When The Lights Go Off


But not lonely

Found happiness

Just being me

Turned up the speakers

To drown criticisms 

Living my life

My part in the grand script

And when the stage lights go off

Know I've signed off

“When The Lights Go Off” was written by the wonderful Benjamin Nambu. He is a fellow blogger here on WordPress and his poetry is something I have always admired. I am so happy to finally have one of his poem on Lifesfinewhine. I hope you enjoyed “When The Lights Go Off” as much as I did. If you did enjoy it, I would love it if you took a minute to go check out his site by clicking here.

I hope you guys are enjoying these guest posts so far and if you are do let me know. Because I would love to share some more guest posts in the future. It’s great for me of course, I get a little break lol! I am having a great week and able to relax. I am also happy to share these guest posts since I really enjoyed them myself. I only share posts I love that I really think you guys will too.

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35 thoughts on “When The Lights Go Off

    1. You are welcome Devang. Thanks for your beautiful comments. Pooja is a wonderful friend and poet. You can look forward to interesting poems from her and our collaborations.

    1. Thank you dear for making time to read and comment. It was nice mentioning the lines in the poem that touched you. It’s not easy being oneself. Takes lots of courage and discipline.

  1. Thank you so much, Pooja, for granting me this wonderful opportunity on your website. I feel honored and humbled. I admire the great job you do on your blog. Keep up the brilliant job. And special thanks to your followers for their comments.

    1. It’s my pleasure having one of your lovely poems on my blog. I have really enjoyed your poems for quite a while and I am happy that I got to share this one with all my followers.

  2. Waw! what a nice poem ! I think anyone can relate. What get into me the most is ” Living my life My part in the grant script”. I believe that everyone exist for a unique reason. Every is molded in a unique way to complete the bigger puzzel.

    1. You are right my friend. We have an assignment on earth. Like you said, every person has a unique purpose. This purpose can be truly fulfilled when we learn to be true to ourselves and never live in fear of what others think of us .

  3. You crack me up. LOL. “Turned up the speakers/To drown criticisms” That’s so funny. And you are really brave to stand up to them. And be strong and write your own scripts and perform in your own drama. I just read a book about family psychology and there’s a story that an adult child who’s ok otherwise, but her family’s expectation drives her mad. Actually I witnessed many instances like that in the immigrant community, which is rife with such cases.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the post. I’ve seen that in my community too. The children are great but their family expects them to be perfect which is impossible and that pressure really brings out a lot of bad things in them. Some turn to drugs and alcohol. Others suffer breakdowns.

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