Slowly enveloping the soul


Gasping for air


Disappearing deeper into the darkness


Looking for any way out


A small beacon of hope at the surface


To get to the light


That the darkness will one day disappear

I recently wrote this poem “Darkness.” It’s about feeling like you have hit rock bottom but surviving it. I know a lot of people experience such feelings. Almost all of us have been at a place where we feel like we’re drowning. Like we don’t have any hope left. We feel as though there is only darkness in our life. But the truth is this isn’t the end. There is always hope. No matter how hopeless we feel, there is a always a ray of light. And there is always a reason to keep going. So don’t give up. I know it feels like it’s the only way but it isn’t. There is always a reason to not give up. To continue fighting the darkness.

Have you ever experienced such feelings? Has there ever been a point in your life where you felt the darkness was overwhelming? How do you deal with such feelings? Do you think things can get better? What advice would you give someone experiencing such feelings?

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65 thoughts on “Darkness

  1. Drowning in the darkness. Hoping to get into the light. You can only hope for so long eventually you just hope for the darkness to win so it’s all over.

    1. I really hope you can get into the light soon. It’s not easy to escape the darkness and I don’t know if you can ever truly be free of it but I like to think concentrating on the light and working towards a better future helps.

  2. Inside every breath of life resides a legion of hope and every heart beat swears by it. So breath in deeply and often my friend and continue to be the light others like you…seek. I can admit openly, there have been dark times in my life your post have redirected me, or your comments made a difference for me. We- bring purpose to life so life can offer us a purpose to live. imo…

    1. Thank you, I am so happy to hear that because I feel the same way about your comments and every comment I get. They all help me stay in the light and I am so grateful for that.

  3. That’s exactly how I feel sometimes when I’m chronically Ill. Trying to fight through the darkness, drowning as I try to reach for the light. Beautifully put!

    1. Sorry to hear that and I think many people experience such feelings but it’s important to try and focus on the light. Thank you!

      1. I actually think that it’s okay to sit in the darkness for a while and face your feelings. It’s just not okay to live there permanently

  4. Yes, sometimes it feels like it’s all darkness and no light, but we don’t despair. Keep our senses open and keep our mind sharpened. There are always options. Sometimes we just can’t see them due to our habitual views. When I look back, I often see my own faults of making friends without really taking the verbal cues into consideration. I too often discount my own instincts due to growing up being shamed out of my own emotional needs. However we fight to get healed and learn to love ourselves.

    1. My therapist was telling me the other day that humans tend to always focus on the negatives even when there is so much positive in front of us. I wonder why we do that. The important thing is always fighting to get better.

      1. Yes, sometimes we think there’s no way out, but there are options and good options. We just need to think and wait. It’s not a black and white, right and wrong world like what our schools tend to teach us, which can back us into a dead corner. The world has options and variations and opportunities and choices.

        1. Yeah schools are definitely part of the issue. We always learn about the black and white never about the grey. There is always good with the bad.

  5. Nice post about the darkness in the soul. Thank you for once again liking one of my posts. Forgive me, when I tried to hang out with the cool crowd in high school, it was before my 5 rounds of shock therapy in 2012. Medication back in high school was not enough to fix up my weirdness.

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