Only Murders In The Building Season 2 Finale Review

Only Murders In The Building

Disclaimer: Serious spoilers ahead, please don’t read if you haven’t seen the final episode of Only Murders In The Building Season 2! This is my official Only Murders In The Building Season 2 Review so don’t read if you want to avoid spoilers for season 2.

First of all, OH MY GOD!

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Since I wrote about my thoughts on season 2 and what I thought the finale would be, I thought I would also write a full season 2 of Only Murders In The Building review.

That finale really made up for some of the more slower (*cough boring cough*) episodes. If I’m being honest I loved this season but it didn’t hit the same as season 1. Some of the episodes were harder to get through then others. I did like the last few episodes since they moved much faster.

On Tuesday, my family and I sat down to watch the much anticipated final episode of season two and to be honest I genuinely thought Alice had something to do with the murder. I still think she’s murderous if I’m being fully honest lol.

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I did not think it was Cinda. Honestly, I really found it hard to believe she had murdered Bunny for multiple reasons. First, she’s a pretty petite person and the murderer looked pretty tall. Nothing like Cinda. The killer was also skinnier so it wouldn’t have been Detective Kreps. That’s part of the reason I thought it was Alice- she’s skinny and tall.

However, I didn’t really think it was Poppy until she ordered that gross sounding sandwich and it felt like they were emphasising it so they could come back to it later in the episode. I’ve seen enough murder mysteries to know when that’s happening.

I loved the whole part where they were at Bunny’s apartment. I think that was one of my favourite parts of the show this season. It was really well written and acted out. I was honestly at the edge of my seat the entire time because I had no idea what would happen next!

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Plot Holes On Only Murders In The Building Season 2

BUT, as much as I liked the final episode I did find some plot holes in it. The first and biggest one was the knife. If Becky was the mastermind behind the murder and had planted the knife in Savage’s apartment why would it have her fingerprint on it? Are you telling me she’s dumb enough to not wear gloves or to not wipe it off before leaving it at Savage’s apartment? That made no sense to me. Another one was that she would probably have known Alice was pretending because she knew Alice wasn’t the murderer so why would Alice act guilty when she wasn’t. She should have figured out their plot. And how did she get the painting in Savage’s house? Those were the biggest loopholes for me. What do you guys think?

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I was, however, quite excited by the ending and the new murder. Also, woohoo Paul Rudd!!

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I’m glad they decided to go in a different direction with the murder this time because it would be weird if there was yet another murder in the building lol. I have high hopes for season 3 and I am going to be optimistic for a change and say that it may turn out to be the best season yet. Because, I mean…Paul Rudd!!

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By the way, it was confirmed that the show has been renewed for another season, so season three is definitely happening. I will most likely be released in summer next year. Yay!

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What are your predictions for the next season? And what did you think of season 2? What did you think of season 2’s final episode? Let me know in the comments below because I’m always down to talk OMITB! And I hope you enjoyed my Only Murders In The Building season 2 review.

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62 thoughts on “Only Murders In The Building Season 2 Finale Review

  1. Okay I’m not reading any of this because I want to watch this in future. And you are throwing some dangerous spoilers 😅
    Clearly, you are very excited for this and I’m happy to see you happy.
    Best wishes.
    You are smart, because 2 blogs in a week can make readers excited.
    Smart move.
    Keep sharing such interesting blogs

          1. I’ve seen 4 seasons of AD.
            Or 3! 🤔
            Been a while, so I don’t remember.
            I haven’t watched the one Netflix made.
            I will recommend you cobra kai ( I hope you haven’t seen it yet) 🤪

            1. The last season or two suck so you’re not missing anything. Cobra Kai sounds interesting, I saw a trailer for it. Will definitely check it out, thanks for the recommendation 😊

              1. Before watching cobra kai. I suggest you to watch the original karate kid(the one made in 1984). Reason for that is, the story is continued from there. The characters are all grown up after all these years. It’s a great experience.

                  1. It would be fune then.
                    It was originally a yt premium series but not it’s on Netflix and all seasons are available there.
                    This time you won’t be able to spoil 😂

  2. alright I don’t even watch TV but you have me reading since the cat is cute and you are funny… lol. def couldn’t be Cinda … i mean come on that name is too close to mind. Love the title. 💖💖

  3. I too enjoyed the scene in Bunny’s apartment. It had my mind going in several different directions. I also like the artwork in the show and hated that they painted over Mabel’s.
    One thing I don’t understand is what part Amy Schumer had in the show. She had nothing to do with the plot.

    1. I absolutely hated that too. That painting Mabel did was amazing and had so much meaning. I was sad to see it painted over.

      Yeah I think Amy Schumer was a very unnecessary part of the show. She was supposed to be there for comedic relief I guess but I don’t really find her funny at all. Just sort of irritating.

  4. I haven’t watched this show, season1 and 2, but I like your Friends memes. Especially the first one–I guess it is Janis. She has a distinctive voice…

      1. Oh, Janice is hilarious and I often wished she could show up more often. Unfortunately Janice is portrayed as “unfit” and “annoying” just because she doesn’t fit the social norm, especially her voice. I feel that it’s a little biased against Janice but I can’t pinpoint how and why and where the bias is.

        1. Haha same here. She is so funny.

          True, it’s sad that they are mean to her simply because she’s different and has an annoying voice.

  5. I enjoyed this post much like the last one. I will be watching the show, but I’m not worried about spoilers, since I’ll likely forget most of the spoilers here lol.

  6. I love that you decided to write about OMITB, I have been following it since the beggining and I love it, I’m actualy kind of suprised that I didn’t realize Poppy was behind it earlier. I do think it’s weird that Poppy didn’t realize what they were doing at Bunny’s apartment since Alice shouldn’t have acted quilty since Poppy/ Becky knew she wasn’t the murderer, but other than some loopholes in the finale episode the show was amazing and so is this post. I love all your posts Pooja but this one was espically awesome!

    1. Thanks so much! I thought for a second that it was Poppy but I never really seriously considered her. The apartment had some loopholes but it was a fun scene so I have forgiven it lol.

  7. After feeling so frustrated and disappointed by last season’s conclusion, I initially intended to not watch this season – but I couldn’t stay away. 🙂 It really is such a fun show, even if the mystery element is ultimately unsatisfying. I also wasn’t even going to attempt to figure it out, but I couldn’t resist that urge either. 😀 I landed on Poppy – but I was gunning for her last season, too, so that may not even count. 😉 Really, it was because I felt the entire season was a process of obviously setting up each suspect, then eliminating them – one at a time. I also noticed something neat in the costuming. Every major suspect wore red at some point. I’m almost sure Howard wore a red sweater once, Nina had a whole red outfit, Cinda wore a red coat, and Kreps had red glitter. The only two people of interest who hadn’t worn red in a major way by the finale were Alice and Poppy. And then Alice walked into the Killer Reveal Party wearing red! 😀

    In addition to that, I initially thought the sneezer in the passageway was a man, but the person who got off the elevator had TINY feet. So I decided the sneezer could be a deep-voiced woman, which fit Poppy, too. 🙂

    To speak to your question about the knife, Detective Williams said they got DNA from saliva on the knife (not a fingerprint or blood), which I thought was absolutely bizarre at first (like, what? did she drool on it?) – but I guess a SNEEZE would produce saliva. 😀 I don’t have any answers for the other issues you posed, though. The logistics are very fuzzy. This season has just as many plot holes as Season 1, if not more. (But I’m not mad about it this time, because that’s sort of what I was expecting? Like that gif you used about “There’s the disappointment I was waiting for”. That’s it exactly. I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed. 😉) I also didn’t fall for Alice or what happened to Charles, I think for the very same reason.

    But as I was reflecting on my surprise that they used a “secretly unstable” woman as the murderer two seasons in a row and over all we still don’t know, I had a game-changing revelation. 😀 And I’m so happy you posted about the finale so I can share it with somebody!:

    Both seasons have the EXACT SAME basic elements, just expressed in different ways! 🤯 For example (*MAJOR spoilers ahead for both seasons* – for anyone else who’s still reading this far 🙂)…

    • In addition to the murder, there’s a mini-mystery presented very early on to drum up interest that will never be solved. (S1: Who poisoned Winnie?, S2: How did Howard get his black eye?…We will never know.)

    • There’s an important discovery within the architecture of the building. (S1: Teddy’s secret room, S2: The passageways.)

    • There’s a side mystery that seems REALLY important early on, but only vaguely connects to the main murder – and the details of its resolution are sketchy. (S1: Who murdered Zoey? / The Angel scheme)

    • The guilty party in this side mystery is actually (relatively) a good person. (S1: Theo, S2: Charles’ dad – though this one doesn’t work as well based on what we know of him from S1.)

    • There’s a mysterious “guy” who is also not the murderer. (S1: “Tie Dye Guy” / Oscar, “Glitter Guy” / Kreps)

    • Mabel has a suspicious love interest, who is not the murderer, and who actually helps to solve it. (S1: Oscar, S2: Alice)

    • There’s a celebrity who appears as themselves, but only for 2 episodes. (S1: Sting – whose appearance worked better because it was actually connected to the murder, S2: Amy Schumer)

    • There’s a shifty person who seems very guilty, but they’re cleared of the murder at the last minute. (S1: Teddy, S2: Cinda)

    • The murderer is actually a surprisingly unstable woman with unclear tactics and motive that technically can be explained away by “She crazy.” (S1: Jan – the serial killer, S2: Poppy – a fame seeker)

    • There’s a twist to this secretly unhinged women that no one could possibly expect. (S1: Jan and Tim were lovers., S2: Poppy is Becky Butler.)

    • There’s one vague clue hinted at early on that brings the murderer down in the very end. (S1: The sex toy / bassoon cleaner, S2: The 14 Savage / Sandwich)

    • A pet plays an important part in solving the case. (S1: Evelyn the cat’s toxicology report revealed Tim was poisoned before he was shot, 🙀 S2: Mrs. Gambolini made Poppy sneeze. 🦜)

    • The superfans help the trio. (S1: The brainstorming session in Oliver’s apartment, S2: Marv scares the person in the passageway away with his flashlight.)

    . Sazz makes a helpful appearance related to a clue. (S1 – The “crime of passion” insight, S2: Resolving things for Charles after Jan gives the “storytelling artist” clue.)

    • Charles does some crazy / impressive physical comedy in the finale. (S1: After he’s been poisoned., S2: The slo mo.)

    • The Arconia residents factor into the crazy comedy. (S1: Not noticing / realizing Charles had been poisoned even though he was on the floor., S2: The Killer Reveal Party / joining in on the slo mo.)

    • Charles is a hero in a way that involves dying and acting. (S1: Getting / Recording Jan’s confession even though he’s been poisoned, S2: Jumping in front of Mabel and getting “stabbed”.)

    • There’s the threat of major death / tragedy that ultimately doesn’t happen. (S1: Jan tries to blow up the building., S2: Charles “dies”.)

    • There is a theme that connects the side mystery to the main mystery, and it’s expressed in the Only Murders podcast narration. (S1: Loneliness / Not knowing the people around you very well. = “How we’ll do you know your neighbors?” “We are all Tim Kono., S2: Fame vs. Infamy / Telling your story = Opening and closing narration in S2 E1.)

    • There’s a theme connecting the trio’s personal drama, and it’s expressed in the RIVAL podcast’s narration. )S1: The trio’s secrets / trying to start over…Charles and Lucy, Oliver and Splash, Mabel and the Hardy Boys = Cinda: “What happens when your second chance becomes your last shot?”, S2: The trio’s “fictions”…Mabel wanting to start over as an artist with Alice, Charles revisiting Jan, Oliver and the DNA drama = Poppy’s speech about “the little fictions that ferry is through life”.)

    There’s also drama with their families in both seasons (Charles and Lucy, Oliver and Will, Mabel and her mom, then her dad…Next season, maybe we’ll get to know her aunt.)

    • There’s one ultra-creative, Emmy-bait episode. (S1: The silent one, S2: The Son of Sam one)

    And there may be even more parallels I didn’t catch…I’m actually excited for the new season now – to see if they’re going to check off these same boxes again. I do wonder if painting over the mural represents a change not just in environment (which we’ve already seen with the ending of the season), but an abandonment of this entire formula. However, if they stick with their established “puzzle pieces” again, I think another secretly unhinged woman will be the killer (which is unfortunate in one way 🙄, but it certainly narrows down potential suspects!). Of course, it could be a secretly unhinged man, but another pattern I’ve noticed in this show is the guilty / highly suspicious men are given more sympathy / redemption and depth (Theo, Teddy, Charles’ dad – even Kreps was partially motivated by love), whereas our main murderers (both women) have far less developed motives that rely on some degree of instability. Regardless, I’m looking forward to a different kind of detective work next season – searching for continued patterns. 🕵🏻‍♀️ I swear, feel like I’ve cracked a code or something (or solved a puzzle). I am on the case! 😁

    1. Just wanted to start by saying this is my favourite comment on this post because I have been dying to discuss OMITB in such detail!

      To be honest, I didn’t love Jan being the killer in season 1 because it did lead to some plot holes. And it was so random that it was sort of unsatisfying like you said. I seriously didn’t think it was Poppy so good job knowing her guilt a whole season in advance 😂 I had not even noticed the red clothing, that’s sooo cool! Wow, it’s so impressive you caught that.

      I thought it was a woman too because her hands and feet were small and so was her frame although she was tall. That’s why I thought of Alice!

      Even though she sneezed I still feel like she was smart enough to have wiped the knife first. I mean she was supposed to be mastermind or something! Lol I think the plot holes were a bit annoying but I enjoy the show a lot so I let them go.

      I did notice some similarities in the two seasons like Mabel’s love interest being suspicious, pets being a part of it, the superfans helping, family drama, famous guest star who seems guilty etc. But I did miss some that you pointed out! I love how they gave us the same season all over again and we loved it (minus loopholes) lol 😂 I will say that I preferred Sting over Amy Schumer. I just don’t love her acting and don’t really find her that funny. I felt like she was trying too hard to be funny/weird to a point where it wasn’t funny anymore.

      I think Mabel’s aunt will definitely be a part of the show at some point which is why they made Mabel paint over the mural and move out (I’m assuming). I also think Savage’s daughter and ex might be a bigger part of the next season.

      That’s so true, the unhinged men are usually not so bad compared to the women. They usually have a tragic past or something. I do like that they use unhinged women as the killer though because I feel like there isn’t enough of that in most murder mystery shows. At least a lot of the ones I have seen have men doing the killing. It’s a nice change although I do with they wouldn’t give the men more sympathy and make the women just cold blooded killers.

      I so wanted to see more of Rose and Savage’s dad but they barely showed anything about them in detail. They should have showed it at least when the real Rose was revealed. They had some slow episodes where they could have cut other things and added this in.

      I am excited for season 3 and what changes they have made. Also, what guest stars they’ll have except Paul Rudd! Now that you’ve mentioned so many patterns I’ll also be on the lookout in season 3 😬

      1. Thanks! 😊 We actually chatted about this show last season (in fact, that’s how I found your blog 😁), so I was thrilled to see you posting about it again. And you guessed Jan back then, so that makes us 1 to 1. 😉 Aside from getting pulled into a theory I heard on YouTube that all the handwriting matches, so the killer has to be a grownup Lucy (which I’m SO glad it wasn’t, I liked what they did with her much better than that), I was too hung up on shady Cinda and her look-alike assistants, because I thought they were so WEIRD. 😆 I knew the other one, Cindy, is Steve Martin’s real-life wife, so I was aware the whole concept might be a joke, but still – I’ve been waiting for either Poppy or Cinda to snap since Day 1! 😉

        By the way, I’m not sure I said this, but I thought the red clothing and glitter might mean those people were “red herrings”, which turned out to be true with Alice particularly in a BIG way. 😄 But she was definitely the most suspicious out of all the other suspects, even more so than Poppy really. And you are so right, Poppy should’ve been, or was presented as being, smart enough to just wipe the darn knife. 😆 Also, yes, I’m not sure if I should feel cheated by the degree to which the two seasons were the same, or impressed. Originality is always technically better, or at least more creative – but in a weird way, this was kind of brilliant. 😄

        Sting was definitely a better (and more clever / sensible) celebrity cameo, and I never thought that Mabel might’ve actually moved out. 😲 That would be interesting. And I’m all about more Charles and Lucy bonding. I’m a sucker for that kind of story / dynamic. 🥰 And from the time I was a young teenager, I’ve thought so many mystery shows could benefit from the addition of a character that age, so I’m glad to see a show finally wise up and do it! 😄 However, in my scenario, the young teen would live with one of the main characters. I have no idea how Lucy was able to get away with just bouncing around the city all the time. Is her mom just a horrible person??? ☺️ Is there some neglect or weirdness going on at home, or is this just her way of rebelling? If I were Charles, I’d definitely check into that!

        In a way, more female murderers IS a weird form of representation. ☺️ I just wish, like we’ve said, that they had better motives than “She crazy.” 😄 (They did improve a bit with Poppy, in that regard.) Or, in the case of Cinda, “She a b****.” I know she hasn’t committed any murders, but she has real potential to be just as complex and compelling as Teddy if she was just a bit more human.

        The resolution of the painting was the storyline I was the most disappointed in. And it had absolutely nothing to do with either Shirley MacLaine or Steve Martin’s performance (they sold it! 🤩), it’s just the story was hard to buy given what we know of Charles’ dad in Season 1 (his Brazzos speech about how his father was “awful” to his mother that he said he wrote based on his actual father) and even what we see of his dad in Season 2. (Leaving your kid on bench for hours while you’re at an “audition”? 🙄 Again, where was the mother???) It was just impossible for me to buy that he was a halfway decent guy without at least seeing what happened that night between him and Rose. We saw nothing that made him a hero. It would’ve been cool if somehow Charles “misremembered” that night or his childhood (like Mabel and her trauma), but sadly, we didn’t get that. 🙁 I would’ve liked to see that AND a walkthrough of how Poppy (and Kreps?) committed the murder. (I think we didn’t get that this season because the writers knew they couldn’t make it all work, so they didn’t even bother to try and walk us through it.) Oooo…And Poppy and Bunny at the diner! 😃 (Also, why did Poppy take a matchbook, and why did she have it on her / get it bloody / drop it where she did? 🤪 So many questions when you really dig into it!) But I’m still looking forward to Season 3 – and definitely to sleuthing / chatting with you again! 🕵🏻‍♀️😊

        1. Yes, I remember having an interesting chat with you last season too! I’m so glad they didn’t make it Lucy. That would have sucked so much. I think Poppy makes sense because she has a better motive although as we mentioned there are holes in that too. Yes, I remember reading about Cindy being Steve Martin’s real life wife!

          The “red-herring” thing is so cool. I was telling my sister about it and neither of us had noticed it before you mentioned it. They were both original and not original lol??

          It’s so weird that Lucy comes and goes and her mum lets her travel on her own like that. Does she even notice Lucy is gone? She does seem to be neglected. Even in S1 it seemed like Charles was a better parent to her than her mother. Her mum wanted to go on a cruise alone with Charles but he put Lucy first and booked a cruise she would enjoy too.

          There was so much potential to give more of Poppy’s/Becky’s backstory. I feel like they tried with her alcoholic father and creepy boss but it wasn’t the same. I think they could have done a better job with it. Like they did with Theo and Teddy.

          I hope they show more information about Charles’ dad because like you said it was very confusing since he was the bad guy for a while and then suddenly someone good trying to save Rose from an abusive husband. Even after Rose left I think Charles mentioned that his dad was in and out of prison and pretty much a deadbeat. That doesn’t sound like a good guy. There should have been more to that story.

          Exactly, I so wanted a walkthrough of the murder and how they got away with everything on that night. Yeah the matchbook thing was so weird. Even if she took it why did she have it with her that night. So bizarre.

          Yes, we’ll definitely do this again next season too and let’s see which one of us guesses the murderer correctly in S3 😜

  8. I also was a bit eh about this season but I was happy with the finale. I cried with the whole Oliver Putnam you’re my real dad scene. But I am a little disappointed we didn’t to learn more about Charles’ dad’s love affair with Rose Cooper. Or just really the Rose Cooper thread in general. I thought it was cool that we found out that was what Poppy had initially proposed as the next topic for the podcast but it wasn’t good enough so she had to make it spicy. But Rose Cooper was revealed in an earlier episode but just in passing? Also it was obvious if there was a S3 it had to be elsewhere but where was the big question. And I love that Oliver finally is back to showbiz and well we already know it will be a disaster because murder! Also hearing the descriptions of his whackadoodle past shows (remember how splash became splat?) will set next season up for some hilarious scenes. I have high hopes S3 will be better than S2. But then again, who knows if they’ll deliver. Either way I’ll be watching to find out.

    1. Omg that scene was literally so touching. Oliver has his flaws but he’s also wonderful in his own way.

      I feel the same way, I so wanted to see more of Rose and Charles’ dad. It sounded interested and honestly they had time to add that in because some of the episodes were quite slow.

      I love Oliver being back in the business, I am so excited. Lol, I will never forget Splash/Splat or at least what we’ve heard about it! I have high hopes for S3 too. Although S2 wasn’t the best it was still interesting enough for me to want to watch S3.

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