How To Get 100 Likes On WordPress In A Day

Getting More Likes On WordPress

Although getting more likes on WordPress may not be everyones priority, it may be something that some people are hoping for. I realised I have posts on how to get more traffic, more followers and even more comments but none on how to get more likes.

Personally, I think that’s because likes is not something I have ever concentrated on that much. Personally, I prefer to concentrate on views and comments. However, it really does feel lovely when someone likes your post. Especially old ones you had forgotten about.

For that reason, I thought it would be interesting to share some information on how to get more likes on your post. As I mentioned, getting more likes doesn’t have to be your primary goal for blogging but for some people the likes are important.

I have actually been doing some experimenting with my blog over the last few months to see how I can get more comments and views and a side product of that has been an increase in likes. I am not sure if anyone has realised this, you probably haven’t if you’re a new bloggers, but after the update WordPress made last year in March/April, stats have been down for most bloggers.

Before the update, you could easily get 200-400 likes per day and 100-200 comments a day. It’s a lot harder now and you have to be really active on the platform to keep your stats up. However, these are some hacks that will get you more likes and help you save some time:


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I have emphasised the importance of tags in multiple advice posts I have written and I will continue to do that because tags are extremely vital. Tags can literally break or make your post. Using the correct tags can really drive in a lot of traffic to your post and this will automatically equal more likes.

I always emphasis the importance of using the correct tags because you want to drive in the right type of traffic. For example, if you have a recipe post for lasagna you shouldn’t be using tags like “poetry” because that will drive in traffic from people interested in poetry and when they see your post is obviously not about poetry they will most likely ignore your post.

On the other hand, if you use the right tags that relate to the topic of your post you will get traffic consisting of people who are searching for the content that you are putting out. And if they enjoy your post they will be more likely to leave a like.

Using the most popular tag or tags for your topic is always a good idea too because popular tags often get much more traffic and that will consequently mean more traffic for your post which will lead to your post receiving more likes.

I won’t go into too much detail about tags because I already have a post that explains how to use tags correctly.

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One of the best ways to get not only more likes but more traffic and followers too is to be as active on WordPress as possible. I know this one might not be possible for everyone because the truth is we all have lives outside of WP. We all have a lot of other things going on. Being very active may not be possible. Or it may also not be something you want if you try not to spend too much screen time.

However, the truth is that when it comes to platforms like WordPress, a lot of growing has to do with simple math. What I mean is, the more active you are on other blogs the more people will be active on yours. Statistically, just as a hypothetical lets say 5% of the people whose post you interact with interact with yours. If you interact with 5 blogs, 5% is a very small number. But if you interact with 50 blogs the number of blogs that will interact with yours is 10 times higher.

If you feel like you’re too busy to do this yourself and want to hire someone to do it for you, blog management is one of the services I offer. You can learn more about that by clicking here.

Quantity And Quality

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Both quality and quantity are extremely important when it comes to gaining likes.

Quality, in my opinion, is one of the most vital things when it comes to a post. Quality is what keeps your reader reading ahead, it’s what makes people come back to your blog, it’s what makes people stick around. It’s also what will get you likes. If the reader genuinely enjoys your post and finds it informative, interesting or well written, they are much more likely to leave a like.

I hate to say this but quantity also plays a role when it comes to likes. Again, if we think things through statistically, the more you post the more likes you’ll get. If you get 10 likes per post and only post once a month you’ll get about 10 likes a month. If you post 10 times a month you’ll get ten times the likes.

However, I will say that you should never sacrifice quality for quantity. Yes, quantity can get you more likes but if the quality of your posts suffer your average likes will go down since people won’t actually enjoy your posts. Plus, you may lose loyal followers and readers if you sacrifice your quality.

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Patience is key when it comes to blogging. I wanted to add this because a lot of people are under the impression that blogging or rather becoming successful blogging is easy or something you can achieve overnight when in reality it takes quite a while.

Your blog needs time to take off, gain traction and grow. None of that happens overnight unless you’re insanely lucky or very rich. Just like with traffic and following, you have to be patient when it comes to likes. I know it’s hard to resist checking your latest post ever five minutes to see if you have any new likes but resist.

Likes tend to come in slowly, some of my posts from years ago are still get likes every other day. So if you don’t see a bunch of likes in the first few hours don’t be discouraged. Keep pushing forward, keep publishing content and just know that you will get more likes as well as traffic and following over time.


I hope this post was helpful for anyone looking to get more likes in post. I would like to add though, that WordPress as a platform has so many amazing things to offer so being fixated on the likes is not the best idea. Yes, likes are great but what I think you may want to concentrate on is the community and actually enjoying creating and publishing content.

What are some strategies you use to get more likes? Let me know in the comments below because I would love to hear your thoughts!

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120 responses to “How To Get 100 Likes On WordPress In A Day”

  1. Getting more likes is definitely something I want to do more of, but don’t necessarily know how to do. I appreciate your tips!

    1. Well, hopefully this helps increase the likes!

  2. Thank you, Pooja. I really appreciate your experience and suggestions.

    1. My pleasure, happy to share the information.

  3. Quality posts helps a lot for likes. I agree with the engagement too, somedays I get super shy on some blogs, but when I get past that and comment, etc it really does make a difference. Also, I get to know more about my readers which is wonderful. 😊

    1. I absolutely think so too. Quality is great and so is engagement. You get to talk to more people and have them come over to your site. 😊

  4. Another great post Pooja, I appreciate you sharing your experience with blogging, it really helps.

    1. Thanks so much, I’m always happy to share the information.

  5. Good contents as always!

    1. Thank you!

  6. Such a great post! Thanks so much for sharing this information with us

    1. My pleasure, hope it helps!

  7. Lovely advice for all. Patience is most certainly key 🔑

    1. Thanks so much and yes it really is.

  8. Well, you have mentioned a lot already and I don’t think much can be added to this wonderful blog. I love such blogs of yours and I always saves them. My saved section is majorly filled with your blogs,haha
    Okay, I would like to share my personal opinion to this.
    Yes, I do like ‘likes’ but, I expect more than likes from people who are already following me. If I read a certain blog with interest, I drop comment to show my appreciation. This is my way to interact with them. If I’m new to particular site, I read multiple blogs and comment/like there. If I just drop like, they will think I’m random liker. Some people are kind enough to read my blogs in return. And that’s where interaction starts. Now people can call me selfish, but I accept comments from people who are already following me and comment on my blogs previously. A comment means, that yes they have read it. With comment, I can interact with them and share ideas with them.
    I have noticed that, many of my loyal followers are now not commenting and not even liking my blogs. But, are commenting on multiple new blogs(as we all are connected with a big thread).
    So, I don’t understand what’s wrong.
    No offense to you or this blog, but when I share a blog, I expect comments, because that will tell me what/how I can improve and what people are liking the most.
    Just a like from regular from regular commenter, feels disrespectful. Sometimes its okay, because everyone is busy. But, it feels bad if I see them on other posts and not on mine

    1. Hey, I forgot to give my tip to get more likes(and comments), sorry my comment was too long. I got exited and overwhelmed with your blog 😛.
      If you want like, then interact with those who cares about their own blogs. People who like and reply to the comments on their own blogs, are the one who will get most interested in your own blogs. I’ve done this multiple times, always work. There are some people, who share a blog and disappears, then post another one. Sadly, I’m following few of those.
      But those who care about each and every comment on their own blogs (new and old), they will appreciate your content.
      Lifesfinewhine is best example. 😊

      1. Haha that’s okay and I definitely agree with your tip because the more active someone is on their blog the more active they usually are on other sites too. 😊

        1. I want an advice from you.
          What should we do with sites, who don’t interact at all?
          Like they share blogs regularly, but they don’t like or comment on my blogs!
          What I should do with them?

          1. Well, you can either keep supporting their blog if you enjoy their content or you can unfollow them. It’s up to you.

            1. Ok, I will try something 😊

              1. No problem 😊

    2. Thanks so much. I definitely understand that feeling because in my opinion comments are one of the best parts of blogging. However, I think some people like to go through a lot of posts and simply leaving a like on some is easier than commenting. I’m guilty of sometimes leaving likes instead of comments because I enjoy the post but don’t have much to say or add.

      1. You are different!
        You actually care about the content .
        I agree that you must be following a lot of people and your reader must be packed. But then, you interact a lot. This is something to learn from you. I really think busy is not the reason. Because you are also very busy, yet you care to interact always. I think it’s selective participation.

        1. Thanks, I appreciate that! Yeah sometimes it’s definitely selective participation too. Some people just pick and choose who they want to interact with.

  9. Plot twist: the likes come from serial spammers! 🤮

  10. I really appreciate that you drove home the importance of proper tagging. It’s a powerful way to bring “the right people” to your site.

    One thing you missed: asking. I see value in asking for your audience to like and subscribe (all very YouTube-like). I prefer to do so in moderation, though. Not every post!

    1. Yeah tagging does help a lot especially in targeting the right audience.

      That’s a really great way to get more likes. Sometimes simply asking helps a lot!

  11. Thanks for sharing all these amazing tips…I just loved your blog as always.. Visiting and commenting is one of the best tip when I go to someone’s blog or like or comment in their posts most of them also come to my blog and appreciate my work.. Ofc it takes so much time which I don’t get it after my school but i try to interact with new bloggers.

    1. Thanks so much and yes that does help a lot although it can be more time consuming.

  12. I want to increase my activity on here so bad but I am so exhausted all the time that I prefer spending time on writing instead. 🙈
    Great tips!

    1. Haha I definitely feel your struggle 😂 Thank you!

  13. Good stuff! I don’t know if I’ll ever get to 100 likes. Whew, that seems way high for a small blogger like me. I took your earlier advice and have been more mindful of tags.
    I like your honesty at the last part of the blog! True, commenting is great and so are likes, especially from followers. I have a quick question: a lot of my followers who are not bloggers mention that it’s hard to press “like” because they need to log in and what not. Is there an easier way, or is this just a dumb question? lol. Thanks. Take care.

    1. It seems like a lot but I am absolutely sure you’ll get there someday!

      Thanks so much!

      Yes, unfortunately WP forces you to sign in to like content. I think the only way to use the like button is to have an account. It sucks when you have followers that aren’t bloggers.

      1. I am taking the liberty to reply as I am currently figuring out how to solve this problem. Recently, I started trying the plugin LikeBtn to get likes without subscription from the outside traffic. The bad aspect of it (or at least I don’t know how to change it) is that likes are anonymous so you don’t know who liked. Second it doesn’t synchronize with WP bloggers like. Therefore, you don’t get the total numbers of likes in one place.

        1. Really helpful information, thank you for sharing. I had no idea about this Plugin.

      2. I hope so! Thanks for the encouragement. I’ve come a long way since I started 5 years ago. Learning along the way and finding my own voice.
        That part of non bloggers signing in is a pain to do. But the good thing is that they still read my posts. Lol
        Take care and have a blessed day.

        1. Yeah blogging is definitely a journey and we often learn more over time.

          It’s super annoying that they need to sign in to leave a like but at least you get the views haha.

          Take care too and have a great day!

          1. I remember the days when I got 0-5 views a day. Now that was disillusioning.
            Good luck with yours and happy to learn from you.

            1. Yup that’s how it starts out but lucky it gets better.
              Thanks so much.

              1. It’s a long process but a fun journey nonetheless.

                1. Yes, it absolutely is a lot of fun.

  14. In my opinion, likes are great, but when accompanied with comments, they’re better. Great advice, and thankfully, they’re easy to practice. Thanks!

    1. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Thank you!

  15. Thanks for the tips, it’s really helpful! I’ve just started with my blog, but I’m taking it real slow. I want to work on bettering my site, like the technical stuff and all, and with time, we’ll see what happens. 😊✨

    1. Thanks so much! Best of luck and I’m sure it will all work out for you 😊

  16. Thank you Pooja. Very helpful 👍

    1. Thanks so much. Glad you found it helpful 😀

  17. I guess it’s different strokes for different folks here, I personally don’t worry about likes that much over comments and views. You know me by now, I’m a chatterbox, so active engagement matters to me much more than someone shooting me a quick like. That said, I am trying to increase my views/followers/comments and WordPress doesn’t show my blog on Reader because I got it marked as mature, a decision that, for how many mature blogs their are on the Reader (and under tags that I use), I now regret doing – damn my authenticity 😜
    Your point about using too many tags is interesting, and I will be going back through my posts now and making sure I haven’t used too many. Thanks Pooja!

    1. I definitely get that, I feel like the majority of bloggers definitely care more about comments than likes.
      Yeah I see a lot of mature blogs around that have not put their site under mature lol.
      I always say the less tags the better except for lifestyle posts! 😊

      1. Absolutely. Anything and anyone can like a post, but a real person can start up a whole conversation – we’d know! 😂

        Yeah, I definitely see them, and I see some that I’m like “gah! Waay too much!” Lol. I haven’t marked my other one (if they can do it, why can’t I? Lol) but I do mark posts that are more explicit as NSFW. Not that there is many of them (and certainly not to the same level) because I’m not that way inclined, but I stick to being honest as best as I can be.

        Son of a… I’ve been editing my posts to add more tags, now I’ll have to go back through again and take them out 😂

        1. Haha true, we can both be chatty and I always enjoy talking to you!

          Yeah I mean if the post is super explicit then it makes sense to not mark it but if it’s explicit yeah it’s best to warn readers.

          I made that mistake and am redoing my tags now too 😂

          1. Aww well aren’t you just the sweetest? Haha

            I think you mean the other way round there? To warn people if it’s super explicit? That did confuse me! Lol

            Glad it’s not just me! Lol

            1. Lol I probably did- these antiviral meds are making me crazy 😂

              1. Oh no! I hope you’re okay 😊

                1. I’m good, just a little sleepy and out of it 😂

                  1. Sometimes that’s the worst way to be. I find my hearing gets worse when I’m tired so my answers to questions are sometimes completely random 🤣

                    1. Lol my eyesight gets worse when I’m like that 😂

                    2. Now you’ve got me thinking, do our worse bit get, well, worse when we’re tired? I mean I know my mental health does, but our senses too? Lol

                    3. Lol they probably do. My eyesight which is even generally awful gets even worse every time I haven’t slept well or I’m tired.

                    4. That’s really interesting. I was born with ear issues and my hearing is like I’m swimming underwater when I’m ill, but I just thought it was me not paying enough attention when I’m tired lol

                    5. That’s so interesting, I guess illnesses or being tired really makes the bad things much worse.

                    6. Try RSD, that’s always a barrel of joy 😂

                    7. Oh gosh that sounds painful 😢

                    8. It’s not the easiest at times lol

                    9. Yeah I can imagine

  18. Great tips!! Thanks for highlighting the tags. They play a nice role in driving the right audience. Patience is definitely a key and LOTS LOTS LOTS of patience.

    1. Thanks and I definitely agree!

  19. Great post…that dog on the laptop had me roaring!

    1. Thanks! Lol love that gif!

  20. Thanks for sharing, your tips are very encouraging especially to a beginner like me. I really needed to hear this.

    1. Thanks and so glad the post helped!

  21. I’ve gotten over 100 likes on blog posts before, but that’s when I was active on here. Gosh, I haven’t been active on WP all month which is terrible.

    Engagement is huge and it can be a huge advantage when trying to get likes and genuine comments. But engagement drops when I’m not active and it drops by a lot.

    Your tips and tricks are always helpful, Pooja! 🙂

    1. Yeah activity definitely has a direct relation with engagement on your own blog and it definitely does drop when you’re not active.

      Thanks so much! 😊

  22. Great advice and tips. I think interaction and patience plays a great role in gaining more likes.

    1. Thanks so much and I definitely agree.

  23. Patience and perseverance are tools for getting more likes. As is using the correct tags. Commenting to other blogs is also a sure way to draw in traffic. Your tips are right on the spot, Pooja.

    1. Thanks so much, appreciate that.

  24. Being new to blogging, this article is super helpful. Thanks for posting it!

    1. I’m so glad it was helpful!

  25. great advice, Pooja. And I came close to being like number 100 – I was number 99!

    1. Oof so close- maybe next post!

      1. I’ll try to time things better 🙂

        1. Haha maybe come by a little later when I’m already at 100…

          1. that happened with the most recent one of your posts; I think I was like number 105

            1. Oh yay, that’s awesome.

  26. Methinks bribing is easier but I can’t afford it. 😉 I’m sure you’re right.

    1. Well bribing is always the best way to go but unfortunately we don’t have the capital (yet) 😂

  27. Great tips, and I agree tags are so helpful. However, I tend to use broad tags, and I’m working to focus my tags.

    1. Thank you so much and yes using more specific tags along with one or two broad ones helps a lot.

    1. So my methods do work…

  28. Great tips! If I’m not active then the quality of my post really doesn’t matter. I have sen a huge improvement this year so I’m getting pretty excited about it. Tags are an issue for me though. I struggle to find the perfect ones but I’m def getting better.

    1. It’s the same for me and I think most bloggers because being active in my opinion is the best way to get activity on your blog too! Tags are awesome as long as you figure out the right ones to use. I find using some specific and some broad tags works best.

  29. Thank you for your insights.

    1. Happy to share them.

  30. This was very helpful and provided some much needed reassurance! Thank you so much for posting!

    1. Thanks so much, happy to share the information!

  31. Useful advice again, thanks! My view is that giving likes is as important as receiving them – a way of showing encouragement to fellow members of the blogging community.

    1. Thank you so much! And I absolutely agree.

  32. I don’t focus on likes but I remember i used to get way more comments than usual. after going self hosted, it was like wordpress made it harder for non followers to see my blog. now i only get comments from mutuals and not even likes from strangers

    1. Yeah, it’s because with self-hosted your posts no longer show up on the tags sections which is where a lot of traffic comes from. I think it’s WP’s way of discouraging people from leaving.

      1. Oh wow i had no idea. I guess it would be find if i had wordpress hosting?? Thats crazy thanks for the info

        1. Yeah I only found out about that a while ago too. It’s really crazy but that’s why some people choose not to self-host.

  33. Thanks for these posts! I am trying to be more mindful of tags now.

    “but after the update WordPress made last year in March/April, stats have been down for most bloggers.” My blog is too small for me to really pay attention to this stuff closely… what exactly did they do?

    I noticed last year that accessing a small percentage of the blogs I read, via the Reader on the WP phone app, stopped working in the same way. For your blog and sme others, when I click to view, instead of the blog coming up in the Reader like most of them do, WP sends me out of the app and to browser instead.

    1. Thanks!

      There was a major update at the time which messed up a lot of blogs and their stats. If I’m not wrong the update had to do with the algorithm but I’m not too sure.

      Wow, that’s weird. I don’t use my phone for WP so I didn’t know about this but that’s really annoying. I wonder why it’s doing that.

      1. Thanks for the information! The most likely culprit for my issues is user-error and not understanding the implication of certain settings. I will endeavor to figure it out at some point.

        1. Yeah it takes a while to figure everything out. And WP doesn’t make it easy lol!

  34. Thank you for pointing out again the importance of the tags, which I haven’t paid sufficient attention to. I’ve realized so far that the tags have to be a little innovative, a little non-repetitive, a little trendy but not too trendy, a little more relevant but sometimes with a little twist. Actually tags are quite whimsical and profound in my opinion,which is probably why I still can’t use it very well…despite my claiming to have tried to master it.

    1. Tags are so easy to overlook but are actually really important for your blog. Haha, it takes a while before you master tags and you still mess up even after mastering them sometimes. I’ve done that a few times. Just keep trying to find the right ones and you’ll get better over time.

      1. Yes, I need to pay more attention to it, lol, but I keep on procrastinate.

        1. Don’t worry we all do that. Just keep trying and eventually you’ll get to it.

  35. I definitely like this post ⭐ quality over quantity is a must and most vital is using the correct tags because it makes a huge difference when you want to reach your targeted audience and also gain some new ones. I can also relate to checking for likes every hour but I can say I’m much more relaxed about that now but It’s very gratifying when you see them tot up. Thanks again for some great work!!!

    1. Thank you so much! Yeah tags are so important. Lol I think we all get a little crazy with the likes at first but over time we learn to let things like that go.

  36. Tags are a huge help! When used correctly, they really help new people find a site. 😍

    1. Absolutely, so agree 😊

  37. I’d gladly see the ‘like’ button removed altogether. Too many bloggers and readers misuse it now. Anyone can press the ‘like’ button without reading the post. I’ve even had bloggers tell me that they only press the ‘like’ button to show support for the blogger even though they don’t read the post.

    If used correctly, though, it’s good.

    1. Yeah that definitely happens so I understand what you mean. Sometimes likes increase but views don’t which is annoying.

      1. Agreed. It’s a shame that some bloggers see and use the ‘like’ button as a free marketing tool.

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