Ways That Can Help You Manage Stress

Tips to manage the stress

Welcome back to the amazing blogs of LIFESFINEWHINE. I know you might be wondering who am I, but you will know everything by the end of the blog. This is a guest blog (which you have understood by now) and today I will share some tips that can help you in managing stress.

Stress is the pressure or tension on any object. Here, that object is our mind and regular pressure or strain could be perilous for our mental health and overall health.

This blog won’t discuss, how you can have stress or how not to take stress or what are the dangerous effects of stress. But, some ways that can help you manage stress. So, let’s not stretch this intro any further and let’s discuss these ways.

Keep in Tiptop Shape

This is something very important to know, when you have to manage stress. Basically, any kind of physical activity can be very beneficial for your physical and mental health. It’s like you are diverting your attention and energy toward a healthy version of yourself. Also, a good diet is equally important, and it will give you the energy to do more (Sounds like a commercial). Your body is limitless and if you can unlock the endless possibilities, this stress monster can do you no harm.

Any regular exercise like walking, running, yoga, dancing or swimming, etc is good for you and your overall health. Just make sure you choose the activity according to your liking and your doctors recommendation. Also for a good and healthy diet consulting a nutritionist is advisable.

Learn to Relax

I know, I have just mentioned that your body is limitless, but it still needs rest. Our body is not a machine, and even a machine needs rest after a while. Many a time, due to work or lack of time, we put extra stress on our physical and mental well-being. That can result in stress. We need to understand the importance of rest.

You need to participate in certain activities that can relax you. Or, you can even go for a walk (during work hours) to relax your mind. You can have a nap and that will charge your mind. And, you can even meditate to relax your mind.

Do you want to know how your favourite blogger finds time to relax out of her busy schedule? Then, check out this blog.

Respect Yourself

This may sound strange, but you need to respect yourself more. I personally know many people who treat themselves badly and get easily influenced. You need to have high self-esteem. People with high self-esteem are less likely to be affected by pressure from others. For instance, if someone is rebuking you all the time, don’t get affected by that. Don’t put unwanted stress on yourself. You need to keep your head high up and do things which you like the best.

Many people will keep on disparaging you. You need to remember that they are Immutable. Don’t let it affect you and your peace. Let me tell you how to deal with it in the following point.

Develop a Support Team

I am not telling you to join customer care of any firm. But, my main idea behind this is, you need to make a group of people who can support you in your tough times. This group can have your friends, family or even people you haven’t met in real life. This group will listen to you and you can rely on them. People with similar mindset, or people who really care about you, should be in this group.

If you think that, such a support team is hard to find. Then WP got your back. No, I am not talking about WP customer care. Trust me, they will give you additional stress. I am talking about Blogger Buddies (hey, that’s an interesting name by the way). I am sure, you have readers and followers who comment on your blogs regularly. You can share your ideas and feelings with them. People here don’t judge, as they all are intellectual. After reading this blog, look out for people who can be your support system.

Welcome Changes

Sometimes certain changes might stress us. I also got stressed last week when my blog was missing from the reader (The reader ate my blog). But then, I need to accept it. I thought to inform customer service, but then I thought, it will give me unwanted stress. So, I had to accept it as it is. My point is that, some things may or may not be in your control, so why stress about it? You see some changes as good, some as bad. But, you need to accept those changes.

I am not saying to accept everything. But don’t let things affect you too much. Stay calm, and think peacefully about the pros and cons of those changes.

Have a Hobby To Manage The Stress

If you have a hobby, then it’s good, carry on. If not, then pick up a hobby. A hobby is something you could enjoy and can relax you. Blogging is my hobby and I really enjoy it. You need to find time for something you love to do. Make sure your hobby doesn’t tense you any further. Because, there are some activities, that could become competitive, and it could stress you. You need to enjoy it and not the other way around.

If you are unable to pick up a hobby, then try to clean your cupboard. Research suggests that cleaning cupboards (or almirah) or cleaning in general, can reduce stress. You can also start with collecting something (not talking about Pokémon). Collecting something will make you more knowledgeable and will make things interesting. These were just suggestions. In the comments, tell me about your hobbies.

Replace Negative With Positive

You need to replace negative with positive. Positive could be anything, like positive people, positive thoughts, positive life. The negative will consume you, and the positive will create you. With positive thoughts and images, you will be able to welcome good changes in your life. Your subconscious mind takes everything you feed it. If you are feeding it negative thoughts, it will give you negative results. If you feed it positive and uplifting thoughts, it will make life delightful.

Let me share something interesting that I’ve learnt recently from a book. Every night, before sleeping, think about the good things, think about success, and think about achieving the desired thing. If you do this, you will start getting positive results.

The only negative you need is in test results of any disease. Because I really want you healthy. Few additional things that can remove stress

If you are taking too much stress, then you can do a few more things like:
 Go out for a walk in nature. Do it regularly
 Play with children. They will make you forget the tensions
 Play with pets. If you don’t have pets, then stray animals are good as well. If that’s also
difficult, then visit the zoo and spend time there (don’t play with lions there).
 Read blogs of your favourite bloggers. I really enjoy reading blogs of
 Have a life. Do things you like to do, go out for dinner, go out sightseeing, go out for a
vacation. Don’t feel guilty when you are enjoying yourself.
 Consult a psychiatrist immediately.

So that’s it for this blog. I know this got a bit long. But, I hope you find something valuable in this blog. And, I hope your stress reduces post-haste.

Thanks to Pooja for allowing me to share my thoughts with you guys again. She is very generous, and I really enjoy writing blogs for LIFESFINEWHINE.

In the comments please let me know if something is bothering you. I may not be able to help you, but I will listen to you peacefully (or rather read peacefully).

Until next time, put some stress on happiness please.

I really hope you enjoyed this great guest post by Devang. For those of you that aren’t familiar with him, he is a fellow WordPress blogger. He writes about health and fitness primarily but also dives into other topics occasionally. Do take a minute to go to his wonderful site by clicking here.

For more guest posts click here.

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76 thoughts on “Ways That Can Help You Manage Stress

  1. I’m so happy to have read this. I’ve been so stressed this week and this just helps me know how to relive myself off that stress😫😫. Thank you sooo much💕💕

    1. Exactly!!
      A walk in nature
      A good workout
      Maybe going for a walk on mountain
      Or simply camping, could make a huge impact on emotional health. Food is important as well. Aha it’s my favourite food, instant happiness. 😃

  2. Thank you for so many useful tips on how to reduce stress levels, Devang. I will be practising some of these as my stress levels are quite high at the moment. I enjoy getting out in nature with my wheelchair – I’m fortunate enough to live near a river and also a large park with a lake, flowers, grassy areas and many trees, which I love. I also find stroking and spending time playing with my cat very beneficial, too. I’m not able to do a lot of exercise, as you know, but I do eat a very healthy diet, which must be helping, too. Thanks for sharing all your tips on your friend’s blog. Thank you, too, Pooja, for hosting Devang’s wonderful post … Ellie 🦢🌞🕊

    1. Yes, you are taking a lot of stress. I wish things gets well soon for you. Living near lake is great actually. You can definitely go for a ride and spend some quality time. Spending time with cat is another good thing that you are doing. Eating healthy is definitely helpful. 🌳🌺🌟🦚

  3. I love this post. Devang, well done with your insightful post. I enjoyed the read and learned many things I didn’t know. This is a post I intend to save and read again and again.

    Great job, Pooja, for using your website as a platform to showcase wonderful talents.

  4. Love these tips, stress is consuming, and these are good tips to help manage it.

    I’m sorry to hear what happened with your reader. There’s been all sorts of craziness so maybe easier days where ‘everything on WordPress works as it should’ will be coming soon. 😊

    “Your subconscious mind takes everything you feed it. If you are feeding it negative thoughts, it will give you negative results.”
    — This is so true.

    Thanks for sharing!

      1. Haha I think we’ve all had our share of WP problems. I have my own horror stories (I take fault for most, haha).
        Throwing you some positive vibes too! 💫

  5. These are great points. I had been stressed sometime back and I decided not to let that happen to me. I started with accepting change and it was so beneficial. For the things that were out of my control, I stopped stressing myself over them. And yes support team is great. In my case, I have just one person as a support system which isn’t bad at all. Been trying to meditate but I tend to lose concentration mostly. I’m however, not giving up. Thanks for these tips

    1. I’m happy that you are doing well!!
      Please don’t stress. You have already seen what stress did to you. All you need is enjoy your life. Try new things and choose things that makes you happy. There are things that can help you meditate. I suggest you morning timing, sit calmly and concrete on your breathing. Stay well 🙂

  6. These are really useful tips – I’ll take care to practice them in the future. Also, my stress relief hobby is crocheting. It helps me relax, but I haven’t been able to do that in a while

  7. Thanks for this post. I have gotten stressed over the smallest things lately and I’m trying to work on that by eating better and exercising, and blogging, of course. Slow and steady wins the race

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! I’m the same way. I always find smaller goals easier to achieve and I try to always make smaller goals that lead to bigger ones.

        1. Absolutely. I think when you deal with things like depression and anxiety you realise that smaller blows and smaller gains are just easier to manage.

  8. The last one really hits home since I am quite a pessimistic person. I mean I can be consumed in my own negativity. Also I often identify with negative messages–I mean real negative messages which can sometimes disguised as a positive message.

    1. I am that way too and always focus on the negatives. Even my therapist pointed it out lol. She wants me to focus on more realistic things instead of just negative.

  9. Great Work!!! I Wholeheartedly agree with you on many points especially when you say negative Thoughts leave negative results and many people don’t understand that changing the way you think about things in general could change your everyday life for the better. thankyou for sharing!!!!!

  10. I have a Support Team- my friends.
    And this tip really works!
    Also, I agree with you on keeping yourself in good shape.
    Thank you for these amazing tips Devang!

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