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Quote of the day, Quote by Thomas Dewar


I hope you enjoyed todays quote of the day. What has been happening with me? A lot and also nothing. Thank you to everyone who asked me about my hand and how that’s doing. My hand is much better now and almost completely healed. I really hope it doesn’t come back but if it does I’m prepared to be a bit more patient.

In Other News

I have something very exciting planned for this week! As I mentioned I have been feeling a little overworked lately and blogging does take up a good chunk of my time. That’s why I decided that for the rest of the week I’ll be posting guest posts! Apart from this Quote Of The Day post, the rest of the posts will be written by guests.

That’s right, from tomorrow till Saturday I will be posting different guest posts by some of my favourite bloggers. I am so excited because I read every guest post already and they’re fantastic. And there’s a variety of topics too which is awesome!

I love having guest posts because it’s really a win-win. I get to support other bloggers and take a break from creating content and they get to put their work out to a new audience. Do take the time to read these guest posts. Please support them like you would me. I’ll still be just as active on your posts so don’t worry about that. I hope you guys enjoy the guest posts for the rest of the week!

Another Day Another Glitch

My WordPress account is glitching as usual and my notifications went away. They are refusing to load. I talked to a “Happiness Engineer” and he thought it may be my theme. Even after I assured him multiple times that wasn’t the issue he said it was. He said he wanted to try deactivating my theme and reactivating it to see if that helps. I asked him if that would make any changes to my sites appearance but he assured me my site would go back to looking exactly as it did before we deactivate it. He deactivated and reactivated my theme and all my widgets went away except one.

I was then told I should have restored it myself (how would I even know how to do that?) or I can add the widgets all over again. I tried to add the widgets but it looked nothing like what it used to look like. So I tried to restore the site. That didn’t fix the issue. Now so many of comments are gone. I don’t know what to do. I feel so hopeless. You guys know how much comments mean to me and I am so sorry if your comment was one of the ones that are gone. Please know that if I don’t reply it’s because the comment is gone.

Update: I talked to another Happiness Engineer and they helped me get my widgets back. It was incredibly simple and the restore wasn’t even necessary. My comments are still gone I am just so frustrated right now. I don’t even know if I want to use WordPress anymore. After this weeks posts I might take some time off and think about whether I want to remain on WordPress or continue blogging. It’s like every other week there’s a glitch with my site. Why pay all this money and put in all this effort when the Happiness Engineers are so useless and my site doesn’t even work. Never have I been on such a mismanaged platform. I really just want to crawl into bed and cry.

What’s Going On With You Guys?

How has your life been going recently? What was last week like for you? How is this week looking? Any plans for next week? Anything special happening in your life recently? Want to share your own quote of the day? Let me know in the comments below.

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Update 2: I’ve calmed down a little now since I wrote about the glitch etc. I still hate that I lost valuable comments but I have accepted that I may never get them back. I think I was just in shock. It could be worse I guess. Thank you for the love and support you guys have shown me on my socials pages. Ich liebe dich ❤

Final Update: My comments are back, yay!

Not Final Update: Now all the comments on this post are gone. Yay.

33 thoughts on “Quote Of The Day #66

  1. Not to worsen the matter for you but all my comments are also sent to my gmail, are you sure all of yours are totally lost and not just lost from your site?

    “Nothing is so loved by tyrants as obedient subjects.” ~ Clarence Darrow

  2. Sorry about your glitches on WordPress. It doesn’t seem right to lose all your comments. I can’t imagine how that feels. Glad your hand is doing better. Hopefully the guest posts can free up some time for you to clear your head.
    My week has been long. The new job is extremely tiring, but this is my last week there and I start a new job in a couple weeks. I will get to spend more time with my family and my girlfriend. I miss them of course. Things will go back to normal.

  3. Yay for your hand, Pooja! I believe that there is someone around WP that can help you get your comments back. Trying to be positive here. I also have the Business plan and my site runs smooth as glass. Did the WP engineer discuss what plugins you are using?

    Perhaps it is one or two that are causing your problems because the plugins are not up to date? That is easy to look at yourself. All is well way down here in the Mojave Desert and the summer heat is finally beginning to slip away. Be well!

    1. This is totally off topic John but I don’t know many who lived in the Mojave desert! I lived there for almost two years with my family. My son was actually born there. ❤️

  4. Hi Pooja,

    We, as writers, are updating our minds with fresh facts and details, utilising them for learning and becoming better. This is significant in the present society.

    WordPress gives me many surprises. It’s impossible to below you can get a deleted site back. I had deleted my new blog and WordPress account. It’s only 4 days of my revival.

    WordPress ads are inappropriate and irritating. WordPress is flooding with them. I hope wp decreases their numbers, and also show relevant ads.

    Don’t worry, you’ll get new comments. People are with you. I hope this technical issue get resolved. Try to find the people and ways who can help you better & effectively.

    Life is okay when conversations are going well. So prefer writing, drawing, creating, recording audio and everything that helps me understand myself, I explore similar content from other creators.
    I have to complete remaining history chapters for the exam!

    Have a great day.
    Take care of yourself.

    Can I get a humorous post? or anything you want to experiment, explore, or imagine.

  5. I’m so sorry to hear that!! It’s no wonder that you feel like you need a break. Thinking of you and hoping things get better.. enjoy the time off!

  6. These happiness engineer are more like depressing engineers.
    I hope things gets well soon.
    You definitely need a rest. It will do wonders. Also, if you ever decided to leave WordPress , then I will support you on any other platforms as well. 🙂
    Just never stop blogging. WordPress are ruining themselves and lots of top level blogger left it. I think it’s now only for hobby bloggers and not for professional bloggers like you.
    You have given them money, by getting the premium and other stuff, but still It’s annoying to see it’s current state.
    Best wishes Pooja!!
    Keep smiling

  7. Yikes I hate glitches! Especially when they interfere with interactions and notifications. My week is super busy, we have been away so now I’m chasing my tail. On a high note I am also enjoying music so much at the moment (so also shaking my tail) it really helps to put a smile on my face and gets my energy pumping – I bought a great blue tooth speaker and it has great sound.

  8. Great quote. Gosh you are really having issues with wordpress. i wish i could help. Are you a windows user? if you – try clearing your internet cache and history, temopary files and do a full shut down and start. That clears so much of the wierdnesses away. not sure if this helpful.

  9. Love this quote! My life shifted radically when I made a conscious decision to just be open to what is in life, instead of filtering everything through the old religious lens I had been taught. I can honestly say that former school of thought really limited my life, as it had become narrower over time. Amazing what we can have in our lives if we’re open!

    1. Thanks so much! I’m glad you’re in a better place now. I think religion can be great sometimes but sometimes it’s misinterpreted and does a lot of harm. It’s nice that your life is more open now and you can have experiences you couldn’t before!

  10. I’m sorry that happened to your site, that’s scary, comments all gone! Glad to hear your hand is making a good recovery though! Sending positive vibes and more wins your way. 🥰

  11. Wow, that’s a lot of updates! And I feel like these people who are meant to help with certain things end up not really helping at all. I don’t know if it’s just me

  12. Build a website, they said. It’s so easy! The pain is so bad when things vanish, that’s horrible. I was almost done, almost ready to launch and poof. Some old half done drafts still existed but everything else vanished because I don’t know where or what weird layer I was working in, and they never found it. So I did the adult thing and stormed around my apartment for a while and went to bed. The next day I realized I was much faster at this stuff now, the fiddling around taught me a lot, so I pieced it back together from whatever I still had and said goodbye to the rest. Reminds me of the good old days, when you could lose things like spending an hour writing the world’s best email then clicking send to find out the page timed out and the world wasn’t ready for it.

    1. Haha, ads really do lie! It sucks that you lost all that and were unable to retrieve it but at least it taught you a lot. I also learnt from this experience so it’s not a total loss I guess.
      Lol I remember those good ol’ days when everything timed out.

  13. I don’t know what parchatutes are and google has no answer. This really piqued my interest. However your experience with WP support really rings a bell. And about two weeks ago my format just went crazy suddenly and my post number dropped to zero, which sent me to a big panic…

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