Six Word Story #182

Immutable partners often reason for divorce.

Today’s Word:


1: Immutable means “not capable of or susceptible to change.”

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84 responses to “Six Word Story #182”

  1. This word is definitely new to me!
    I thought, it means someone who can’t be muted ,haha!
    A great share.
    Again learnt something new.
    If I share this with my friend, he will kill me!!
    He is getting divorce anyway 🤐
    Ahh, the reason is this word is what his wife is 😂

    1. Lol well in a way you’re right!

      Thanks so much. Lol maybe you should forward it to his wife then… Just kidding 😂

      1. If I forward this to his wife.
        Then he’ll kill me even faster. 🤪
        It would be interesting if you start writing poems based on these words. Just an added bonus

        1. Yeah I could definitely do that, good idea!

  2. Our fate of death is Immutable.

    1. Oh wow that’s a great SWS.

      1. Sws is like mental calisthenics. Thx for the challenge.

        1. Always happy to share new prompts.

  3. Marriage Just Isn’t worth the hassles. 👍🏻

    1. Lol no it’s soooo not 😂

      1. The number of people marrying these days here is dwindling.

        1. I think that’s how it is in most places. It’s lower here too.

  4. Easy to break, hard to make.

    1. That’s exactly it.

  5. We both had immutable mindsets, unfortunately.

    1. That’s not a great match.

      1. Which explains the parting of ways.

  6. Thanks, Pooja for sharing. I learned a new word today thanks to you.

    1. My pleasure and happy to hear that.

  7. He is immutable to the times

    1. Lots of people are unfortunately

  8. Compromise is the key to success

    Also thanks for sharing the word immutable – will add it to my new words list! 😆

    1. Love that response. Isn’t it a fun word lol 😂

  9. immutable people won’t inherit the earth.

    1. So true. 👏🏽

    1. Yes, unfortunately too many people are.

  10. Immutable people project blame for problems.

    Nancy Houser-Bluhm #whispersforterra


    1. Yes, so true.

  11. I can’t wait to grow together!

    Your 6 words are so true sadly! I tried to make my 6 word comment the opposite and how to be successful at a relationship – enthusiasm and willingness to grow together. 🙂

    1. Aww I like that contrast!

  12. Daily I throw words upon this immutable world …it’s 8 words, I’m feeling rebellious 😄

    1. Haha still a great one even when you didn’t follow the rules 😂

  13. another way of saying: irreconcilable differences…

  14. Stopping by to say hi! Happily married for 32 years in November.

    1. Aww that’s lovely! What’s your secret??

  15. Interesting word!!

    1. It definitely is!

  16. Immutable is the enemy of growth

    1. Absolutely, we need to be open to change.

  17. Learnt a new word today🤩

  18. Hiiiiii…
    How are you doing?

    1. Heyyy, I’m good and how about you?

      1. I’m not really good bc my exams are going to start by 10 sep .. And I’m very stressed.

        1. Oh no, sorry to hear that. How many days will they go on?

          1. Yeh ! Maybe 15 days bc they are Mid term exam. And there are 6 subjects total.

            1. Oh I see, best of luck for them. Hope they all go well.

              1. Thanku so much😊

                1. You’re very welcome 😊

          2. Didn’t get the Date sheet till now.

              1. Yeh I’ll do my best.

  19. My view of _ _ _ _ _ is immutable 😊.

    1. Love that 😊

  20. I have met so many immutable people that I start to think that that’s really human nature. Sorry to be so pessimistic sometimes. Seriously. Just take people in my community here. We would stick to the old customs no matter how outdated and how unsuitable they are.

    1. I have met a lot of immutable people too so I definitely understand what you mean. People will stick to old customs and traditions even when they know they are harmful.

      1. And I’ve seen it in both men and women. And in women it is sadder because women are upholding something that is not doing anything good, but still women are clinging to the old idea. For some strange reason, I feel that in the Asian community here, men are less conservative than women and fathers are sometimes a better advocates for their daughters…

        1. It’s like that in my community at times too. I think it’s so odd that women want to make it worse for other women. But I think it’s because they are miserable due to social norms and are jealous when other people are able to break free of them.

  21. […] I found posting so many hours earlier than usual to be annoying. I am somewhat of an immutable person when it comes to my schedule. I like doing things in a certain way at a certain time daily […]

  22. Their history – immutable; their future – undiscovered.

    1. Love that contrast!

      1. Thanks! I really enjoyed your story. “Immutable” is a pretty challenging (but fun) word to use.

        1. Yeah definitely a fun word but hard to turn into a SWS lol.

  23. Time is far away from immutable.

    1. Yes, you’re so right.

  24. That they called loved, ain’t fake?!

    1. Indeed, sometimes it’s real!

  25. I am simply here to say, hi ! 🙂

  26. Immutable friends always keep me caged
    Always want me to stay in a common lane

    Wasnt a six word story😂

    Also, didnt know this word, thanks for sharing. Looking forward for more…

    1. Haha that’s okay. I still liked your short story. Glad you learnt a new word from this 😊

    2. I love it even if it’s not six words!

  27. The world it’s self some times is immutable

    1. Yes, so true.

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