising.
              I always prefer glasses over no glasses 🤔
              Yeah spending time blogging always makes you more motivated to fix stuff on your blog. It’s like that for me too.

              1. I’ve been pretty much off social media for about a year so it’s hard to get motivated in general.
                There was something about our airports in this region where they had no direct flights. 20 hours, likely several delays and so on since that’s how air travel always goes. I didn’t know it was Friday, I’ll definitely spend time on here to get a habit built up again.

                1. Yeah it’s hard to get back in once you have taken some time off.

                  Oh okay, that’s super expensive though. It was much cheaper from Canada.

                  1. Been so distracted I forgot about WP. I did check your vegan restaurant blog I plan to read closer. I like the glasses a tad more. Pretty either way.
                    Been abnormally chatty, as you can probably tell. Still into astrology, full moon in Aquarius and Venus went into Leo. My natal moon is Aquarius and sun/Mercury is Leo. So, there’s that.
                    I want to travel to Egypt next year and that price freaked me out; I think Egypt is normal price though.

                    1. Thanks and no pressure. We all have lots of stuff going on outside WP so feel free to read whenever you can.

                      Ooh Egypt sounds so lovely. I had a friend in HS that was Egyptian. Would it be cheaper if you come during off season?

                    2. Completely distracted. Heard things are crazy in Kenya right now. Egypt should be fairly cheap, I don’t need to really think about it for maybe 6 months. I got distracted being reminded of Suspiria (remake) and then remembering I need to completely read Jung’s books on Transference. That’s how it’s been, like a kitten and a laser pointer.

                    3. Nah Kenya is fine don’t believe the hype lol 😂

                      That’s life sometimes, we all have so much going on.

                    4. There goes the work joke that he’s really a cia operative sent to overthrow the government. lol.
                      May finally get around to WP stalking your blog, I keep saying that. Rough week.

                    5. Lol you can still use that joke, the elections aren’t technically over because someone is going to court 😂

  25. Terribly sorry to hear of your experience with WordPress. I’ve also had less-than-ideal experiences when dealing with them — more so when it comes to reporting bad actors.

    My blog has been receiving spam attacks from bots, but I report them instead of calling them out. One “blogger,” a “fiction writer” from Ecuador, was engaged in that activity — and was even using multiple accounts to do so. There are many more I can name, but that would take up too much time here.

    More often than not, I either get the generic “we will look into your concern” message. But recently, they have resorted to outright lying. In one instance, I was told that the erring blogger was already banned. However, their Gravatar account was still up after I checked.

    While I’m aware that some of these spammers are doing it to put food on the table, WordPress unfortunately condones them as they have the capability to pay for the plans. Acting on the spammers will compromise its profitable customer segment.

    1. Thanks. Yes, the amount of spam I’ve been getting has increased a lot over the last two years and it seems WP doesn’t really care that much. I complained once but it got nowhere so I have up.

      I hope you’re able to fix your WP problem soon because I know first hand how awful spam/bots can be.

  26. You are right. WP is very buggy. I chatted with them several times before, but every time they fixed a problem, they created another problem for my post. I ended up giving up contacting them. It has a lot of bugs and many of the format issues (or tag issues) are interconnected.

    1. I have pretty much given up on them except for certain things I absolutely need help for. Definitely a very buggy platform.

  27. Thanks for Sharing your unfortunate experience and hopefully WP learn from these bugs in their system and apply the necessary updates needed and their engineers don’t bring their troubles to work with them and find the solution instead of adding to the problem

    1. Thanks and I really hope so although from my experiences it seems WP rarely learns.

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